Out of the Barn: 1977 Ford Mustang Cobra II

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

This is quite an honest seller. He clarifies that this 1977 Mustang Cobra II is almost a barn find, simply because it has already been removed from the barn in which it was stored. Those clarifications aside, this rough-looking Cobra is said to be fairly solid underneath that tired paint, and runs well enough that cosmetics are its greatest needs. Find it here on eBay where there’s no bidding activity yet with a $4K opening bid. 

The seller says this Mustang II runs pretty well and that the automatic transmission still shifts through the gears with ease. Given it looks like it has been laid up for many years, I’m surprised to learn it still runs. The key Cobra bits are mostly still there, including the aero kit like this rear spoiler and the front air dam. It even comes with the very period-correct rear window louvers, though it is missing two of the sweet mesh wheels standard to the Cobra. No problem there – I hopped on car-part.com and found two yards with the correct wheels.

Interior cosmetic are also tatty, with a new dash pad a requirement for whomever owns this car next. The seller says the floors are solid but it will need new carpets. The seats are in good condition for the most part, but the driver’s seat is said to be worn. Overall, this ‘Stang feels like it just became a tired used car but was never hacked up parts or modified to be something more fierce than Ford’s most unloved Cobra. With some suspension tweaks, these Mustang II’s can be made into competent handlers – and the 302 will do just fine for weekend cruising.

With fresh paint, two new wheels and the interior sorted, this Mustang Cobra II would be transformed from barn-stored recluse to a semi-rare driver that you won’t be afraid to use. Though there wouldn’t be much financial upside to the project, there’s a lot to be said for a car that you can clearly see what you’re getting into, and this Cobra doesn’t appear to hide many secrets. If bidding stays at or below $5K, would this forgotten Cobra be worth rescuing?

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  1. Sanity

    Thats a firebird dash…not ford…

    • Scot Douglas


      Nice catch! You can see the hole in the hood too – entirely different car!

      • Moparmann

        Not to mention the Firebird emblem on the instrument panel, LOL! 🙂

  2. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Coolest Pinto ever!

    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      Oh come on, down voters. It’s a Pinto with sexy clothes and some V8 muscle to them legs. I dug them when they were new

  3. Howard A Member

    Didn’t think that dash looked right. I had a friend with this exact car. At the time, my ex-wife had her V8 Monza and this car, while plenty of power, suffered all the same problems as the Monza. The car Mustang lovers would like to forget, but this is a very important car, as without it, we may have lost Mustang altogether. Here’s what the dash should look like. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/47/c3/27/47c32712037d77855dd05328ff79a2d3.jpg

  4. DrinknGasoline

    I’ve refrained from commenting as of late for fear of the torch wielding,rope carrying lynch mob but, I would take this one back to stock with a few un-seen upgrades. There were so few that survived due to their propensity for rust.

  5. Mtoomey

    four thousand? dollars?

  6. flmikey

    Yes, Mtoomey, I agree…this is a 1500 dollar piece at best…wait…automatic? 750…maybe a grand…

  7. Mark S

    I was thinking more like a $500.00 car. Then stick back in a dry barn for another 20 years, it’s still not old enough to be appreciated. May be while it tucked away a person could work away on it to improve its condition.

  8. JW

    I would buy this car and make it in to a motor cross car for the Good-Guys events. I bet with some motor and trans work with a little work to the suspension you could handle the twisty cones and curves pretty well. Leave the cosmetics alone to screw with the competitors.

  9. irocrob

    Buy it for 4 grand put 15 grand in it and have a 10 grand car. Maybe someday it will be worth it but not in my lifetime…

  10. Rustytech

    I actually liked these. I agree it should be saved. I would love to take on this project, but I agree it’s over priced by at least 3 grand.

  11. Cubs win

    Not worth a comment

  12. TBall

    Look at the eBay listing, that dash photo is not from this listing. Agree with Howard A – this is an important “bridge” car for without it, we could have lost the Mustang nameplate. Would be concerned about the corrosion on rear below trunk lid corners and passenger door as the metal in these cars was very thin when new. Would love to see this one refreshed with a 302 that can actually breath – sort of like a real-life slot car. However it’s on the wrong side of the country and my garage is full – $4k is pushing the extreme upper limit IMHO.

  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    What the heck, I contacted the seller asking him to post the correct interior.

  14. ccrvtt

    I have previously posted my love and admiration for the Mustang II, so this one appeals to me. At $350. It would be a nice project to piece together over the years as long as I could figure out how to do all the work myself – Advance Auto for the Bondo and rust reformer, Home Depot for the Rust Oleum and sandpaper, and a patient wife.

    I learn something every day on Barn Finds – like how a Firebird dash fits into a Mustang. Who knew?


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