Oval Window Project: 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

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Oval window Volkswagen Beetles will never not be collectible, even when found with severe rust issues. However, as most of us know by now, if the Beetle’s body is intact, replacing the floorpan is no big deal. The oval window Bug seen here will need plenty of bodywork, but given how rarely these pop up anymore in project car form, beggars can’t be choosers. The seller notes that this Beetle is one of three oval windows he is selling at the moment, along with a Karmann Ghia convertible and several other interesting projects. Find the Beetle here on eBay in a no reserve auction with bidding at just over $2,000 at the moment.

The seller and his air-cooled projects are located in Tampa, Florida, which gives you a 50/50 chance of finding a rust-free southern car, or one that has been parked near the beach and been exposed to years’ worth of damp, ocean air. The Beetle seen here is far from complete, seemingly stripped of most of its useful parts either because it was a junkyard car at one point in time, or it was intended to be a restoration project that never got off the ground. Either way, the next owner will have plenty of work ahead of them, a fact that the seller does not attempt to sugarcoat. The Beetle’s body has plenty of surface rust (and more) from all angles.

The interior – well, you can see what’s happening here. That driver’s seat is somehow staying upright despite the floor dissolving around it. The cabin has otherwise been stripped of most parts of value, but here’s the catch: the seller claims he has a good amount of parts to go with the Beetles, but he’s going to spread them around the three he has for sale – unless you buy all three oval windows, in which case he’ll give you all the parts. The listing doesn’t go into great detail about what parts are included, but the photo below gives some indication as to what you’ll get. Obviously, an engine is out of the question.

The assortment of parts here certainly shows some hard to find items, but it’s not exactly the kind of parts stash that’s going to put this battered oval window back on the road. Interestingly, photos from underneath the Beetle show that the driver’s side floorpan is pretty much intact, so it seems likely the passenger side was cut out due to excessive rust. Take a look at the seller’s other listings – does one of these oval window Beetles look better than the others? For anyone who’s been chasing an oval window project, it may make sense to buy all three given each one is going quite cheaply at the moment.

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  1. BlondeUXBMember

    Rear fenders look to be from a later model based on the ghost taillight footprints…

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    • Phlathead Phil

      Well, maybe, but, they certainly don’t line up with the rear apron.

      1200 C.C.’s ? Looks like ZERO C.C.’s to me!

      4 speeds with no shifter?

      Remember these Phacts:

      1. Rust never sleeps.
      2. Corrosion never goes to bed.
      3. Tires ONLY go Phlat on the bottom.
      4. Mud never dries.
      5. Dirt is NEVER mud.
      6. Money is PRECIOUS, and leaves the hands of a phool quickly!

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      • Anthony

        Sold 100,000$

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  2. Ron Daily

    All I have to say be very careful here. The body number is only four digits and VW were always at least 5 and the there are too many digits in the VIN. Something looks amiss.

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  3. JS

    Good use of double negatives.

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  4. chrlsful

    never done 1 this far gone. My bet is (my most hated job) the body’s tough w/minimal flat surfaces. Might B fun if another did the body wrk. How bout starting at 250 – 500$?

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  5. ran when parked

    neighbors got one of these, still does. nice blue oval window

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  6. Garry

    That “ghost” looks too big for a later model’s tail light.
    However, that appears to be a tube support hole on the inside sections of the guards. That would suit the later model diagnosis!

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  7. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    Air cooled floor and engine compartment, but no air cooled engine!

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  8. roland schoenke

    Electric conversion, would go like stink

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