Over $10K Invested: 1979 Ford F250

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The market for vintage trucks is a strong one, with lots of interest in solid baselines for any number of builds, from resto-mods to frame off restorations to shop trucks that wear their patina with pride. Perhaps that’s where much of the enthusiast for these trucks come from, as owners are not limited by the ways they can be restored. The seller of this unfinished 1979 Ford F250 here on craigslist claims there’s over $10,000 invested so far, but now he’s taking bids for the partially-restored 4×4.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader AMXBrian for the find. This F250 is in my neck of the woods of Rhode Island, and truth be told, it’s unusual to see a lifted truck with fresh paint in the northeast. That’s not to say there’s not a mudding community here, but you don’t normally thrash a vintage F250 with fresh paint in a New Hampshire bog. Regardless, the seller claims lots of money has been spent on the suspension with all new Ranchero components, and that mechanically, it’s been lavished upon as well.

Among the list of improvements mentioned are a rebuilt 351W motor paired to a 4-speed standard transmission with a fresh clutch, as well as a new dual exhaust. The seller also cites new body mounts, bed, and fenders, and mentions that this was a frame-off build when it started. Unfortunately, due to poor storage, water has gotten down below the back window of the cab, and the seller simply says work is needed in this area. Despite being in New England, the frame looks pleasingly solid.

And if this Ford doesn’t tickle your project truck funny bone the right way, there are plenty of Fords, GMCs, Chevys, and Mopar projects to choose from in the recent Barn Finds Exclusive posting for trucks from the large Georgia collection we’re helping to wind down. Get in touch with me through form in either of those two links to talk about a vintage 4×4 that you, too, can invest $10,000 into.

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  1. whmracer99

    I think that due to the recent “madness” in trucks that we are going to see a bunch of unfinished projects becoming available. Like this one where he’s supposedly spent $10K but didn’t bother painting or removing the rust off the frame. Doesn’t make any statements about the truck even running so the quality of the mechanical work is left to the imagination. This is a $2k truck maybe in it’s current condition. Hope he doesn’t have a wife to explain this to. BTW — looks like he added a $6k asking price.

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  2. Phil

    No title either

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    No title, no deal.

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  4. AZD

    This is a good example of not thinking ahead. I believe he spent $10K, but it’s not a $10K truck. I can find these all day locally for 2-5K in much better condition. They were very popular out west.

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    • Ike Onick

      This is an outstanding example of not thinking at all.

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      • whmracer99

        Also starting to see a bunch of the Crown Vic front suspension conversions coming through half finished as well as some absolutely butchered conversions on the old Ford trucks. Lots of Garage Squad wanna-be’s out there without enough talent, time, and money to pull it off. Makes me wonder what the market is going to look like a year or two from now. TV makes it look soooooo easy.

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  5. Woody

    Being the owner of a ‘77 Highboy F250 this is a project that needs more work than the asking price. I use my truck for plowing and grunt work.These trucks are in high demand,if they would finish the work started it might sell for $8000.

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  6. Martin

    My son and I have $10,000 into our latest project, which happens to be a 1970 F100. We have a completed frame, steering, suspension and brakes. 10k does not go very far, and I know if I stopped now and tried to sell I might see 10 cents on the dollars.

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  7. Kp.49.merc

    Put a rot box mopar up the morons will sell their first born child to get an opportunity to smell the fender tag. Put up a decent truck at a fair price in the northeast and you all start crying.. yeah Ok

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  8. Mike

    My 76 F150 4×4 was $400. I had to put $500 into it. I drive it everyday.

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  9. Chip Peterson

    Wow! My truck must be worth a TON!!! Sweet

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  10. Ryan f

    It’s really hard to believe at this point, that someone who started the project as a frame off wouldn’t even paint or coat the frame. I smell BS here

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