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Pagoda Style: 1964 Mercedes 230 SL

1964 Mercedes 230SL

Is this a bargain? This SL is located in Long Beach, California and is for sale here on eBay where it’s being offered with no reserve. These cars are rapidly becoming a premier collectable. The seller states that while it has some rust spots, all body panels are original and the engine does turn over. Surprisingly to me (and that may be that I just don’t know enough about them) it has a four-speed manual transmission. I’m not sure how ultimately sporting these cars are, but I think they are my favorite Mercedes. The engine is free and the car does roll, although it’s certainly been off the road a long time. The grille and side glass are missing, but I’m encouraged by pictures of the floor and the Euro headlights that have been fitted. I wish it were closer to me!


  1. Dan h

    W113’s are wonderful cars but properly restoring them is a serious undertaking. Luckily, any part can be easily had, it just boils down to how much your willing to spend……how much for a replacement grill??

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  2. Horse Radish

    Dan is correct and this one will never be pristine again unless you spend more on it than it will be worth.

    The car ran in Europe , probably for a decade and then came over here like most of them did after it would fail the inspections.
    Last 40 years don’t matter CA or not it already got it’s share of rust, only matters that now it’s worn out on top of it..
    What you don’t see is the scary part. One photo of the floor from the bottom shows what you need to know……….
    Early car with dash cut up and clock missing (among other ?)

    # 007961

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  3. 365Lusso

    A lot more 230SLs were made with 4-speeds than the later 280SLs.

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  4. Carl B

    This is real so sad to see. The fist M/B 230SL that I fell in love with – was this card emerald green, with the Tan lester interior. Sitting on the local M/B Dealer’s Show Room Floor in Columbus, Ohio. What a stunningly beautiful car.. Really a shame to see one in this sad a condition. Hope someone has $150K to throw into it..

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  5. Tom

    Perfect candidate for a restomod with a modern AMG V6 engine out of a 2001 C-Class.

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  6. john

    A surprising number of 230SL were manuals. Later cars were sold with automatics in the main. A 280SL with a 4 speed manual would be rare. The 230SL also had competition history in Europe, mainly in rallys. This one is going to be a huge money pit. Last time I checked, a new front grille in Uk was £2500 nudging $4,000? The rust will be a huge issue too…….I would pass on it or look at it as a parts car.

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  7. Woodie Man

    My Euro light ’67 Pagoda with a slushbox was a beautiful maroon with tan interior. I reskinned the interior amd put new carpets in. Beautiful car. Then I got T-boned. The amount of rust in the crushed fender was unbelievable. I could drive away and the insurance company salvage titled it and paid me about six grand. This one looks like it has extensive frame rust………which I didnt have. Cuidado Compadres

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  8. Jeff

    These are the most sporting of the 3 (230/50/80). I had a ’65 a short 20ya and it was an awesome daily driver for >2 years in all weather. 4-spd, both tops, fogs, a/c and jump seat. Just awesome car.

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    • Woodie Man

      Just gorgeous! One of the most, if not the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle designs to my eyes. Makes me one to pursue another!

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