Paint Me! 1976 Ford F-250 Crew Cab

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While crew cab pickups are pretty much the standard for full-size trucks these days, back in the sixties and seventies, they were fairly rare. Mostly made for government agencies or as utility work vehicles, not too many survived their hard lives. Over the past decade or so, they have become collector vehicles and have seen a significant increase in value. This one is a 1976 F-250 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $20,100. Located in Bellingham, Washington, the seller doesn’t say where the truck came from. If the blue color is original, it was probably built for a small business or sold to an individual.

The interior has been modified with a new front seat and steering wheel. The carpet is also missing, which isn’t too big of a deal. There is no rear seat, which is actually kind of nice for the new owner. You could source a bench seat like the front or make some custom storage if you didn’t need to haul a lot of passengers.

The suspension might be the best part of this truck. The seller says it was engineered for running in the dunes. Up front, you have adjustable 16-inch coil overs with a 4-link rear cantilever coil system. It also features a sway bar in the front with Autofab coil buckets, I-beams, king pins, and extended radius arms. Coil springs are from Eibach and the axles are controlled with limiting straps.

This truck could certainly benefit from a paint job and would probably look awesome with one color of paint, or a classic two-tone. The roll pan is a nice touch to make the truck look a little shorter, although any crew cab truck from the 70s is already super long. What do you think of classic crew cab trucks?

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  1. Harvey HarveyMember

    For $20,000 it needs a lot.

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  2. Big C

    This is a $8000 truck, all day long. But now, in the “new normal?” He’ll get his $20k plus.

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  3. angliagt angliagtMember

    I had a ’74 with a 4 speed that was a real pig to drive.
    I can only imagine how this one does.

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  4. Rw

    Take the goofy headlights out and put a good bumper on back.

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  5. Todd Zuercher

    If someone wants to use the suspension on this thing to its potential, that transmission needs to be changed to an automatic.

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      It has a later model automatic in it already. Plus I do not see a clutch pedal.

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      • Todd Zuercher

        You’re right – I didn’t read the Ebay listing and I looked too quickly at the one interior pic. Thought it was a 4 speed shifter but I see now that it has a 6R80 with a Lokar shifter. That’ll move just fine.

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  6. Rainer Beran

    Nice crew cab always wanted one of these built ford tough back in the day. I crew up with the regular cabs in the 70,s ,ford had some great trucks during that era.Would buy this in a minute as this are very hard to find.

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  7. Robert Yutzy

    I got ripped off on one of these Ebay motors deals. Can’t trust the pictures or what they say. Ebay let’s them cheat you and will not help. If you can’t go and see the vehicle and drive it for yourself, don’t trust them !!

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    • Midway

      I wouldn’t buy any car or truck without touch feel and drive. Any ride under 25 K will have work that needs to be done. My ’68 F250 highboy has sucked 8 K and 250 hrs. of labor out of me and only half complete.

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  8. Robert Yutzy

    If you can’t touch it and see it up close and personal. Don’t trust the pictures or what they claim. Ebay motors will not protect you from being ripped off if it is more than 10 years old.

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  9. chrlsful

    my fav all time lookin vehicle (the 6th gen ford p/u: F250, 4WD, short bed, 300 ci, step side. also 2nd gen Bronco). Yep, even tho I love the 50s/60s european (some) sports looks w/our own late 30s-very early 50s ‘classics’.

    The smaller the better on 4wd/off rd for here in the East. Personal go anywhere vehicles.
    This one? I think it would B great w/the paddle wheels (never saw/been dune runnin) west of mississippi…
    Otherwise, done as this (no back interior – ready for my storage conversion, some sleep room on top) a on-rd hauling vehicle (no 4WD). Lots here need livery for 20 – 45 ft sloops, yawls,’n catches. Majority post sales. Some inter east coast, some between G.Lakes & my coast. Puda goose neck on back’n this truck’d make some coin.
    I can just see the gang out for a day/wkend, all loaded up (3 couples) in the cab, all the “stuff” left at the place, only get-outa-stuck gear in the back (sand anchor, 48 inch farmer jack w/a big red sand foot, snatch blocks, winch etc) and what’s necessary for a bonfire’n “clam bake” somewhere on Sandwich/East Sandwich beach. May B 3 tents too?

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  10. Robert Yutzy

    The seller can say anything, doesn’t mean it is true. Pictures taken at the right angle and distance are worthless. If you can’t look up close in person, don’t waste your money. Ebay will not help you when you get ripped off.

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  11. Robert Yutzy

    The seller can say anything, doesn’t mean it is true. Pictures taken at the right angle and distance are worthless. don’t waste your money. Ebay will not help you when you get ripped off.

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