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Pair Of 1969 Alfa Romeo Duettos

When it comes to Alfa Romeo Spiders, there’s a clear line in the sand separating which models would otherwise be scrapped if completely rotten, and which generations have a chance at living despite the deplorable condition. This pair of 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spiders is a case of the latter, as these early cars are increasingly hard to find and command a high price when either restored or in survivor condition. The seller is quite candid that your best option with this rusty pair here on eBay is to build one car out of two, and he’s asking $11,999 for the privilege.

I’ve been eyeing these cars for a while, not because of any personal interest in owning one but because a friend has one that’s been scrapped. That car is more complete than these two, and I’ve been trying to convince him for some time to put it up for sale, as someone will buy it even in junkyard car form. That challenge aside, these Alfas are Ohio cars and have likely been tormented by road salt and poor storage for years, resulting in their famously fragile bodies practically becoming one with the Earth. Still, for the Alfa connoisseur, there are plenty of good parts still available.

The seller notes the white car seen here was under restoration in the 90s when work stopped and the car sat until recently. It is said to be rusty but comes with a decent interior and an engine that ran when it was still under the knife. A front clip was added at the time of restoration, which the seller mentions was “..cut to fit.” I don’t know if this means the original body lines were altered in any way, but it sounds like the incorrect parts were used if it had to be shoehorned in. The seller notes it has a broken steering box and a broken windshield.

The second car is far rustier but comes with a good steering box and windshield. It is clear someone’s intent was to use the necessary mechanical bits to finish the white car, and it also comes with spare doors, hood, and trunk lid. Finally, there’s a rear clip from a third car included in the sale, making this listing for 2.5 cars if we’re being completely accurate. While taking on an unfinished and neglected project can be a miserable undertaking, it’s sometimes the best way to get into a valuable car at a rock bottom price. Would you take on this pair of Alfas or is the scale of work too great?


  1. Avatar photo Ike Onick

    Nice! What a cool project this would be if you were institutionalized or incarcerated.

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    • Avatar photo CapNemo

      That’s funny!!

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    • Avatar photo Sam61

      Life sentence with no parole.

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  2. Avatar photo John Cole

    I’ll take a case of whatever he was drinking prior to him settling on that asking price!!!

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    • Avatar photo Bobthecarguy

      I showed my wife the photos and the price for this pile. She snorted milk out of her nose she laughed so hard. Yep. They’re hard to find, because they have returned to the earth!

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  3. Avatar photo Eric

    Someone fell and bumped their head.

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  4. Avatar photo Scott Marquis

    Found under a tarp at the morgue. Price includes a $10,000 Walmart shopping spree.

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    • Avatar photo Bruce

      Still over priced

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  5. Avatar photo Farhvergnugen Member

    There aren’t enough parts here to make one parts car. And why bother. Rust never sleeps but these will never wake up.

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  6. Avatar photo jim

    Please post a cold start video

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  7. Avatar photo John Cole

    They must have hit pretty hard!!

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  8. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    What privilege? Bean cans are a lot cheaper and the metal is better. I’ve got a Spyder 2000 steering wheel that’s worth more than that pile of metal.

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    • Avatar photo Bobthecarguy

      I showed my wife the photos and the price for this pile. She snorted milk out of her nose she laughed so hard. Yep. They’re hard to find, because they have returned to the earth!

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  9. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Said steering wheel:

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  10. Avatar photo LARRY

    Nice tire turner..I’d rather pay $$ for that and hang it in the shop

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  11. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Larry… that’s what we did with it in our home office with a Porsche 356 horn button in it. We thought about putting it in one of our cars but it’s so good looking it became wall art.

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  12. Avatar photo wen

    I have restored a 1969 spider which was missing parts and had some rust issues. Paid $1000 many years ago but at least it had all the chrome which was in good shape. Between parts, paint, body work, rebuilt mechanics, I would probably break even having done much of the work myself. The cars here are a disaster and are worth practically nothing. Don’t even see any really good parts. Buyer beware!

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  13. Avatar photo Bruce

    Drugs are involved with this seller. I have and have had many an Alfa… these are toast.

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  14. Avatar photo Bruce

    I think his price is a fantasy but between the 2.5 cars there you can make a good spyder out of them. Most of the rusty exterior metal has patch panels available and almost all the interior structure that is rusted is flat panels that are relatively easy to cut and replace.

    These are very much like the 356 Porsche cars in that they are very rare now and very desirable from both a styling and driving perspective. That the present owner does not have even plastic over them tells you he just wishes to get rid of them because he is not willing to bear the cost of restoration or he got in over his head. But if even the engine runs and the mechanical bits are good this group is worth at least 5 to 6 thousand in parts alone.

    I have restored a few alfas and it is surprising how simple the structure is with very few exceptions. The engines and transmissions have a few quirks and some serious things you need to know like Liquid Sodium filled Exhaust Valves, but for the most part are also easy to put together. The carbs and or fuel injection is the only critical item needing special attention.

    Drive one and you will know the value. A good man that knows what he is doing with some occasional help could put these together. It will take a year to two years of solid weekends and evening but it is possible and when finished you will have the closest thing to a Ferrari a normal person can afford. I have seen a properly restored Duetto bring as much attention at cars shows as many Ferrari by both those that know and those that do not.

    Sometimes you have to work to get something of great value and I think that this is one of those times.

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  15. Avatar photo Marco

    No words. Doesn’t even appear to be a couple grand in parts there.

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  16. Avatar photo TimM

    Wow!! What a tough crowd!! I realize these were desirable cars in there Day and may still be but I’m with the majority here!!! I suggest the seller invest in lots of flex seal and make a hot tub out of the best one!!! Just have to start a fire under it after the flex seal is in place!!!

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  17. Avatar photo Bobthecarguy

    You could slather on the flex seal, put on a small outboard motor and ski with the sharks!
    What a great idea!

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  18. Avatar photo Karl

    Tim I would bet they are STILL desired cars problem is these things aren’t even cars they are piles of rusted junk! Like was said if your serving a 20 yr sentence for bad behavior this would be a great project, otherwise NO WAY!

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  19. Avatar photo Skippy

    I have 2 roundtail spiders and I know where there are running and driving examples for the price this guy is asking. Looking at the images, I see no parts that wont cost more to restore than they would to purchase elsewhere already restored. There is nothing here of any value. Sad but true.

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  20. Avatar photo t-bone Bob

    a lot of work for the price.

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  21. Avatar photo bog

    I like a duetto as much as most other guys, but these are just sad. Several of my friends had them while we were all stationed in Europe. New ’67, another new one in ’68, and my last year a different guy bought a new ’69. They may have all been 1750cc cars. The oldest was a powder blue, middle one red, and last one white. They were NOT fun in cold German winters, but then I owned something else. Perhaps an Alfa Club should offer this guy a “reasonable” amount and just use the worthwhile parts on their project cars.

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