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Pair Of 2M4s: Two Pontiac Fieros for $10K!

It’s not entirely surprising to see this pair of Pontiac Fieros for $10,000 still listed for sale after the ad was flagged a week ago. While there’s no where to go but up for Pontiac’s classic mid-engined coupe, the market hasn’t gotten so hot for them that two barn find examples would pull this kind of money. Still, craigslist is a place where many seller set the price high to avoid tire kickers, so perhaps there’s some room for negotiation on the asking price. The black one seen here has just 55,000 miles on the clock and is said to run well. Find the pair of Fieros here on craigslist and located on Long Island.

It’s hard to get a sense for what is happening with the cars, as the black one looks just as neglected as the silver car shown parked in the weeds. The seller notes that both cars are 2M4s, but this is just the lingo for any standard, base model. The Formula and the GT were the models you wanted to save your pennies for, and if both of these were the Formula trim, I’d say the seller had a much better chance of seeing his asking price. The Iron Duke engine did no favors for Pontiac’s reputation, and the reliability issues and low power output seemingly doomed the Fiero before it had a chance to correct its ills.

The interior of the black car certainly looks like a vehicle with under 60,000 miles, with untorn bucket seats and a center console that hasn’t been subjected to years of sweaty elbows. The Fiero sports the preferred manual transmission, which helps to make the most of the wheezy Iron Duke four-cylinder. One thing I’ve always noticed about Fieros is that the upholstery must be extremely durable, as even cars that have sat in a junkyard for years seemingly have bucket seats still in reasonable condition. While the paint is dusty in photos, there’s still some shine poking through, and it’d likely look even better with a proper detailing.

The silver 2M4 is a non-runner, and the seller simply states that it doesn’t start and may have engine issues. The Iron Duke wasn’t exactly known for its reliability, but it also wasn’t as bad as many made it out to be. When maintained (and perhaps, slightly over-maintained), the could be durable engines. The issue here is they didn’t make the Fiero any more desirable, and a mid-engined sports coupe is all about desirability. The seller may be shooting for the moon with his price, but it may well be a means of avoiding to have to talk to any tire kickers. Would you make an offer on this Fiero pair if the price was more reasonable?


  1. Mitchell Gildea Member

    $10k? What kush is the seller smoking?

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  2. Dave

    Too much $ at half the price

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  3. Phlathead Phil

    Hoo wud save one of these let alone two?

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  4. Argy

    Hard to imagine that Car & Driver put the Fiero 2M4 on its 1984 “10 Best List” along with the GTI and Accord. Obviously the editors were more smitten than this seller, who couldn’t even be bothered to pull his “working conditions” example out of the garage and rinse it off for photos. Still, the plastic body panels never rusted and the X-body driveline/suspension made them easy to modify- I had a buddy who swapped in a 3400 V6 and took his racing. Fun project car? Absolutely. But as Fieros go, my money is on a 1988 GT as an appreciable investment. Not this.

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  5. Vegaman Dan

    $10K is a bit high for a pair of fully restored Fieros. And these are nowhere near restored… or even washed.

    This seller *might* get $2k as is for the pair in my area as non running project or parts cars.

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  6. Arby

    I had one parked across the street in front of the neighborhood park.
    It sat there for a week or longer so I called the Police.
    They checked it out and said it wasn’t stolen or reported missing so there it sat for another week. Then one night I noticed a reflection of flames on my living room ceiling.
    Sure enough, that sucker was lit up like a giant torch. By the time the fire dept got here it was melted to the pavement.
    Funniest thing though, even though it sat completely neglected for so long, as soon as it went up in flames there suddenly about 100 teenagers here to watch the fun…

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    • Phlathead Phil


      I once saw one sitting on top of a Trans-Am on the Burbank Freeway. Uh, oh yeah, southbound in the early 90’s.

      Ha, ha it had slammed into a tractor trailer and then the Trans rammed it putting it on the roof of the T-A! Both drivers appeared to be in shock!

      The Fiero was teetering like a see-saw!


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  7. MJF

    Buy 1 get 1 Free???

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    I always wanted one so I bought a red first year 1984 2m4, it ran but threw a belt halfway home, got it running again but battery kept dying, sat for a while, hmmm barnfinds auction? I picked up a 914 Porsche also, I can’t stop hoarding cars, help. Has about 60k miles, future collectible?

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  9. Bhowe Member

    Ok now it’s time for all the know it alls to bash fieros. The fire issue was limited in scope to those early 84 cars with vents right above the exhaust manifold, a design that was later rectified. The interiors were very well designed and offer a lot of room even for tall drivers. Material quality as mentioned was also very good considering it is common to fine the seats and dash in good condition. The standard 80s gm headliner was one notable potential trouble spot

    Considering the time when they came out and the outsized influence that gm accountants had versus designers and engineers it’s a miracle it even exists. They are not perfect cars but I’ve owned several, including an 84 Indy Fiero and can attest to them being fun to drive enjoyable cars.

    Unfortunately too many people always have to have a whipping boy

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    • Skorzeny

      Bhowe, I hear ya. I have always appreciated the Fiero for what it was, and give GM credit for trying. BUT, the 2.5L, IMHO, was a crap motor. Understood it gave people a price point where someone could afford a Fiero, but yuck. I love the 2.8L, especially the way they sound… So there is my 2 cents worth. They were a decent car for the time, but not with the 2.5, for me at least.

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    • Miguel

      Bhowe, where did you see any bashing of a Fiero?

      Of course people are going to comment on the price and it is outrageous for what is offered.

      Also, because you have a few of these cars does not negate the experiences of other people, so don’t automatically discount what they have to say about the car.

      You were the first one to bring up the potential for fire.

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