Pair of Lincoln Continental Convertible Projects!

You are going to need a heavy-duty truck and trailer to haul these projects home! This pair of Lincoln Continentals is for sale in Deltona, Florida. The convertible is from 1967 while the sedan is one year older. Found here on eBay with a current bid of only $800, the cars are ready for someone to complete the project. Do you have the space to take on a big project like this?

These cars were apparently brought to a restoration shop with the intent of combining the best parts into one good car. The convertible was the intended focus of the restoration and as you can see, it definitely needs some help. The top appears to have been leaking for quite a while and the interior appears to need to be completely replaced.

The cars are being advertised on behalf of the owner by the restoration shop. They state the engine in the convertible hasn’t been started since they’ve had it. The hardtop is said to have been running and driving “several months ago.” There aren’t a ton of details in the ad regarding the condition of the cars. An in-person inspection would probably be a good idea for potential buyers.

There are a ton of extra parts laid out in this photo. There’s even a photo of what appears to be a new soft top. The ad doesn’t state if these parts are extras or have been stripped off of one (or both) of the cars. The hardtop does appear to have some parts stripped from it.

With their suicide doors and great looks, these cars are classics. Do you think these two cars (or one combined) will ever be on the road again? I hope they can be saved. Let us know what you think.

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  1. LMK Member

    Like already mentioned, an on site inspection is a must do….But something to consider, running and driving examples aren’t too expensive…

    • Robert S

      But eventually there will be no inexpensive running and driving examples if no one saves the ones like these.

  2. Guy Gilmore

    Is the sedan worse looking inside? Cause no photos at all of it? I’d fix up the sedan if it were me???

  3. Miguel Member

    Not just no, but hell no.

    I helped a guy remove 4 cars from the front yard of a house back in the ’80s.

    He said I could have one of the cars as my payment.

    He said he was keeping the ’58 Edsel, so I had my choice of a Lincoln convertible or a 1963 Chrysler 300 Pacesetter convertible.

    Even as young as I was, I knew the Lincoln was a nightmare to get the top working, so I opted for the Chrysler.

    I did not regret that decision.

    • GearHead Engineering


      The top mechanism isn’t really all that bad. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out if you follow a logical sequence of steps. Not that I’m trying to make you regret your original decision. There are plenty of other potential nightmares with these cars.

      The automatic rear windows are a pain (the rear windows drop when you open the door, then go back up when you close it). The power (vacuum) door locks involve what must be a mile of vacuum tubing. The HVAC has about a thousand different connections. The power seats use cables and three solenoids to operate, and they invariably get gummed up. The power steering pump is a unique piece mounted on the crankshaft. Rubber bushings on the steering box eventually fall apart. And many more.

      Great cars and I love my 1964 convertible – I’ve had it for over 18 years. But every year there’s at least one system that needs to be fixed. Again…

      – John

      • Miguel Member

        GearHead Engineering, I didn’t clarify that I was, I think, 18 years old without a whole lot of money for repairs.

        I didn’t know anybody that would have been able to fix it.

        It is much easier to find parts now than back then.

        I remember stories of guys that had the relays but they were asking a kings ransom for them as they had no competition for the sale.

        I don’t regret my choice.

        Later on I bought a 1967 Lincoln 4 door. That car was never without problems. I don’t think I will ever buy another one convertible or hardtop.

        One I got the ’63 Chrysler running (383), I didn’t have any more problems with it other than the rust which I didn’t care about.

      • YooperMike

        There’s a guy in Fullerton CA who makes a living fixing and restoring these convertibles.

  4. stillrunners

    My crusher guy has three converts he’s trying to save….really not sure why.

    • Miguel Member

      The parts are worth a fortune.

  5. Jdew

    Very cool cars but you have to know what you’re doing. Leno bought a survivor:


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