Park Service Special: 1973 Plymouth Satellite

73 satellite 1

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We at Barn Finds would like to honor our National Park Service with the finding of this 1973 Plymouth Satellite. The National Park Service has benefited all of us here in America with the preservation of the wide open spaces, always being destinations for us to view from our automobiles. With the automobile gaining popularity in the 1920’s with Henry’s wonderful “T”, America’s lust for the wide open spaces and camping grew tremendously. The Park Service provided us roads to see these amazing parks and the Park committees and Rangers always keep a safe and watchful eye upon us in our adventures. This 1973 Satellite is in original condition, and flaunts air conditioning as well as its original Park Service radio. This classic piece of American Park history is priced at $9,900. Find it here on craigslist out of Novato, California.

73 satellite 2

The interior and exterior of this Satellite looks phenomenally clean and original. The original Park Service gear is still with this Satellite making it more appealing for its authenticity. The, oh so green, interior appears blemish free and looks like a time portal. The paint looks shiny and flawless to be 43 years old. There doesn’t appear to be any rust issues at all with this Plymouth, even with looking around the vinyl roof. The Park Service emblem on the door looks to be in nice shape as well. This Park Service car looks perfect, or as close as one can get to perfect.

73 satellite 3

With a light layer of dust and dirt, we think the engine bay on this Satellite would clean up nicely. This 360 powered commercial vehicle is even equipped with air conditioning! Definitely a rare option for this Plymouth and it certainly adds to its allure. Although the mileage is not listed, we suspect this car does not have a ton of miles on it for its condition. This Satellite is a healthy runner and driver, but it is in need of a heater core and a good cleaning.

73 satellite 4

While this 1973 Plymouth Satellite may not be the most collectible vehicle, we think it is rich with cool points from its history and condition. We think it would be fantastic if the California Park Service got a hold of this Satellite and used it for special events or even for a Park Service museum. What do you think the fate should be of this Plymouth Satellite? What is your favorite National Park?

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  1. ScottyStaff

    Great one, Brian! The 100th anniversary of the NPS!
    (Badlands NP in South Dakota for me)

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  2. don

    The Blues Brothers might be interested

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  3. MGA

    As an NPS service vehicle (with a 360) would this be the equivalent of a police package? If so, I would think it would be more desirable.

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  4. John

    A real police package would have A38 on the build tag. Also the speedometer would say “certified” just above the odometer. The seller very judiciously (perhaps purposely, perhaps not) took the pic of the dash from an angle such that you can’t see whether it has a certified speedometer or not.

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  5. David

    Cool car, but NOT a Park Service car. It’s not even the right color. Park Service was pale green. There is a HUGE difference. The Park Service is the Department of the Interior. They take care of national parks. This is, as the title states is a CDF car. California Department of Forestry. In 1973 we had American Motors wagons. These would have been cool!

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  6. Glengarry

    Same seller has sold (tried to sell) an International Harvester Forest Service vehicle in the past. Stickers look really nice and shiny…tribute vehicle or documented government issue?

    With apologies for the cross post to a “competitor” website —×4-v8/

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  7. Jim

    Leave it as is and drive the hell out of it! Cool car

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Yepperz !

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  8. angliagt

    I agree that something’s just not right about this car.
    Plus,you could get in a lot of trouble with the law,driving around
    with those decals on the side.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Oh please, like any law enforcement agency would be bothered by dated flashing (decals) on a dated vehicle. Seriously? I restored a 52 Harley Davidson Police Special with the appropriate local law enforcement flashing with lights and siren and was ignored by state, county, and local enforcement for the better part of seven years before I sold it. They knew better….maybe your comment speaks volumes about your confidence in your local enforcement, or better yet, the lack of it. Makes me want to drive a 62 Ford Mayberry Sheriff’s Patrol Car through your town/city just to see if I get pulled over….I’ll take the risk knowing that your local law enforcement is the wiser….

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Hi Drinkin, well, hold on, angliagt has a point. Clearly, a restored cop bike or Andy Griffith car isn’t going to cause any concern, even this would probably be ok, but I’ve found, LEO’s don’t have a sense of humor, and the law is the law, you can’t have a vehicle that resembles an official vehicle, at least in Wis. Has nothing to do with confidence in our LEO’s. We all agree they have the toughest job around.

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      • Rando

        I live in “mayberry” (Mt Airy, NC – where Andy Griffith was born and raised). The big thing for tourists is “squad car tours” where you ride around in any one of a number of old Ford Sherrif car replicas. From early 60’s on up to a 67 (the latest year I’ve seen ruinning around). 90+ degrees out side and they are driving around at 10 mph with the windows down…ugh!!!

        Come on in – we’ll do a tour and get a pork chop sandwich at Snappy’s…

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  9. HoA Howard AMember

    Well, IDK. My old man bought a 1970 AMC Matador from the forestry service, years ago and it was this color.I’m not sure why someone would fix up a car in park service attire. I mean, make it into a cop car. The old mans Matador had the police package, like this ( I think this is the police package) 390 AMX motor, spotlight, very similar to this, so who knows. Ok car, I guess. Gonna be thirsty.

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  10. Jim

    She drove a Plymouth Satellite…Faster than the speed of light.

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  11. DrinkinGasoline

    OK, maybe the NPS has done their best in preserving our nation’s geological history but that does not mean that they have made the best choices when spending our tax dollars for fleet vehicles. It was all about the lowest bid.

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  12. DrinkinGasoline

    Chrysler Commercial Package offerings were not so cut and dried.There were numerous Severe Service Packages offered in both Slant 6 cyl. and 8 cyl. offerings. I have driven both…

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  13. DrinkinGasoline

    OK, I guess it’s past many poster’s bed time…G’Night All…

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Yeah, who you talkin’ to? :) I agree. Park service in big trouble. Poor Teddy is rollin’ in his grave. Park Service cars did a lot of idling, and I’m sure this car was no different. It’s not like it chased Mustangs and Camaros down the interstate, like state patrol. I think NYC had police cars with 6 cylinders in them.

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