Parked 43 Years: 1937 Ford Pickup

Sadly after spending 40 years with its past owner, this ’37 Ford is looking for a new home. The previous owner has passed, and this truck is being sold to settle his estate. Last registered in 1974 this truck has been sitting a long time. Although appearing as an original old truck, this Ford features a newer Chevrolet drivetrain. Relatively solid thanks to a life lived in California, this truck is offered for the whopping price of $15,000. Check it out here on craigslist out of Los Angeles, California.

Within this old truck is a simple interior with a beautiful steering wheel. Beyond the steering wheel is a dash that appears to have been repainted at some point, and floors that look to be solid. The current drivetrain is described as a 1965 Chevrolet V8, but the displacement, or any other details are not mentioned. The newer manual transmission is nicely fitted, with an appropriate hole alignment with the floor. The passenger side windshield is cracked, as is the passenger side window. Although fairly complete, I get the idea this one is going to need a lot of mechanical attention since it has sat roughly 43 years. I would plan on reworking the brake system and fuel system, and hopefully the engine isn’t locked up and would benefit from a tune up, and a carb rebuild.

The body has some bumps but overall isn’t too shabby. Included with the sale of the truck are a great deal of body parts, as well as a 1937 pickup bed in the event you aren’t a stake bed type of person. There is no apparent rot in this old Ford, and in fact there is little surface rust to be seen. Having obviously been repainted a time or two, this Ford has a charming patina that could be appreciated as is, or this truck could easily be restored. With the extra body parts, this truck could be a very straight example worthy of a restoration, or it could continue to be the “hot rod” the past owner built it into with its current drivetrain. Either way, this ’37 Ford pickup is stylish, and solid enough to be a road goer once more. Would you preserve or restore this old Ford?

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  1. Howard A Member

    This truck is pretty cool. It’s not a pickup, research shows, it’s factory stake bed model 77-805. It cost $560 dollars new. The rear fenders were reworked for a lower platform height. It’s a bit unsettling seeing a GM motor in here, and I’m not sure if that is a reverse lockout or a 2 speed axle, but a great piece. A restored one, with original flathead V8 sold recently at auction for $41,800. Who knows where it this will go from here.

  2. JW

    Had me drooling until I read it had a Chevy drivetrain, then you lost me. Price seems too high for the work needed to put it back to a real FORD truck.

    • 63Comet

      I have to admit, JW, you’ve hit on something that has often bothered me. In general, I tend to believe it should take a really exceptional reason to install a drive train from another “family.” What would be wrong with a 302 or even just a Ford six? I get the rat rod thing, where you combine whatever you have laying around (even if a manure spreader) but this isn’t that.

      • Jerryl

        The problem with the Ford 302 is that using it or another Ford engine requires butchering the firewall. I looked for a 1940 Ford pickup for a long time before buying one with the dreaded SBC as I am a Ford guy. It runs very well and parts can be found along most any road to repair it as they have made more than 100,000,000 SBCs. Sometimes compromises must be made.

      • 63Comet

        If a 302 truly wouldn’t fit, I’d hot rod a Ford six. I can appreciate why you went the way you did Jerryl, and I don’t doubt you’re a Ford guy. I just would’ve looked for another option (and, I’ll admit it, I think hot rod unlined–of any make for that matter–are cool).

  3. David Montanbeau

    Here is my friends 37 Ford visiting our shop. He has turned down 25k.

  4. David Montanbeau

    Visiting our back yard.

    • Jay M

      David, you wouldn’t have running boards and a grille for a 38 Chevy pickup back there in heaven?

      • David Montanbeau

        We are Mopar only.

      • Johnni B

        Jay M I have a pair of running boards of a 37 chevy pickup [same thing] that I did not use in my build that I would be willing to sell if interested.

      • Jay M

        Johnni B,
        Do you have an email I can contact you with?

      • Johnni B

        Jay M. Johnni B here. Yes I have an Email address. It’s

    • packrat

      David, that’s the kind of backyard decor I can get behind. I see that you are living in God’s Country, instead of under a homeowner’s association.

  5. Metoo

    How difficult would it be to find replacement glass for a ’37 like that? My thinking is the windshield looks flat and two part, so having the needed piece fabricated may be possible and reasonable, costwise.

    • David Montanbeau

      Any good glass shop can cut.

    • Darrun

      You can buy all three pieces, Doors and Windshield, precut for $315

  6. Jesper

    Isnt it a old Corvette engine?

    • racer99

      Looks like a single 2BBL carb so don’t think so. Still would be an interesting place to start as any vintage Chevy small block would bolt up to the transmission.

  7. geomechs Member

    That Chevy powertrain would definitely get kicked to the curb and installed in something from GM. This truck would get a restoration. Too rare a model to modify. Maybe a warmed over flathead but I would definitely keep it in the family.

  8. David Montanbeau

    Saw this posted on FB. 37 Ford street rod.
    1937 Ford pick-up truck custom fitted on a 2002 F350 chassis with all the drivetrain from the 02. 5.4 Triton gas engine. This truck is all steel. I have all the documents on the build from the person who built this truck. I bought it about 4 years ago from the man who built it.

  9. Kevin In Iowa

    What’s up with the left hand Suzuki T500 muffler above the rear bumper? You don’t suppose….nah, they wouldn’t.

    One of mine, this one a 1970.

    • Howard A Member

      Kevin, how did you ever recognize that? Cool Titan, one of the most underrated bikes of all time.

      • Kevin In Iowa

        Hi Howard, the exhaust was the first thing I noticed, it literally jumped out at me. Coincidentally, in the past week I’ve been sending pics of my 6 T500’s to some potential buyers. You are so right about these bikes being underrated. Ultra dependable, a tad buzzy but a blast to ride. Gas mileage leaves much to be desired (25-30 mpg). And that wonderful 2 stroke twin exhaust note!

        Here’s a pic of my best one, a 1972 J model next to my ’76 RD400 screamer.

    • half cab

      Like that lil rack on the gas tank🏁

  10. PatrickM

    This gets a full remodel!! Flathead for me!

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