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Parked 47 Years: 1950 Studebaker Champion

Who doesn’t like and or appreciate a Bullet Nose Studebaker? Graced with unique styling, its iconic nose, and a very cool “greenhouse” rear window. This Studebaker was last registered in 1970, and since then has been tucked away in storage until now. Not currently running, and needing some mechanical refreshing, this Champion is currently bid up to $2,950. The reserve is currently unmet, with a little over 24 hours until the auctions end. Find it here on ebay out of Milton, New York.

With fresh plugs, cap, rotor, and points, this 170 cubic inch inline 6 is currently not running. Reported as having spark, and turning over, it sounds as if this Studebaker either has a compression issue, or needs a pair of skilled hands to make it a runner again. The last owner who parked it in 1970 reported that the engine was in good health. By now I am sure you have noticed the color of the engine bay. This car started its life as a Copper Mist car, but was later on painted the seafoam green color.

Despite the blanket covered front seat, the interior of this Studebaker is in reasonable condition. The door panels are stained, but complete, and the front bench is ripped, but is still plush with comfort. The dash is clean and crack free, and the steering wheel is nice as well, baring only one crack. It would appear that the paint work was of fair to good craftsmanship as the door jambs are painted, and the door seals are paint free.

The seafoam green paint color has a certain 1950’s flair, and looks pretty good on this 1950’s icon. Despite this paint’s age, there is some surface rust present. The tops of the rear fenders, and the lower edge of the truck look to be primary areas of concern. The passenger rear fender has a mild dent, but overall this Champion looks rather straight and rot free. The glass, chrome, and lights all look nice with no apparent blemishes. By no means a show winner, this Studebaker would be a fun driver, and project to work on over time. Depending on the reserve, this one may go for a reasonable number. Would you pick up this Bullet Nose?



  1. Woodie Man

    Great pix! This looks like the one I remember our house cleaner driving lo those many decades ago

    I just dont understand folks selling non running cars on Ebay if its a car that purports to have recently run.

    The obvious aside, how much more work could it be to get it going, given the sellers statement that the previous owner said the car ran?

    Wouldn’t it bring more money?

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    whats under the blanket?

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  3. CCFisher

    I believe this is the rear window that was referred to as the “greenhouse.” The body style was eventually named “Starlight.”

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    • Ed P


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  4. Brad C

    Any Stude fans know if that little lucite hood ornament light up from beneath? I’m always fascinated by automotive decorations that light up for the heck of it.

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  5. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    That is one wack-a-delic front bumper treatment. Did all the bullet-nosed Studes have that?

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    • Fred W.

      I always thought these looked amazing sans the front bumper.

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      • Red'sResto

        I was thinking the same thing. I think I’d remove the hideous front bumper before I even got it running.

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    • Joe Jackmovich

      No that looks like front bumper and mounts from a ’51. The 51 ran a splash pan across those tube and filled in the area from bumper to grill. That isn’t a ’50 bumper assembly.

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  6. JCW Jr.

    I know that the price always justs up at the end, that said right now at almost 3,000 still a good dea.

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  7. Paul B

    @Rex Kahrs, yes they all did have this bumper in ’50. Similar in ’51, but a tray connected the two bumper supports.
    These are good cars. If it were mine, I’d get that Champion engine running — they are very durable and economical — and maybe return to Copper Mist paint or repaint the whole car properly in Seafood Green. But that would require a complete teardown, which might not be worth it …

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  8. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    No, that lucite hood ornament didn’t lite up. If I remember correctly, only the DeSoto & Pontiac “heads” were lighted.

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  9. David Miraglia

    one of my favorite Stud designs, love the look.

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  10. Mark

    Ok, my wife may kill me, but I just bid $3000 and met the reserve price! LOL, this may be an awe crap moment!

    Oh well. this is my second Studebaker :)

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    • Josh Staff

      Sweet Mark! Let us know if you end up winning it, that is if you live long enough for it to arrive!

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    • Woodie Man

      You could always sleep in it!

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    • G 1

      That’s how I ended up with a nice 78 Lincoln Mark V.

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    • pauline

      did you get it?!

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  11. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    Love it. Looks just like my grand dad’s, his was more blue. This looks like a solid project, but that color nuh!

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  12. Neil

    In ’65 I bought this same car, only it was in that pea green. I bought it at the local pool hall for 150 bucks. Guy was going into the Army and it was a quick sale. Only problem was, I wasn’t old enough to drive, by a year. I hid the car down by the lake, but Dad caught on pretty quick. He put it in storage for me until I turned 16 the following year. Great little car. It ran like a ” Champ “

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  13. Jeffro

    $3050 with an hour left. I hope Mark wins it. Hope his wife let’s him live. And I’m out of bourbon.

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  14. bcavileer

    Was gonna bid, but my wife was holding a large chef’s knife when I mentioned it… good luck Mark, lol.

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