Parked 50 Years: 1927 Ford Model T Touring

After a lengthy 50 year hibernation, this 1927 Model T Touring car is a runner, but needs some fine tuning and elbow grease to make it a driver. Quite possibly the perfect antique starter car for anyone, this T is solid and parts are abundant. Another great thing about Model T’s is that they are often quite affordable to purchase and maintain. This example is sitting at the opening bid of $3,900, with the seller offering to include a two speed rear end if the car sells for $5,000 or more. Check out this marvelous T here on eBay out of Sunnyvale, California.

The flat head 4 cylinder has been awakened and is a runner according to the seller. Also the transmission has been listed as functional, but if I had to guess it was checked while the car was on jack stands. I imagine that the brakes, tires, wheels and fuel system may need some attention and is most likely the hold up with driving this T. Model A wire wheels could be a possibility if the wooden T wheels have some concerns.

Bare bones, the interior has little to offer other than a steering wheel, a dash, the front seat, and some wooden flooring. Although this isn’t bad, it just means you will need to put some work into the seats. I rather like the appearance of this T so I would feel inclined to age/distress the new upholstery going into this car in order to maintain its original looking appearance.

With very little surface rust and possibly no rot, this T is a solid start. While I am not exactly in love with the primer touch up someone did, you could lightly touch up the primered sections with black paint, if you wanted to preserve the “original” appearance. One thing this T does lack is a convertible top. I am sure that though the T community you could likely score a top frame, and perhaps even a top with side curtains. Seemingly needing little to be a driver, this T looks like a fun and simple project to get into. Would you tackle this T project over the coming winter?

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  1. grant

    Love it! Cars like this give me hope that there’s still room in this hobby for “regular” people who don’t have trust funds or unlimited resources.

  2. Rex Rice

    The Model T Ford was the original POS. With over 15 million built, a few of them survived by not being driven much. Good luck to the new owner.
    Here is a pic of my ’26 pickup.

    • Chinga-Trailer

      What’s with the P.O.S. epithet? For their place in history, the Model T was a marvelous creation, the product of one man’s genius and it absolutely changed the face of the entire world! Gee, did you never read Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath?”

  3. Beatnik Besouin

    Now we know where the absent-minded professor left his *’Flubber’-powered Model T… ;-)

    That looks like it’s going to be a fun project or someone. Are you tempted, Grant? I would be if I didn’t have some many projects.

    *As an aside, the Model T phaeton used in the original Disney film was rented from an old friend of mine for the movie. He’s had it since he was in high school in the late 1950s.

    • grant

      Actually, I am a bit tempted. But the last couple months have been tight so I’m trying not to think about it too much lol. Especially because the round trip to get it would only be about 20 hours.

  4. Doug

    There was an interesting article a while back in Car & Driver about a race between a Tesla Model S and a Model T from Detroit to Long Island, New York.-

    The result may surprise you

  5. Randy Bitner Member

    If it was not on the other side of USA from me, I would be interested. Have band tools, books and manuals as I had a 1924 T sold to finish college. Man I miss that car.


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