Parked for 30-Years: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440

The 1968 Dodge Charger could rightly be classed as a sales success. While Dodge managed to sell a total of 96,100 Chargers in that year, a quite staggering 17,000 of these were the Charger R/T. This particular R/T 440 is going to be a great project for someone, and the finished car should be one nice piece of machinery. The Charger is located in Barnesville, Minnesota, and is listed for sale here on eBay. It’s listing has generated quite a bit of interest, and 11 people have now submitted a total of 33 bids. This has pushed the price to $11,000, and with the reserve now met, someone is about to get their hands on a nice new project.

The owner says that the Charger still wears its original paint, which is the very attractive Medium Gold Metallic. Dealing with what we can’t see first, the underside of the Charger has a significant coating of surface corrosion, but it looks to be structurally solid. What we can see is rust in most of the usual places. The floors will need to be replaced, but it looks like the trunk pan might be okay. There is also rust in the lower quarter panels, and around the rear window opening. The lower fenders, doors, and the rockers look like they might be quite solid. The Charger also doesn’t look like it has either a windshield or rear glass, so replacements will need to be sourced.

The next owner is going to have to dig into their wallet to make the interior of the Charger live again. The vehicle originally had an interior trimmed in white, but time has taken a toll on it. The door trims look to be missing, while all of the seats will need either new covers, new padding, or both. Now, onto the positives. The rally pack gauges, including the factory tach, look like they are in good condition. The center console looks to be a bit tired, but I think that this could be successfully restored. One feature of this Charger is that it was optioned with factory air conditioning. There appears to be precious little of the hardware for this left under the hood, so unless it’s in the trunk, finding original components will be an added expense.

The Charger started life with the awesome 375hp, 440ci V8 under the hood, while the transmission was 3-speed TorqueFlite unit. The original engine is definitely no longer there, and the owner is unsure whether the transmission that is fitted to the car is original. The power steering is original and complete while stopping power was left to manual brakes. So, while there is an engine there, it does appear to be missing a lot of pretty important bits if we want it to run. The owner isn’t terribly forthcoming on whether these missing items, such as the distributor and carburetor, are with the car. He also keeps us completely in the dark about the condition of the engine. We don’t even know if it turns freely. How frustrating is that?

This Charger R/T 440 leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions, but this hasn’t stopped people bidding up a storm on the car. If the engine and transmission are in good health, then it could eventually be a handsome car that would provide impressive levels of performance. With what we know about the car, and from what you can see, is this a project that you would be willing to bid on?


  1. HydTech

    How frustrating? Almost as frustrating as somebody that doesn’t know what door panels are.

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    • Boatman Member

      Or the fact that everything is “fitted” somewhere.

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  2. TimM

    Well at least it’s not another rusted out shell with no motor or trans!! This rusted car has a motor and trans!! On another note the reserve is met!!!

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  3. Dave

    While I truly love the 1968 … it is just ludicrous how much money many are willing to spend on a rust bucket of bolts , only to dump another 60k more on restoration. I have a nice big block/stick car, and my interest in it is fading… can’t imagine someone let alone several pining to buy it for what I’ve got into it. Maybe some years from now when it’s pulled from a dusty barn not running and rusty it will be worth more too.

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  4. irocrobb

    I was buying better ones than this in the mid 1980s as parts cars for 500 dollars.I can not believe the price of these Mopars.

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  5. George Mattar

    Mopars are not selling for the stupid money of 2005 to about 2007, except for say No. 1 condition 71 Hemi Cuda convertibles and Hemi Superbirds and Daytonas. And they must have bulletproof documents. While the 68 Charger is a million times better looking than the 2019 joke, this car is gonna take deep pockets. and when your done, it would bring maybe $50,000. However, I have seen much worse for sale. This car should be saved, but at what cost.

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  6. moosie moosie

    This car does not have a 440” in it at present, maybe a 383″ most probably. A whole lotta interior and body work to pay for, Being a “semi” mopar kind of guy I’d pass unless I could buy it for a lot less.

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    • moosie moosie

      On the front of the block on the top just in front of the valley pan and to the right of the distributor where this block shows a rib running front to back there would be a squarish looking pad, very obvious this motor is lacking this. So that makes this not a raised block 440′, painted orange like this one is leads me to believe that this motor came out of a ’69 or later Road Runner or Super Bee. Dont know why its got a 2 bbl. manifold, too many red flags about the motor for my liking.

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      • Chuck

        Moosie, it’s a 2 barrel B block engine. It could be a 383 or a 400 2 barrel engine, or even a 361. The side of the block and the little pad just in front of the right head will tell.

  7. D Harris

    I was Lucky enough to drive one my senior year 1982-83 same color black vinyl roof and interior back then all numbers matched thought I was the coolest kid in town speedo said 150 at 140 I’d back out of it i was 17 lol it was one fast car

  8. Troy s

    I don’t believe 17000 RT Chargers is a staggering number at all, not bad but definitely not GTO staggering, which I can help but think it was aimed it. A parts car at one time, I don’t think that’s a 440 at all under there, not even a performance engine. Love the aggressive lines of the second gen Chargers but this one seems a bit shabby. Who knows.

  9. Del

    Bidding ridiculous for what looks like a parts car.

    Wonder if winning bidder will follow thro ?

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