Parked For 34 Years: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro

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Oh, the joys of listing an item on eBay, only to have the winning bidder fail to pay for the item, and then be forced to list it again. That has been the fate of the owner of this 1971 Camaro, and he sounds none too happy about it. But then, who can blame him? If you want to own this Camaro, you will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Estacada, Oregon, it comes with a clear title. The owner has set a BIN price of $7,500 for the Camaro, but the option is also available to make an offer.

The owner says that the car will require a complete restoration, but it appears that you would be working from a pretty solid base. There is some surface corrosion on the underside of the car, but the floors themselves, the rockers, quarter panels, trunk pan, and trunk drop-offs all look very solid. There is no rust obvious around the rear window, and all of the glass is present and looks to be in good condition. The missing fender is a bit of a mystery, and the owner doesn’t enlighten us on whether it is included in the sale.

The door trims and carpet will definitely need to be replaced, but the rest of the interior doesn’t look that bad. The seats look like they might be okay, and while the original radio is missing out of the dash, the pad itself looks like it might be free of cracks.

The Camaro is fitted with a 350ci V8, an automatic transmission, and power steering. The owner doesn’t indicate whether the engine turns freely, or whether it runs, but given the fact that it has been sitting for 34 years, you can bet that there will be some work to do. There is some corrosion visible on the outside of the engine, but given the solid state of the rest of the car, hopefully, the engine has survived just as well, and won’t take much to get running.

Today you can find ’71 Camaros on the market for under $15,000, but if you want a nice one, then you would need to start at around $22,000. From there the sky is the limit. This one looks like a solid car that should be a relatively straightforward restoration project. With no real sheet-metal work required, this Camaro could be a really good buy.

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  1. Miguel

    I don’t understand the price on this one.

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    • jw454


      I don’t either but, it looks like someone else did. It’s gone.

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      • Miguel

        Ended does not mean sold.

        He could have gotten rid of it another way or whatever.

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  2. Show73 Ron JellumMember

    I use to buy cars like this for a $1000. I bet when they start sanding the lower fender, they will find rust, from the inside out.

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    • Rabbit

      I’d be willing to bet the doors are just as bad, Ron. Been there, dumped that.

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  3. sluggo

    I live in Estacada, Its not a big town, Im 99.8% sure I know the seller and he lives over the hill from me only a few miles from me. If so, He has bought Camaro parts and other Chevy bits from me in the past and made me a good deal on a 1960 Triumph motorcycle. A-ok in my book if thats him.
    According to Feebay its sold or ended. If someone wants a FPI Ill go look at it. It might still be available,

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  4. stillrunners

    Whatever…… don’t see them here in the states that often compared to the T/A’s because most were crushed.

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  5. sluggo

    Back in the 80s and even 1990s these were so common they were unremarkable. I avoided Camaros as they were TOO common, (Until circumstances changed I did own a 77 LT and using a 1979 RS as a donor for a prewar coupe).
    One guy I knew post high school got one and totaled it in one day, I foolishly went for a ride with him and showing off he fishtailed it into a steel pole (my DADs gonna KILL ME!).
    Many people used the front clip off these for streetrod projects and to improve cars like 55-57 Chevys.
    Now they became collectible and in the thriving metropolis of Estacada I am amused and encouraged to see young people fawn all over them. Recently was in town and saw a young guy in late teens or early 20s playing smoochy smoochy with his young girlfriend perched on the hood of his rough, but project in the making mid 70s Camaro…Have not seen her lately but there was also a young lady about the same age I spoke to and offered her a Factory manual for hers,, She has a early 70s Camaro, Drives it like she stole it and is so in love with the car it made me smile….
    Same with the nostalgia factor, Guys with disposable incomes are looking back and buying these up.

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