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Parked for Decades: 1941 Ford Super DeLuxe Tudor

Cars like this 1941 Ford Super DeLuxe pose that age-old question. Do you restore it, build some form of custom or street rod, or do you follow the rat rod path? Barn Finder Ikey H has referred this old Ford to us, so thank you for that Ikey. The Ford is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is listed for sale here on Facebook. The owner has set the price in the listing at $1,234, which I would assume means that he is quite flexible on it.

Apparently, this old Ford hasn’t run in many years. The body has its share of minor dings and marks, but there’s nothing major in the way of body damage. There is also little in the way of visible rust, and while we don’t have any information on the state of the frame, the little that we can see of the floor looks like there is only some minor rust to be dealt with. There are a few trim pieces that are damaged, such as tail-light lenses, and the front bumper is also missing. However, it looks like all of the glass might be present, and in good condition.

For the new owner of this Ford, the interior is something of a blank canvas. The car doesn’t come with seats, while it also appears that the door trims may be missing. There are also a few switches missing from the dash, but it is otherwise complete and in quite reasonable condition. The steering wheel does have a number of cracks, but I have seen examples in a considerably worse state restored successfully.

It’s disappointing that there are no photos of the engine, but if the tires are any indication of how long the car has been laid-up, then it won’t have fired a shot in quite a few decades. Those tires are of 1950s vintage, so that might be the last time that the car actually ran. Surprisingly, those tires actually still hold air. If everything is original, under the hood should be the 90hp 221ci flat-head V8, backed by a 3-speed manual transmission with a column shift. As I’ve said in the past, these old flat-head engines are quite robust, so if it isn’t locked, there’s actually half a chance that it might be able to be coaxed back into life.

So, now it’s over to our Barn Finds readers. Given the fact that this Ford Super DeLuxe seems to be so solid and original, my personal preference would be to see it restored to its original state, but that’s personal preference. What will be interesting for me will be to see what our readers would do if they bought it? I will also be interested to see if someone reading this article finds the Ford too tempting to resist.


  1. Avatar photo joe haska

    Interesting price 1234, and actually thats probably very close to what it’s worth.

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  2. Avatar photo Fred W

    In 1976 I was probably the weirdest kid ever, because I bought one of these and my dad with some help from me proceeded to retrofit the 351 engine,FMX trans,rear, AC,and PS from a ’69 Torino GT into the ’41 Ford…notice the body is hanging from an oak tree….

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  3. Avatar photo Fred W

    …it was my daily driver for over 10 years. I’m pretty sure I was the only real estate agent to ever transport prospective clients in a street rod.

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      Great pix. Weird real estate agent. I think that’s redundant. But, I’d be happy to have a car guy sell me a house.

      As for the car while that might be an original color, I seem to remember some odd pre war Ford metallics, the dash color and some other places look like a respray

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  4. Avatar photo TimM

    If it were a little closer I’d buy it in a second but it will cost me as much as the car to get it back to the east coast!! Great find I hope it gets back on the road!!

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  5. Avatar photo John P

    Don’t fool yourselves.. this guy thinks he has a trailer full of gold and doesn’t realize all the tire kickers he’s attracting. $5k car all day long as it sits. Someone will offer $3500 and he should take it. Great car-but the “$12345” pricing tactics are annoying..

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    • Avatar photo ctmphrs

      You added another digit and a 5 to his price

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  6. Avatar photo Bud

    Looks like a Deluxe, not a super deluxe. Missing a lot of the correct trim for a Super deluxe.

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  7. Avatar photo Leon

    I believe you’ll find if its the 8 cyl. they were 85 H.P. The distributor was down in the front, right on the end of the cam shaft. Very hard to work on the points etc. In 1949 – 1953 they went to 100 HP with the distributor up on the right side. Easy to get at. Mercury was the same but 110 HP because of a longer stroke.

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  8. Avatar photo Marty Parker

    Ford used the 100HP 239CI V8 from 1946 – 1951. 1952-3 had 110 HP, still 239CI.

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