Parked in 1980: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

When the owner of this 1967 Camaro purchased the vehicle in 1978, its odometer showed a genuine 43,000 miles. Over the following eighteen months, he pushed that figure to 45,585 before he parked it in his garage. It has recently emerged from hiding, and the owner has decided that the time is right for it to head to a new home. Located in Cave Creek, Arizona, you will find the Camaro listed for sale here on Craigslist. He has set the sale price for this classic at $13,900. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder rex m for referring this fantastic find to us.

The faded exterior of this Camaro originally wore attractive Marina Blue paint, but the passing decades have not been kind to it. There’s little doubt that the buyer will treat the car to a cosmetic restoration. That had been the current owner’s plan, but he acknowledges that this will never happen. The panels look pretty straight, with no evidence of Bondo or prior accident damage. There are a couple of minor dings and bruises, but these look like they would pose no great challenge to repair. The owner doesn’t mention any rust issues, and there are no obvious problems visible in the supplied photos beyond what might be a couple of small spots developing around the back window. If the car has spent most of its life in Arizona, there’s a good chance that it might have nothing but surface corrosion for the buyer to consider. One positive is that the owner appears to be very approachable, so he may be willing to answer questions or accommodate an in-person inspection. The original owner ordered this Camaro with tinted glass, which seems to be in good condition. It appears that all of the external trim is present, and anything that doesn’t respond positively to some work with a high-quality polish would be suitable for restoration.

While a drier climate appears to have been kind to this car’s steel, it has taken its toll on the interior. There’s not much that could be considered salvageable in there, although most of the hard trim pieces and the seat frames would be okay. How the buyer tackles this would depend on their vision for the finished project. If a faithful restoration is the ultimate goal, interior trim kits in the correct color and material are easy to find for under $2,000. That will address most of the problems, although the buyer will still need to source lenses for the gauges and a replacement wheel. The factory radio is missing, so one of those will need to go on the shopping list. The original owner ordered the car with air conditioning, and you can be sure that this was a welcome addition in Arizona. Otherwise, there aren’t a lot of optional extras inside this classic.

The Camaro is a numbers-matching classic that features a 327ci V8, a 2-speed Powerglide transmission, and power steering. That little V8 would have pumped out 210hp in its prime, which was enough to propel the car through the ¼ mile in 17 seconds. That doesn’t make this the fastest vehicle on the planet, but if the next owner is not concerned about complete originality, extracting additional horses from that 327 should not be difficult or expensive. They might also consider scrapping the Powerglide because while those are bulletproof transmissions, they do sap some of the Camaro’s performance potential. It seems that this classic last fired a shot in anger back in 1980, so the state of its engine isn’t clear. If it turns freely, coaxing it back to life may not be difficult. I would expect the buyer to pull the engine if they seek perfection, which would provide the perfect opportunity to carefully inspect the V8 and perform any necessary work. At a bare minimum, there’s a good chance that some of the seals and gaskets will be suspect. Once any work is completed, the buyer could detail everything within an inch of its life so that it looks stunning every time the hood is lifted.

The next owner of this 1967 Camaro will face some decisions in the restoration, and I’m betting that a few of you are already formulating a plan as you read this. Its low-mile status makes it a worthy candidate for a faithful restoration, which would be one viable option. Breathing on that little V8 to extract some additional performance and upgrading the transmission is another option to consider. Of course, you might want to entirely scrap the drivetrain and transform this classic into a firebreathing monster. I will be interested to see what path you would choose and whether you are tempted to pursue this one further.


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  1. Terrry

    45k miles? Right. And I’m still a teenager. This car needs a ton of work, but at least the price isn’t completely nuts.

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  2. SWJ

    Ok Adam Clarke, I’m confused as to why you don’t question the seller’s claim of 45k miles.

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  3. JoeNYWF64

    Somethin was chewin on dem seats. lol

  4. Nate

    Why question the mileage? Why would the seller even try to lie about that? At this point in the cars life, the mileage claim doesn’t make a difference. Really. 45k or 345k doesn’t change what needs to happen with this car. It looks as though it’s been baking outside under the AZ sun and the desert critters have also likely had their way with it. The entire interior will need to be replaced including the foam under the seats (just replacing the upholstery won’t cut it). All of the rubber (window seals, grommets, everything) will need to be replaced. While the AC is nice addition, packrats will wreak havoc on vehicle wiring overnight if left outside. It’s likely the floorboards are solid…can’t tell. This car is less than 5 miles from my house if anybody wants me to check it out for them…

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  5. chuck

    The damage on the right rear corner may be worse than it appears at a glance.

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  6. Bill Vernooy

    Looks like rear of the car is a skew a wee bit my 67 was a six banger automatic. had 137,000 when I got it when i sold it had 221,000

  7. Gary Rhodes

    At least 145000 miles. Decent price for a Camaro.

  8. jerry z

    The car will be sweet when repainted in Marina Blue/Bright Blue combo. This car is rough though.

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