Parked In 1998: 1977 Ford Granada

Ford buyers had quite a variety of vehicle types in 1975 when their local Ford dealerships sold both Mavericks and Granadas, two very different cars for two very different buyers. This 1977 Ford Granada two-door sedan can be found here on craigslist in Savage, Minnesota and the seller is asking a mere $1,100 or best offer. Let’s check it out.

This sure looks like a lot of car for $1,100, doesn’t it? I don’t really see any or many flaws in the body at all, and those wheels look great on this two-door Granada. They were made for the 1975 to 1982 model years and, of course, this is the North American Ford Granada, not the European Granada. The seller mentions that the underside has surface rust and there’s a spot on the rear bumper support but this looks like a solid car.

The seller says that they need the garage space and they have to sell the car. It ran really well when it went into storage in 1998 but they don’t have time to finish the restoration and it’s time to let it go to someone else to finish it and get it back on the road again. The Granada was intended to replace the Maverick but instead, it filled a mid-level luxury gap and the Maverick soldiered on for another two years, until 1977.

This looks like a great car for $1,100 or offer, it would be a good first project for someone who’s not looking for a muscle car and doesn’t have a muscle car budget, yet wants something unique and something that there won’t be a dozen of at every car show. The seller has a couple of bucket seats if the buyer wants them.

Yes, that’s a V8! You were worried that it would be a six, don’t lie. The original 302 V8 was replaced by another 302 in 1987 and they added a hot cam and a Holley 4-barrel carb. I’m not sure if it’s currently running but I am sure that most Barn Finds readers could probably have it humming again in no time. Any thoughts on this ’77 Granada? Good buy or good-bye?


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’ve always kind of liked Granadas, specifically the two-doors. Yes I know they are Malaise era cars with all the associated baggage. But they filled their 70’s role rather well. This car indeed looks very good for its bargain price. The silver paint is probably heavily oxidized, and the underhood is a mess, but with some elbow grease and mechanical repairs this would be a fine (and unique) entrant at Cars & Coffee.

    Thanks Scotty.

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  2. Bakyrdhero

    I was expecting a $5-7k asking. I’m pleasantly surprised at the pricing and it makes this car all the more appealing.

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  3. Del

    Great looking until the hood

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    • jerry

      my wife who passed away had one these things when I married her, what a disaster of a car! replaced door hinges on both sides twice then a transmission, couldn’t keep the front end alignmened right final straw she smoked dropped a ash in the front seat a burnt the piece of crap to the ground!

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  4. Tripp

    Junque. My Dad had a ‘78 Ghia Sedan with the 302. It would intermittently cut off while coasting down the road and almost killed him when a driver came up on him fast around a curve. Very little space and lousy gas mileage. The a/c blower fan sounded like a kid made it with Legos. And that bordello red interior….

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  5. David Ulrey

    If it isn’t full of rust in hidden areas, has a clean title, this is a heck of a deal! Some would keep it stock but I’d keep it stock LOOKING. Nothing radical but add a little go power. I’d probably either ditch the cat, you can get away with it where I live, or replace it with a modern more free flowing one. Put a driver quality paint job on it and hit the road. Oh yeah, ditch the shackles and replace the springs if needed.

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    I’m a Chevy guy, but I always thought these were nice looking cars. Might be a fun bracket racer/ street machine, without much effort. Isn’t the core charge alone on that 302 worth close to the asking price?
    Should be snapped up quickly, and have something different from all the Mustangs.

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  7. matthew B steele

    Never liked them in the 70’s..however now ..not so bad..never liked a few cars from 71-72 that i like more now..1978 >styles made 💩 look like 👑

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  8. Superdessucke

    I’d say good buy. I like the looks of these and I’m a minority believer in the idea that a hobby car should be cheap. When I start seeing prices over 15 grand or so, which most things are now, I just start thinking about new cars and 0 percent financing. I don’t know, that’s just me.

    Anyway, this would be a nice car to have and tinker around with if you like the body style.

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    • JMG

      “a hobby car should be cheap”… I agree. And this one is just fun.
      There are very few cars that go across auction blocks for over $20k that I think were a ‘good buy.’ But that is me. My Corvair brethren are always belly-aching about the low value of their corvairs… I say STFU! Let them be cheap! Not everything has to be a ’71 Cuda. Not everything has to be return on investment. Cheers! LOL

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  9. Classic Steel

    I think this is a good car for the price 👍😎
    One could buy it and find s better bumper , get it running and the throw a macco special later.

    Be a good first collector car and then maybe move up to a Mustang possibly a shelby when the money rolls in later in life 😏. Or keep this-one 👍👀

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  10. Bakyrdhero

    It used to be that you could throw a set of Cragars or Keystones on an ordinary coupe and maybe Run 2.5” dual exhaust and you had yourself a “muscle car” for cheap money. This car reminds me of those days. I hope they need owner has some fun with this car!

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  11. PDXBryan

    When I was a young Euro car enthusiast I thought these were cool because they were an American car that could be optioned with 4 WHEEL DISC BRAKES!

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    • mike

      i had one with the 4 wheel discs great car hit two deer in a week parted out kept 9″ and brakes for a later project car

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  12. Darrun

    My dad had a new one as a company car in 76. He didn’t like it, but his personal cars were always 440 Chryslers. It was a great car that did everything expected out of it.

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  13. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Bargain of the week. How can you go wrong for the price? Source a few bits and pieces to spruce it up, get it started and drive it every day. This would be a neat car to add some performance parts to and have a little fun with. Or swap in a built 351 with a 5-speed. Lower it a little, slap on some fresh paint and maybe some “Go Faster” stripes along with a shaker scoop and beat on the local tuner crowd. It’s a good-looking foundation for some fun limited only by your imagination and wallet. The “5.0” badge in the grille is a nice touch, too.

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  14. lc

    So it’s been 8 days since this craigs list posting…this car should have been sold like wildfire since, but she still languishes… great car, great price, …no market. A fickled downturn in the car hobby.

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  15. Thomas Stout

    I wish that it was closer! If anyone knows of one close to east TN western NC area let me know! That’s a heck of a deal on this one…

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  16. Stangalang

    Already got a aftermarket cam and a 4 barrel…so headers and a decent dual exhaust..tune it up and go play!! Why hasn’t this sold!! Its pretty much a Fox body…what gives I wonder?

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    • Blyndgesser

      Not a Fox body. A ‘60 Falcon in better clothes. The Fox platform debuted as the ‘78 Fairmont.

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      • Stangalang

        Yep my bad Fox platform started in 78 not 77..good eye blyndgesser..👀

  17. David G

    Great looking cars. Almost bought a ’76 identical in colors to this one in Japan in 1980. I passed on it because it had no A/C. This one is cool, and priced very low. New buyer will be very happy with it.

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  18. Gaspumpchas

    One of the reasons the cars of the 70’s were the worst ever. Worked on a lot of these and cant think of anything good about it. Oh yah, take the spindles off for an early mustang or falcon disc conversion and junk the rest.

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  19. Donzi Don

    At one point my dad had a 76 4 door Granada in metallic brown with a vinyl roof and a 76 4 door white with a red interior Both were 302 V8 automatic 2bbrl a/c. So I always had a soft spot for these. Eventually one will pop up and I will buy it. Deff an under appreciated ride. This was the first car I drove when I got my license I bet no one else had 2 of these lol

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  20. JoeNYWF64

    I wonder if the Granada could have been the fastest ford car of 1977!! – IF you got it stripped (no a/c , p/w, etc) with a 351 v8 – not sure if 4 speed manual avail with that motor.
    The stang’s biggest motor for ’77 was only a 302.
    Granada certainly was a lot lighter than ’77 torino or t-bird.

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  21. Paul

    My wife had one and it was a lemon, replaced, motor, transmission, and power steering pump (3) times.

  22. Howard A Member

    I too thought the Granada was a good car, Not great, but I had a friend that had a car like this, only a 6 cylinder, I think, it was comfy for 4 people, got good mileage, good heater, always made it in the cold( the ultimate test of ANY car) that 6 was the best in the business, V8 too, how someone can say they were junk really slays me. EVERY car had problems in the 70’s, I think Ford had a winner here. The Monarch was even a tad nicer. The fact that nobody wants it,( and a certain nice Caddy coming up) sends a clear message, the hobby is sliding.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I consider the circular headlite Monarch painted black with a brown or better yet black interior one of the best looking 4 doors of all. Driving one, people might think u are rich!! Very classy looking grill.–755×1024.png
      a/c, automatic, etc. optional – imagine that today.
      Reclining seats & 4 wheel discs available – impressive back then.
      Regarding reliability comments here, i bet if you got a grananda stripped with no ps , etc. & manual trans & strait 6,
      i bet it would be very very reliable.
      My ’70 boxy falcon was.
      As for door hinges, i know of a ’74 very heavy door firebird with 250k miles & original door hinges – no play in em! – gotta spray em with white lithium grease periodically.

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    • jerry

      I don’t know where you get the idea this frd 6 was that great ! dodges slant 6 was 10 times the motor, and the valiant and dart were 10 times better cars after the above deal with the departed wife’s heap I will never own another ford ever! mopar or no car!

      • Jimmy

        MOPAR = Mostly Old Parts And Rust !!! Sorry but had to post that, actually I would take any brand of classic musclecar / truck.

      • JoeNYWF64

        My boxy 70 falcoon with 200 cubic inch strait 6 with 200k miles on it never let me down gettin me thru college in the 70’s, tho i didn’t like the “rope” (power) steering or lack of a front! sway bar. lol
        The only strait six i would stay away from would be the 144 cube one from the early 60’s that is slow as molasses & has no pcv system, which in turn rewards you with a faceful of smoke when idling – from the front breather pipe lol (especially when the motor has some miles on it).
        I later had a chevy 250 6 cyl which was just as reliable as the ford 200.
        The distributor does not look like fun to get at AT ALL on the SLANT 6, tho it has a more efficent intake than the other motors. I love all strait 6’s tho, & my friend raves about the
        1 in his jeep. Period.

  23. Michael

    I almost bought a 1978 double white, with white thick padded vinal half roof ESS, that had auto on the floor, with bucket seats, 302 4 barrel, and Sun roof. The original owner knew what he was doing when he ordered this car. Was incredible. Saw the car on a Sunday. Was going to get the money out of the bank on Moday to purchase this beauty. Late that night seller called, and said car had got hit while sitting in front of his house, and the front end had been destroyed. I thought something was being pulled on me. So I went by his house again. Sure enough there was the car being pulled into a flat bed with the front end totally destroyed. Just sad.

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  24. Thomas D Stout

    This Granada would not have lasted a day at the in this area at that price. I messaged the seller yesterday and I haven’t got a response yet. I was thinking of having it shipped. With a 1000.00 shipping it would still be a steal…lol

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  25. Kevin Fear

    My father had a 75 Ghia Coupe; leather buckets, extra trim, 302 etc. What a load of **** lol. The rust was incredible, the mirrors fell off and the doors were so heavy the pins wore out.

    • Jim Garlabd

      I had a 1977 2-door as well. Pins and bushings were regular maintenance. Those doors were HEAVY!

  26. Andrew Franks

    A great buy. Watch the Power Steering Units. Before I sold mine it went through three P/S units and I don’t abuse my cars.

  27. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    It looks exactly like the first car my wife bought with her own money. Ofcourse that was a few decades back, but she loved the car. Personally I always thought either one of these or a fairmont would have made a great car to drop a 460 in as a sleeper. I don’t think you could do any better for the price.
    In life you always have to make decisions like get married and always please your wife, or do the things you really want to do regardless of the outcome. If I were young and single I’d be on this like stink on manure. I’m old and tired so projects like this are out of the question.
    God bless America

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  28. Jimmy

    My dad bought one of these new with the 302 automatic, silver with red vinyl top and red crush velour interior. That year Ford had issues with their silver paint and it started flaking off but Ford had it repainted at their cost. That car lasted well into the 80’s and was still a decent used car when he traded in on a Mercury.

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  29. Del

    Look inside the engine compartment.

    If rest of underneath is this bad then its toast.

  30. Stevieg

    I had a few of these back in the 1990’s. I never had a problem with them. I love the inline six. But I had one with a 351 (it was actually a Monarch, I think) & that one flew! It was a maroon 4 door, deluxe interior, all power options, white vinyl top & pinstripes. Rather elegant for a “small” car. It was slightly newer, with square headlights. It was my favorite of the bunch. Made me think of a mini Lincoln, much like a Versailles. It too had the 4 wheel disk brakes. Should have kept it!

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  31. Will Babyak

    Put in enough repair work into it to get it to pass inspection, add the third brake light, throw a set of snow tires on her, and you have yourself an affordable, somewhat reliable winter beater!

    • Miguel

      Why add a third brake light, if I may ask?

  32. w9bag

    I recall the ESS (European Sport Sedan). You could get one with a stick, but I believe that it was only available with the straight 6. I’ve ridden in a few. Not bad, but I would rather have a nice Pinto wagon. Classic mid 70’s “what the hell am I going to do next” design. I believe that there was a television commercial that compared them to an entry level Mercedes.

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  33. bill Pearcy

    I’ll take it.

  34. Bill

    Where is this and how can I make an offer? It will be more than asking price

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