Parked in ’71: 1967 Austin Healey 3000

This 1967 Austin Healey 3000 has been left parked since 1971, following the removal of the radiator for a simple re-core job that was never finished. As such, the big Healey remained parked and ignored for the next several decades – until now, where it is listed for sale with a Buy-It-Now of $16,800 and the option to submit a best offer. The car does have rust and the engine is not turning freely at the moment, so plan on a thorough restoration project if this one catches your eye. Find it here on eBay and listed for sale in Texas.

Despite its Texas location, the Healey likely spent most of its life in New Jersey. Note the very old school New Jersey license plates and registration sticker in the windshield. While I dig those license plates (haven’t seen a car wearing those in ages), its prior residence in the Northeast likely has a lot to do with the rust we see here on the body and underneath the car. At least you can live with the paint on top on a temporary basis until the full respray occurs; the rust issues, however, will require action sooner than later.

The seller notes that this is a late production 3000, with 55,199 miles indicated on the odometer. The interior is holding up surprisingly well, another hallmark of a northeastern car that lives in relative darkness for six months of the year (winter season), as a genuine Texas car would have the entire cabin blown apart by sun damage by now. The other positive sign about an interior that looks this good is the likelihood that it was stored indoors while awaiting the recored radiator that would never materialize.

The Austin Healey’s powerful 150 b.h.p. engine does not run, which is a shame considering the wonderful noise they make. At least this seller has gone so far as to attempt to get it to turn, as opposed to selling a project-grade car with no research performed (happens a lot on eBay anymore.) 3000s will always be a smart investment, because they have a fervent fan base and still offer a truly iconic driving experience that sets a high bar for top-down motoring. Do the car’s rust woes put it past restoration or can it be saved?


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  1. Gaspumpchas

    I know less than nothing about healeys, other than they are cool and have a sound all their own. 17 large and its rotten like u would expect for a nj car. U guys think its worth the coin? Looks like the mill was apart , slapped back together and dropped in, strap holding it in. If you cant get an inspection on this ruffian, you need to expect the worst, says it was on the road like 5-6 years. Sad to see in this condition. Good luck to the new owner!

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  2. Had Two

    Looks like the front and rear wheel opening arches have been modified,
    cut larger.

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  3. Bernie H.

    Ive done a few of these and I have one comment, why spent $16,800 plus shipping and another $22-25,000 in restoration to have a $35,000 car in the end. Healeys dont bring the big $$ anymore, people dont seem that interested these days in British iron when (I hate to say it) the Japanese sport type car is faster, cheaper, and more fun to drive. At age 76, Ive been into British vehicles over 60 years, still own an AC Ace Bristol that I almost cant get into anymore.

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    • DKW

      Have to say the people saying the don’t bring big money anymore are the ones that either don’t own one or can’t afford one. Yes, they’ve come down rom their peak of six-figures a few years ago, but a nice BJ8 is still north of 70 in most cases. Roadsters command a tad less, though I personally prefer them, and the 100s, especially the M’s (LeMans) are very expensive.

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  4. Ben T Spanner

    I agree with Bernie. I have owned 6 big Healeys and worked on many many more. Recently there was a Texas 3000 owned by a mechanic for decades which sold for around $36,000. It appeared to be solid and needing only light cosmetics.

    As always, consider the maximum amount you would spent on buying and fixing and buy the best example you can.

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  5. JohnfromSC

    Healeys went through a crazy over-appreciation, which is why they are coming back down to earth. Seems there’s virtually thousands of them still around. Ten years ago I looked to buy one when they were in the $30K’s. Drove a few but then drove a Jag XK150 and never looked back. Still have the 150(S) today.

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  6. Little_Cars

    At least the cockpit is not all roached out. And, I think that’s an accessory AMCO center console which is period correct. That should add another $100 to the final price. Agree about the slowly fading interest in British sports cars in general. My feet are firmly planted for now on the Anglo side, but most of my gearhead friends have succumbed to the draw of the Asian wave of sporting cars..

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  7. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Of course its in Texas and no longer in NJ – it’s a Dennis Collins special.
    I knew it was one of his without looking at the EBay ad – this is exactly the type of car he sells – if the quality of cars he sells takes one step lower, they would be on the BHCC or Gullwing level.

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  8. Matt

    This car has a slight askew look to it… look straight at it, it has a “lean” to the driver’s side… Like a twist in the body, or was it hit at one time the front end?
    But overall the car looks unmolested so the look of the car leaves me wondering ? (rusted sagging frame?)
    Any comments?

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  9. Had Two

    Left front tire looks low on air. These have tubes in them because they are wire wheels. Old tires, old tubes.
    Scarier part are those enlarged, cut, wheel openings…..

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  10. Philip Lepel

    When we bought our 2004 mustang convertible making 190hp. I started looking at it as the poor man’s Austin Healy. Six cylinder engine,too small back seat and fun top down driving.

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  11. Del

    16,800 ???

    For a non runner with all kinds of issues.


    Very nice parts car though 😚

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  12. bobhess bobhess Member

    I’d bet a big round of beer that this car is as bad or worse as the last ’55 I had and restored. First off, it was from New Jersey. Nothing wrong with that but it was a daily driver and taking it apart revealed all sorts of things that happen to cars with no proper rust protection. My car looked much better than this one on the outside but the rest of it was a mess. Kinda go along with Del on this one. Oh.. the open holes on the rocker cover don’t give me any good feelings either.

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  13. Philip Lepel

    When we bought our 2004 mustang with v6 convertible making 190hp. I started looking at it as the poor man’s Austin Healy. Six cylinder engine,too small back seat and fun top down driving.

  14. Sarah_W

    “3000s will always be a smart investment,…” That is debatable.

    I would qualify that with “a decent non-rusty” 3000 will always be a smart investment! These are not easy or cheap cars to restore. I was at a fellow club member’s garage meet earlier this year and was very happy to be on the other side of a restoration compared to his that was stripped down and on a rotisserie. There was rust in just about every crevice, even though the car was fairly solid.

    Due to a restoration-from-hell occurring with the first company, I purchased a second one since I honestly didn’t think that my first one would ever get finished. But after a lawsuit that I won, I now have two BJ8 Healeys, a ’65 and a ’67.

    Everyone needs two, don’t they, one for show and the other as a driver! LOL

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    • Del

      Not really Sarah.

      But you appear to have the Cash to Make it Happen 😁

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