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Parked in ’77! 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T

Last registered during America’s Bicentennial, this 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T in Hamburg, New York has reportedly been parked since 1977. Look past the comically horrible pictures and you might find an interesting salvageable project car. The listing here on eBay describes a numbers-matching 440 (present but removed) and 727 transmission, fender tag, and build sheet. Calling the car “95% complete,” the seller awaits the $10,000 opening bid. Generally speaking, any rusty high-performance Mopar pulls at least $16,000, so we’ll see where this one ends up.

Mopar B-body engine compartments might hold the record for highest number of awesome motors housed and being displayed to the most people during parking lot conversations. The killer B platform underpinned the Plymouth Belvedere, Satellite, GTX, Road Runner, and Superbird. The B-body Dodge suite included the Coronet, Super Bee, Charger, and Charger Daytona. How’s that for a pedigree? These underwater-looking pictures aren’t worthy of comment. Most cell phones have better cameras than professional photographers owned in the ’70s, but sometimes caring about the outcome is the most important part of a job.

Everything looks deliciously stock here, and the center console is always a plus. Offered as a 30,000 miles classic, this R/T could have easily racked up 16,000 odd miles per year for a total of 130,000, a big number from when primitive gaskets and sealers often gave up around the 40,000 mile mark. That steering wheel could have been in the wheelhouse of the Titanic.

The ’69 Coronet front shows a bit of a furrowed brow, like it’s not keen on your last remark. “Did you say your Mom’s Mustang would show me its taillights, punk?” My grandparents had a ’69 Coronet 440 sedan in double-gold, so these rides always get my attention. The right fender and hood corner show signs of damage, but that’s small potatoes.

Here’s the rest of the first picture, with white stripes proving it’s a genuine R/T. Just joking on that. Fortunately the WS23 VIN calls out a Coronet RT two-door hardtop according to the decoder at tpocr, but do your homework, folks. Let’s get this long-parked muscle car back on the road. It may not have come from a barn, but finds like this almost-complete R/T are still out there. What’s the craziest barn find story from your area?


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    The shifter knob looks like a nuclear explosion…how cool.

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  2. Jerry Johnson

    I agree with you. After 73′ gas crunch, prices and insurance costs, I remember GTO’s, 67′ SS427 Impalas, Shelby Mustangs, etc. all on used car lots for cheap and not selling. (Only if one would have known.) Seems to me in 83′ on, the prices started slowly coming back until where we are now.

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  3. Joe

    For me, the created gas shortages, two of them in the 70’s, were a blessing.
    I already had a Daytona, a 68 Charger RT bought new.
    I did not follow the scare tactics to rid myself of Muscle cars.
    I had 4 cars that May 1973.
    Then, I started buying all the Muscle Cars I could load on my property.
    3 1969 Charger RT’s, 3 1969 Charger 500’s, one a Hemi for $60. Yep, sixty and not wrecked or rusty. All in Los Angeles County.
    I even drove my Daytona cross country to Moultrie, Georgia, tow bar back
    home, a 69 Charger 500.
    All these cars ran, drove, and most needed nothing as they were not wrecked or rusty.
    On the electricution cars and changing to a motor, not gonna happen.
    Engines will be the only power for me.
    Here in commifornia, that so called governor got overturned on his/its no gas powered cars in a certain year.
    So, don’t drink the donkey pee, and buy, drive what you want.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    You should read this article about the disadvantages of buying/owning an EV. Maybe these issues will improve over time, but they are major issues over time. EVs aren’t too efficient when it’s very cold either.


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  5. The Other Chris

    That’s just like, your opinion, man.

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    • Azzura Member

      Big Lebowski !! Thanks, brightened my day.

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    • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

      My opinion is based on quite a bit of research and there are lots of folks who share the same opinion. Evs aren’t exactly carbon neutral either.

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  6. Thomas P Crowley

    Plop in EV power??
    Not an option for any muscle car lover.
    Why would you even consider that?
    Muscle cars are fun, nostalgic, have loud V8 power that sounds great, and brings back so many memories.
    People of all ages seem to love them.
    Not so with EV’s.

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  7. PRA4SNW

    Okay, Grant.

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  8. 433jeff

    Joe is the smart one, good work.

    Well there is alternative ( for me) to the awesome but thirsty cars, my BBC gets less than 10 mpg, honestly I’ve never figured it out and feel like I would be a moron putting gas mileage in with dual quads and a super charger.

    But I’m also cheap, and yes EV is a great option ( just not for me , for you) but the Cummins 6bt gets twice the mileage of a 454 or possibly some other V8s, the Cummins is for me.

    Also let’s not forget the Mercedes 603 and 606 motors, Mercedes versions of the 12 valve and 24 valve, the 603 fits in the Monte Carlo and others. Problem solved ( my cheapness at the pump. Our U S of A is the richest country in fossil fuels not to mention Natural Gas.

    And it’s worked since the model T Amen!

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  9. Henry

    Debbie downer

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  10. Henry

    Really only 30,000 miles I call BS, show proof not just a 5 digit odometer

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    • rayburn

      Northern salt on roadways in the winter got many a muscle car in the first 6-8 years if not treated properly, been there and lived it! Many like this one were parted out long gone, this one despite work needed, is its own right is a survivor because the owner had the right idea to put it up before it got worse.

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