Parked in ’78! 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440

Sadly the interior of this totally ’70s Dodge has been removed, but I’d bet $1000 its contents included at least one petrified condom, one beer can pull tab, and some kind of smoking paraphernalia. After covering fewer than 79,000 miles over 10 years, this R/T surely facilitated epic adventures, though perhaps some stories are better left untold. This 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440 in Bellevue, Nebraska presents as a true R/T, and may retain its original 440 cid (7.2L) V8. The listing here on eBay tells no tales of this car’s escapades, but the description gives a wealth of information about the car today. Bidding has exceeded $10,000 without meeting the seller’s reserve. I wonder why it was parked so many years ago?

Ouch! I’m sorry, son, but that’s not going to buff out. Someone rudely smashed up this Charger’s bitchin’ dark-blue and pin-striped paint job. You can buy nearly any part for this car, but straightening a sub-frame that got torqued up forty years ago… not fun.

The ultra-rare “Four-Pack” intake replaces the factory single four-barrel carburetor. It was once a “Six Pack” but one of the two-barrel carbs is lost to the sands of time. I will say, compared to many sketchy mismatched-looking Mopar fender tags we see, this car’s tag (not shown here) shows every sign of having been attached to the car since birth. The 375 HP 440 with automatic transmission would have been a fearsome and consistent combination. The DIY Six-Pack setup and aftermarket valve covers suggest it got plenty of exercise, and wasn’t just bought for bragging rights or simply because the owner could afford “the biggest motor.”

Dig that tufted dash pad, man! That alone is worth the price of admission. Can anyone comment on paint colors here? Perhaps this would be standard for a B3 Blue ’69 with dark blue interior? The lighter color is definitely B3, and the car came with a white vinyl top and a black “bumble bee” stripe across its posterior. Sharp! Surface rust and small holes support the claim that this Dodge benefited from indoor storage most of its sadly idle life. What’s your top dollar on this 440-powered ’70s time machine?


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  1. Keith Keith

    Period correct modifications back the “Parked in 1978” claim.

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    • Superdessucke

      What, the contact with the telephone pole, or the stripes?

  2. chillywind

    Wow to think of what a street beast this was in the day. 512 inch 6 pack chrysler. odd the Column shift made it through the 78K miles of abuse. looks like a lot of bondo from back in the day, might of had more than one incident with that setup.
    I love it and hate to think that after a restoration the character of this car will disappear into thin air.

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    • James

      I agree on losing the character of this car. It would almost be awesome to keep it as is on the outside and restore the inside to perfect.

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      • AMXBrian

        The outside of this car reminds me of the Original Eleanor car from the Original Gone in 60 Seconds. It still runs and drives with similar damage to the front passenger fender. Definitely leave as original as possible while go back to oem on the interior.

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  3. JohnfromSC

    Likely a $20K car if the motor isn’t all seized up and the rest of the body looks as good as those floorpans. Round numbers $5K for interior, $10K motor rebuild, $2K carbs, $5K suspension, brakes, rear end etc. Assume torqflight isn’t toast, $10K for doing decent body and paint, not show quality. There you have a $50K driver Charger R/T. Another $10K for contingencies/unknowns and still not too bad if you do it yourself.

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  4. greg v

    Be great if BF Goodrich got on the retro-radial bandwagon and offered their very popular T/A with retro looks and lettering like what this Charger is wearing. I’m sure they’d be popular and would be a great look for the many musclecars that run them.

    Man I got a Dirty Mary Crazy Larry vibe as soon as I looked at this car btw. Very cool. Can only imagine the interior with some diamond tufted naugahyde and more of that shag!

    sweet ride

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  5. PHJ

    Oregon plates. Maybe that’s how it survived rusting out. Well, better than Nebraska!

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  6. 36Packard

    Look how much is missing. Where was this parked, a junkyard? Look at how much abuse this suffered in less then a decade. Even if it is a true six pack car, it will never be a true car as so much is going to have to be replaced. It will just be another bragging object for some rich dude. Don’t we have enough over restored Chargers in the world already? Do the right thing, put it back out into the rain.

  7. Troy s

    These wheels were so common on these Chargers, at one point in my childhood I thought they were factory!
    Not quite a street freak, looks like a thrill ride to me, especially when it ran. 512 cubic inches, how is that built out of a 440? It has 512 ci on the hood scoop.

    • Chris M.

      A 440 becomes a 512 with the addition of a 4.15″ crank.

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  8. Ian C

    I am sure it was quite a looker and performer in its day. I hope the new owner will see to it to bring her back to her former glory. Actually, I would like to see a lot more of the old “street freaks”.

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  9. ccrvtt

    Parked in ’78 shortly after the embarrassingly hideous stripe treatment. Couldn’t take it out on the street like that. Those of us who lived through the ’70s can sympathize.

    Love the corroded slotted dish mags with rusty center caps. Seems like they came that way, along with a few busted wheel studs thrown in for good measure.

    Still these Chargers are one of America’s best overall designs and I hope this one gets resurrected. With the 6-pack, of course.

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  10. Terry Bowman

    Those are “US INDY” rims. I still have a set on my dodge van (8 lug x 15″) special ordered around 75′.

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    • 433jeff

      What a tough looking SOB!

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  11. Comet

    Again with the dash pad.

  12. PairsNPaint

    Like the pin-striping on the rusty roof.

  13. Big Al

    “Joe Dirt Special”

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  14. Grandpa Lou

    Over priced, but if it makes you happy, why not.

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  15. Troy s

    Interesting idea, get this up an running, then match it up against that customized Camaro seen here today… we’ll call it the battle of the paint jobs! Uncorked of course.

  16. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    The matching Van is listed also………..

    My 68 Hemi RR 4sp – all most had the same color / stripe combo when I found it in 1979 driving my SS427 convert by it’s resting spot !

    It was the seventies – when street machines were still ruling – despite the gas crisis !!!!

  17. TimM

    I lived through the 70’s and I always despised the 70’s look!! The weird paint jobs!! Putting the ass end of the car up a foot!! It’s hard for me to like this but it does have potential!!!

  18. Sal

    That paint job… I get it, but i don’t get it.

    I know why, in general, someone would paint a car in that manner.
    But that arrow on the side completely covers the upper door scallop!

    There’s only 5 rules…
    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
    You don’t mess around with Jim
    And you don’t ruin the body lines of a Charger

  19. Jim Z

    “Petrified Condom”. Really, Todd?

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