Parked In ’99: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

The seller of this 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback purchased it from the original owner in 1999 with a view to treating the car to a full restoration. The project stalled before it could start, with the vehicle sitting untouched for more than two decades. The owner has now decided that the Mustang needs to go to someone who will complete what he had intended to start, so he has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Bosque Farms, New Mexico, and with the bidding sitting at $16,000, the reserve has been met.

The Arcadian Blue Mustang is an essentially solid vehicle. There is some rust present, but this appears to be largely confined to the floor on the driver’s side, along with the battery tray. This isn’t the end of the world, because replacements for both of these are included in the sale. There is corrosion present in a number of other areas around the vehicle, but this all appears to be surface corrosion, with no signs of any further penetrating rust. All of the lower body extremities such as the rockers and rear quarter panels appear to be solid, and apart from a few minor dings, the panels look to be nice and straight. All of the external trim and chrome appears to be present, and while the vast majority of it would be fine if the Mustang was to be returned to a tidy “driver quality” state, there are a few pieces that would require restoration or replacement if the ultimate goal is to achieve something close to perfection. The original owner chose to equip the car with tinted glass, and this all looks to be in good condition.

Nestling under the hood is a C-Code 289ci V8, capable of producing 200hp. That power then finds its way to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission. After he purchased the car in 1999, the owner drove it home. Since then, the Mustang has only managed to accumulate 1 mile on its odometer, and it isn’t clear whether the engine currently runs. There are some new hoses fitted to the engine, and this suggests that even if it doesn’t currently run, some attempt has been made to kick the 289 into life. Beyond that, there is little that we know, although a new clutch is to be included in the sale. Also included is the original Owner Manual, along with the original Window Sticker.

The Mustang’s interior is going to need some work if it is to be returned to its best, but it does have a few attributes in its favor. The dash and pad are original, and in quite good condition. The rear seat looks quite nice, but the bucket seats both have seam separations of varying severity. The rear trims are also looking tired and marked, but they might actually present okay if given a good clean. The same would appear to be true of the door trims, so before I spent any money, I would be cleaning everything thoroughly. That could potentially save some money down the track, and if some parts are able to be salvaged, that could prove to be quite satisfying. One thing that the next owner isn’t going to need to worry about is a carpet set because a new one will be included in the sale. A great bonus with this car is the fact that the original owner chose to order it equipped with air conditioning, and it appears that the full system remains intact.

I can see plenty of potential locked away in this ’65 Mustang Fastback, and it would seem as though there are a few people who share my view on this. The listing opened at $1,000, but 14 individuals have seen fit to bid on the vehicle, which quickly pushed the price to its current level. That’s 14 people who would like nothing more than to park this classic pony car in their workshop. Will you be the 15th?

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  1. TimM

    It would sure be nice to see some underside pictures of this car!! Under the hood could use a freshening but the outside looks pretty clean!!

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  2. grant

    No mention of the missing shifter, even if it runs is the transmission installed? New clutch is included, it doesn’t sound like the restoration “stalled” so much as something went wrong and the seller gave up.

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    • gkrone

      That shot of the driver side floor probably tells the whole story. He thought it would be a quick refresh and then he saw the hole in the floor and didn’t have the appetite and money to replace the floor.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Better look at the underbelly. telltale rust in the drainns on the trunk. would have been great to see the trunk as im sure its hiding the ironworms. Good inspection needed. Rot showing in the ebay pics, Good luck and stay safe.
    Cheers GPC

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  4. Steve Bush Member

    There are many 1965 Mustang coupes and convertibles online in the $20-30k range which is probably somewhat more than it would take to make this one a nice driver. Guess these bidders want a 1965 fastback that badly.

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    • Carl D.

      I can’t see 16K for it either.. Though it is a fastback. Just not 16K worth of Fastback..

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