Parked Since ’07: 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

Finding modern barn finds happens rarely, but it’s so intriguing when it does. This 1990 Audi  Coupe Quattro is an enthusiast favorite, with a rowdy 5-cylinder and four-wheel drive. The seller claims it’s been parked since 2007 and he won’t have time to resuscitate it, hence the sale. Find it here on eBay a bit dusty and wearing an interesting paint job. 

Photos are limited, but the Audi clearly has been stationary for some time. Wearing an unusual paint (or sticker) scheme, the body appears largely rust-free and not suffering from accident damage. Period Borbet wheels look sharp, but the stock five-spokes that came on the Quattro Coupes are a better fit, in my opinion. Bidding is at $2,550 currently with no reserve listed.

The seller claims he is the second owner since 1991, which would mean he acquired this Coupe when it was practically new. He notes it will need “a battery and fuel” but doesn’t elaborate about the presence of old gas in the tanks. These Audis can become quite expensive to maintain, which is why so many are often found in the local salvage yard despite appearing to be in well-loved condition.

Automobile magazine considers the Quattro Coupe a collectible classic, noting “….and the 20V had something its rivals didn’t: four valves per cylinder and a tachometer that didn’t turn red until after it reached 7000 rpm.” True, performance was stirring – and still is today. These Quattros make awesome snow machines, but a careful examination of its mechanical needs is a must before pulling the trigger.

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  1. Alfie

    Lovely car. It’s not too far from me…wait, an Audi coupe in West Virginia? Huh. I’m surprised it’s high as it is given it’s this side of the pond. I guess the words ‘Barn find’ did the trick.

  2. Josh

    This is one of those cars I forget that I like. I’d have this.

  3. The Walrus

    Had one of these for a few years around 2003. I was commuting 170 miles a day. After that job I became a consultant, so was traveling. These suffer greatly from lack of use. After a couple years sitting it effectively needed a total restoration. Problem is, parts are basically unobtanium in the US. Sold it to a guy who was going to turn it into a hill climb car. Would like to find another one day, but don’t think this would be a candidate…

    • Mark-A

      Is this one fitted with a Morette or Hella twin headlamp conversion as it really changes the look of the whole cars face, still unable to decide whether I like them or not though, but it wasn’t my car so what does that matter.

      • The Walrus

        I’m not sure the manufacturer. I purchased them from 2Bennett. I kept them as to my knowledge this was the last set they had and were no longer available. The lenses are Carello and take standard H-1 bulbs.

  4. steve

    I used to have one…….great cars until you have to change the starter

  5. Theringmeister

    “Interesting paint job” is a take-off on the Audi Sport factory rally stripes. Anyone with any knowledge of Audi motorsport history recognizes them instantly.

  6. JC

    I’d 2 of these. It was the least fun of the 7 quattros I’ve had. Why two? Because my wife loved her pearl white one, and when it got rear-ended, it was the only thing she liked. The window regulators are especially annoying! The have a nylon pulley that denigrates, and replacements are very hard to find and stupidly expensive when you do. The OEM replacements are just as old, and two failed within the first month of replacement! Just buy a WRX. It will be cheaper and more fun in the long run.


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