Parked Since 1997: 1977 Jeep Wagoneer

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This 1977 Jeep Wagoneer has been in storage since 1997. It appears to be in extremely nice condition, and with warmer weather on the way, it would be the perfect vehicle to get up and running if you have the burning desire to get out into the great outdoors. Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, you will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist. The asking price for the Jeep is $12,500.

Well, this is a first for me with this vehicle. The owner has apologized for the quality of the photos. They aren’t the greatest, but they give us enough information to paint a pretty positive picture. The Jeep looks to be complete, and the panels and paint look good, with the vehicle being nice and straight, with a nice shine to it. The wood-grain seems to have survived really well, and the external chrome and trim look to all be in good order. The only real issue that I can find, and this might be a trick of the light, is that the rear window on the passenger side looks like it may have a crack in it. Otherwise, the news seems to be really positive.

The news inside the Jeep is also pretty good. While plaid upholstery might not be to everyone’s taste, the plaid in this vehicle looks to be in pretty nice condition. The driver’s seat looks like it’s a bit dirty, but the rest looks good. The center armrest in the front is also sagging, but the cover looks to be okay, so this might be able to be repaired without any problems. The dash is in really nice condition, with no cracks or major modifications. The Wagoneer also features air conditioning, although the chances are that it may not work after the vehicle’s extended hibernation.

With a 360ci V8 engine, 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes, the Wagoneer was designed to take you off-road in a manner that provided a sense of luxury and ease. The owner says that the vehicle shows 44,000 miles on the odometer, but doesn’t indicate whether these are original, or whether it has wound over at some point. He also doesn’t indicate whether the engine turns freely, or whether he has attempted to start the Jeep. Still, these are a pretty robust beast, so hopefully, it won’t take too much to get it up and running.

The Jeep Wagoneer can rightly take its place amongst the first batch of true SUVs. It offered competent off-road abilities and combined them with an overall sense of luxury. It has often been compared to the original Range Rover, but its great advantage over the Range Rover was that it offered far greater reliability. This one is a nice vehicle, and hopefully, it won’t take too much to revive it. One thing is for certain, and that is that you don’t see many out and about in this sort of condition today. If you bought it, you would certainly attract plenty of attention. And it would be for all the right reasons.

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  1. Martin

    Range Rover’s are generally as good or better than Jeeps. Having owned both, my personal experience would tend toward Rover products being the better of of the two. But a Range Rover is a high end luxury 4×4 so there is an awful lot to go wrong on them, as opposed to this thing which is just a tractor with lipstick in comparison.

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    • Peter

      Hi Martin,

      By way of clarification, I assume you are referring to modern Range Rover’s & Jeeps? a 1977 Rangie was only available in a 2 door and was most certainly not as reliable as this Wagoneer. Yes, the early Rangie’s had a smoother ride and were probably more capable off road, but could not rival the 1977 Wagoneer for durability, passenger capacity and interior comfort options – and most definitely in America, parts for the RR would not be found in most towns.

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    • Lance Nord

      Martin – I’ll take a 70’s era Jeep over a Range Rover any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Jeep wins on reliability, easy access to parts and no electrical gremlins to chase.

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  2. stillrunners

    Yep….nice….wonder what the mark-up is from the previous sale .

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    • TimS

      Agreed. Would’ve liked a chance at it for what the flipper paid.

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  3. MurrayMember

    Really doesn’t matter what someone else paid for it. If you think it’s worth the current asking price then buy it. Profits not a naughty word so deal with it. Buy it or don’t. But quit squawking about it. Grow up. Who wouldn’t want to buy something and sell it for a profit. I sure wouldn’t walk away from something like that and I can’t see anyone else not doing the same.

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  4. C.Jay

    Adam this is quoted from the ad
    .”This Jeep is in running condition, it runs well, goes right into gear, and brakes are functional, it has been stored not neglected.
    Again this Jeep Wagoneer is in running condition.”

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  5. Woody

    I was raised in these Jeeps,travel to vacation in the summer and snow plowing in the winter they were all around good vehicles and you could still work on them.Considered the original SUV,this one looks like it is in great condition and nice asking price,I’ve seen less for more money! It’s a Jeep thing!

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  6. Mike S

    In 79 I had a Grandwagoneer that I bought from a friend’s father who was an Executive with the company. At the time the Grandwagoner was their top of the line luxury vehicle and this thing was loaded. This It had every option, power everything and even a built in CB radio with the curley cord and microphone hanging on the dash. Remember the CB radio craze? I loved this vehicle with the only drawback being the poor gas mileage, 7 mpg city & 9-10 highway. A great ride, very comfortable, and no problems.

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    • DenverWoody

      Technically you did not have a “Grand” Wagoneer in 1979, because they weren’t called that until the mid-1980s.

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  7. Woody

    Even the PA.plates take me back “in the day”when my Dad would have at least two Wagoneers for the duties performed, and yes the CB antenia was mounted for communication:10-4,over…….

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  8. DenverWoody

    @Murray While you’re technically right, you also don’t need to be so hostile. Civility isn’t a naughty word either.

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  9. Tom

    The 80’s JGW offered considerable luxury with pwr everything, leather, and moonroofs, but these 70’s cars had better get-up-and-go, and were a bit more purposeful. This looks like a nice find.

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  10. Karl

    I have been around wagoneers it seem for a good share of my life. The older ones with the GM 350 Always seemed to be pretty decent and we’re usually in decent running condition and even the Quadratrac was in working order. In my eyes when the other company started making them GRANDE and put a 360 in them it seemed that the GRANDE took high priority over functionality and reliability. The last GRANDE I drove was in snow and that 360 didn’t provide enough power to even spin the tires with the Quadratrac engaged. Quadratrac was an absolutely wonderful thing to have in my eyes it’s to bad it was wasted on these vehicles.

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  11. Stevieg

    Great plow truck!

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