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Parked Since ’75: 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

This 1962 Chevrolet Corvette is a beauty with its blue over black with a white convertible top color combo. The seller has taken the time to present it well with a least a few photos in the listing and it looks to be in decent shape overall, especially considering that this Vette has been sitting in a garage for over 40 years. No bids have yet been placed on the opening price of $28,500 and there is a Buy-It-Now price of $33,950. It is located in Franklin, Massachusetts. A VIN is listed and the car has a clean title. No miles are documented but you can take a closer look at it here on eBay.

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

This is a numbers matching 327 cubic-inch V8 Corvette with a Powerglide automatic transmission. However, it currently doesn’t have the original engine in it. The listing indicates that the car will come with the original engine, but a 350 currently resides under the hood. Sadly, there is no photo evidence of any of the mentioned engines, either in or out of the car. The seller lists their phone number to call with questions, and that would definitely be a question I would be calling and asking about.

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

One photo of the interior is provided and it is thankfully as expected. Nothing is ripped or torn but things are aged as should be understood. Everything seems to be in place. There is no word on if anything is not functioning as designed, so you might want to ask that as well when you contact the seller about the engine arrangement.

1962 Chevrolet Corvette

A number of photos are provided showing the exterior of the car. There are a number of cracks and chips in the fiberglass body and an even sharper eye will catch even more flaws. The seller knows that the car is rough because they do not provide any photos of the car closer than about 8 feet. No photo of the underside of the car is provided either. Corvette enthusiasts can provide more insight if the asking price is justifiable for the condition or if more information would be needed to justify the price.


  1. Weasel

    What’s the difference between a rip and a tear? I understand the differences in rips, seam separation, burn holes and stains but rip and tear seem to be the same to my simple mind. Can someone enlighten me?

    • Johnny Demonic

      I’m thinking a rip is something that itself has come apart under pressure. While a tear was caused by something.

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      • Weasel

        Johnny, I really appreciate the reply but I’m actually more confused now. Maybe I’m just too dense to get it.

        Brentton, can you give me your take?

    • Brent

      Rip has to do with flatulence. As in ‘rip one off.’
      Tear is how you get the 34 grand check out of your checkbook to buy this over priced vette.

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      • Poncho

        Brent is half correct. Rip does have to do with flatulence, but tear is what you do with your underwear when you get home from work early because you realize it wasn’t flatulence, but a shart.

  2. JDB

    I’m sure that this car has some rot underneath. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the last photo (passenger side rear & passenger side) shows the vehicle with some sort of maybe winter tire.

  3. Haig Haleblian

    Armour All on snow tires?

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    • Dusty Rider

      Back in the ’60s some of the stickiest tires were snow tires. Lots of street racers used them.

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  4. Mike

    I would most likely write the 34,000 dollar check as full payment for the car… look at it a couple of times…. tear it in two…. and give him half of the check… thats about what its worth….

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    LOL Brent! Also I don’t see the asking price, but I’m sure somebody will pony up the dough. Any serious buyer would have a good corvette guy look at the body work and especially the frame. Looks good from a distance like my paint jobs do, 50 footer. Caveat emptor.

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  6. gbvette62

    Another lousy ad, with lousy pictures! From what little can be seen, it looks like a pretty complete 62. It does have the wrong steering wheel, and the interior heater cover and package tray are missing. The nose has been repaired poorly at some point, and likely should be replaced with a new one. Blue was not available in 62, and to me, that blue does nothing for the car. “If” it really does come with the original engine, it’s like a 327/250. The Powerglide was only available with the 327/250 and 327/300, but most 62 Powerglide cars, seem to have the base 250.

    The low 30’s is probably a fair price for the car. That’s not to say you could ever restore it and come out ahead, but it is probably what it’s worth in the current market. Odds are it will become the basis for someone’s high dollar restomod, making the asking price a bargain.

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    • Steve R

      Most of the people doing high dollar restomods start with better cars. They know it’s cheaper in the long run.

      Steve R

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  7. Del

    In retirement after 13 years on road ?

    With original engine shot.

    Rode hard and put away wet. 😂🤣😃

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  8. Bob

    The Ebay listing says SOLD.

    When I used to commute in my 62, I used to see a 61 that color, with a white convertible top, also used as a driver. But we never stopped to chat. Don’t think it’s a factory color, though.

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