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Parked Since The 1980s: 1968 AMC AMX 390 V8

I met a friend in Kenosha, Wisconsin for coffee a couple of years ago on my way to Chicago. I had driven past the exit many times but had never been to historic downtown Kenosha before, the former home of American Motors Corporation. Speaking of AMC history, this 1968 AMC AMX is listed here on craigslist in the Brentwood/Oakley, California area, just east of San Francisco – about as far as you can get from Kenosha in every way. The seller is asking $8,500 or best offer. Thanks to rex m for sending in this tip!

Being in Kenosha was fun but sad at the same time since surprisingly, there is really no AMC history on display there anymore. I expected to see at least a car or two in the history museum, which was great otherwise, but for a car guy, I wanted more. Maybe you wanted more after seeing how good this car looks in the opening photo and then seeing the photo above of the right front fender damage. Here’s the left front view, that’s a little better.

Yes, this AMX needs work but as one of AMC’s most famous muscle cars, it’s definitely worth bringing it back to life again. Hagerty is at $13,400 for a #4 fair condition car which is a long way from the condition of this car now. Their $25,500 #3 good condition value might give the next owner hope that it’s doable without breaking the bank. This car had a “fender bender” in the 1980s and it’s been off the road since then.

The AMX was made for 1968, 1969, and 1970 as an all-out muscle car and it snuck back a decade later based on the AMC Spirit. The interior is in tough shape here which you probably already guessed, although some parts look like they could be cleaned up and would look like new again. It’s nice seeing a third pedal there, no? The seller does mention that they aren’t positive what transmission was in this car when it left the factory and decoding the VIN confirms that it had a 3-speed automatic with a floor selector when it left Kenosha. I would leave it as a 4-speed but that’s just me.

The great part is that same VIN tag that they thankfully showed in their photos – and just to give well-deserved kudos to the seller, they have included a nice variety of good photos in their listing, a rare thing for a craigslist ad – the engine is the X-Code 315-horsepower 390 cubic-inch V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor. That’s the top engine for this car and that’s great news. Given the bodywork needed here, can this one be brought back to life without breaking the bank? It sure looks like it to me. I would love to have this one, how about you?


  1. Cadmanls Member

    No idea the rareity of AMX parts but looking for replacement metal 35 + years ago might have been easier than today. These were fast cars, most likely got away from someone and parked.

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      Actually no. They are repopping panels for these now, but the seller states that he has the fender if you bothered to read the ad.

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  2. jerry z

    My dream AMX, red with red stripe, 390, and a 4 spd. I’m not worried, it’ll buff right out! So close to selling my house, this is killing me!

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  3. Roger Hackney

    I’ll take a repairable wreck over rust any time.

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  4. Ruff Ruff

    For $8,500 Hurt Me Dollars It’s A Dog…

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  5. Jack Hammer

    This car is worth restoration.

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  6. greg v

    Lovely AMX. Hope someone fixes it up. The pic of the drivers side is a bit worrying though…. front wheel looks like it’s pushed back and back wheel pushed forward a bit? Might be more going on than meets the eye there.

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  7. Joe

    a 390 should have chrome valve covers from the factory. those covers appear to have been in place for a long time, so you might just want to check to see if its a 390 before buying.

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  8. sourpwr

    Yikes !

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  9. JOHN Member

    Didn’t the 390 cars also have the 390 emblem on the rear quarter? Another potential indicator that this may not be a 390 car.

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      It does have the 390 emblem on the passenger side. It also says its a 390 in the vin “x”

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      • HuskieSledDog

        Agree with the seller’s description: definitely looks like a 4-speed swap from the cut carpet and the Sawzal-ish hole by the gate. Also, not selling the AMXTAZY vanity plate with the car is really sleezy…

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  10. Steve Clinton

    First picture impression…’Not too bad’. Second picture impression…’Bad’.

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  11. denny mather

    I had one of these cars 15 years ago they are so sexy

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  12. Arby

    First picture – just a strange looking duck.
    Reminds me of those mid 50s Chevys that they cut the middle out of.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Wow Arby, you’ve never seen an AMX before? Check out a similar year Javelin (which was used as the basis for the AMX), now THAT was a strange-looking duck! LOL

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      • Don P

        I am exact opposite Steve, the Javelin looked properly proportioned, the max looks like a javelin with a bad sawzall attack.

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  13. Ike Onick

    Perfect example of why the AMC plant was known as “Kenosha Can”

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    • Steve Clinton

      And then became known as “Kenosha Can’t”.

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  14. JoeNYWF64

    I’m sure we’ll never see a dynacorn AMX or Javelin body.
    Did Chrysler destroy the original body molds when they acquired AMC?
    Or are they hiding somewhere?

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  15. Steve Clinton

    Don P,
    I always thought the rear wheels were too far back (probably done to improve rear seat width?)

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  16. Hopper-Dopper

    The story is not correct – The AMX was still available for 71-74, also, but just like the later 77-80 models, was an upgrade, and not an individual model like 68-70 models.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Many people don’t consider the 71-74 Javelins to be true AMXs, but a way for AMC to sell more cars. They even ended up with a Spirit AMX!

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  17. jeff Member

    Rare ralley gauge pac in the center of the dash. see the eyebrow? also if the vin shows a M and X then it is manual 4 speed, no AMX came with 3 speeds manual , X code means 390, but all 390’s had chrome valve covers and this one doesnt. My guess a 343 or 290 base motor now in engine bay. 3 inch high cast into block will show real size of engine. See between the motor mounts on block Jeff The Colorado AMC club

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  18. jeff Member

    also real early production, dash plaque not in center of dash…its on Glove BOX door

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  19. gaspumpchas

    I believe the wheelbase on the AMX was 5 inches shorter than the javelin. I think this is worth fixing, I’m sure you will be in the 20’s if you do the work yourself , but would be a fun car when done. They would really scoot!
    Good luck and stay safe

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    I wanted a AMX when they were new, but all I could afford was a Gremlin X with a 304 and three on the floor. Car did have factory AC.
    Installed a set of Crager SS wheels and Polyglass tires.

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