Parked Since The ’80s! 1959 Corvette Convertible

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“Complete and original,” this 1959 Chevrolet Corvette convertible in Millington, New Jersey, seeks a new owner for the first time since 1961! Parked since the ’80s, it never enjoyed the owner’s planned restoration and now finds itself here on eBay. Despite the seller’s honest reckoning of corrosion, over 30 bidders have set its value above $21,000. Thanks to reader Ikey H. for spotting this sadly forgotten example of “America’s Sports Car.”

The Corvette must have resembled a spaceship during an age when many cars looked like chrome and fin-adorned barges. In fact, Chevrolet partnered with numerous astronauts during those exciting days of space exploration. Sadly this specimen, parked as you see it here, had sunk into the ground below the tarp and absorbed decades of moisture before being rescued by the late owner’s cousin.

Mostly intact and straight, this ‘Vette has both the removable hard top and soft top, but the seller reports the “frame has heavy corrosion,” and one door is frozen shut. Hopefully, a Corvette expert places the top bid as these unique vehicles require special knowledge and techniques. The fiberglass body will never rust but the metal “birdcage” supporting it is another story.

Evidence of animal infestation should surprise no one. Minus the chrome ignition cover and air cleaner, the engine compartment looks as original as described, right down to the exhaust manifold and choke tube! The 283 cid V8 and manual transmission would make for lovely top-down motoring, but it will be a long time before that happens. At the risk of blasphemy, an Art Morrison chassis might handily replace the rusted frame, with an LS swap relieving the 283. How would you treat this Garden State classic?

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  1. nessy

    Little fun note of interest. I am kind of a plate buff and those NJ plates were issued in late 1978. I know due to the 936 and the I. 78 was also the first year for the plate to say “New Jersey” across the top, 77 and older plates just said “N.J.” on top. 78 was also the last year of the straw colored plates in that state which ran all the way back to the 1950s. The newer blue and yellow plates were first issued in 79. That car was issued new plates in 78 and last inspected in 79 according to the 80 inspection sticker on the window. I doubt the car has been in that tent for all this time. The tent looks too new.

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    • Pat Lamb

      That plate is “Buff” color Nessy, from the NJ state website….. The New Jersey State Flag was adopted in 1896. Its official color is buff, which is a yellowish-tan color. The colors of the state flag, buff and dark blue (Jersey blue), were the colors George Washington chose for the flag of New Jersey’s army regiments during the Revolutionary War.

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Shame to see in this condition. if it looks that bad under the hood one can only imagine what the underbelly and birdcage look like. Looks complete and there are boxes of parts to go long with it, Wonder if its the original 283? up to 21,700. Good luck to the new owner.



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    • Andre

      C1’s don’t use a birdcage like later cars. Rear frame kickups and front rad support areas are the 2 “problem” areas for C1s.. rear cross members too but they’re a relatively easy replacement.

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      • DRV

        I know the frames well and think the frames are adapted from 1949 Chevy’s.
        If the front frame horns are rust you need another frame.

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  3. Craig

    Last comment on eBay listing notes a 55 Chevy also for sale.

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  4. DRV

    So sad. Really, how do you let it get so bad?

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  5. Wrong Way

    Restore not resto! These were very beautiful cars back in the day! This should be put back on the highway as original! It darn sure deserves to show off what a vette was meant to look like! I am a Ford guy tho, but these are a bygone classic!

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  6. Bob

    When I was in first grade the guy next to the school had a new one just like this. I had no idea what a Corvette was at the time, but I knew I loved that car. Today, so many decades later, I still love this car.

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  7. Ron

    You can bet that the metal under pillers are shot and most likely
    any thing metal. Why it it is stripped. Will cost more to build than buying one that is more there.

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  8. cmarvMember

    I got a 89 Blazer rolling chassis . I could make me a 4×4 Corvette . Be worth it just to hear the comments at the shows . Seriously , I hope it is restored to it’s original configuration . Now that 55 …………….

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  9. Bodyman68

    These cars are easy to work on , it all depends on the wallet and which way to go with it. Id restore it to original and drive the wheels off it as its more dependable then the new ones and it gets more looks everywhere you go.

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