Parts Car To Project: 1968 AMX

I was very surprised after my initial look at this 1968 American Motors AMX project car, which was sent to us by reader Clarke B. It sure looks like more car in this view than you would expect to find for an opening bid of $3,000 without a reserve here on eBay, or listed here on craigslist for $4,000. The car is located in Charlotte…Michigan (I live in North Carolina and would be far more excited if it were in our Charlotte).

The seller is very straightforward about this being a parts car for a restoration that they have done on another car. This will mean you will have to source at least the following: “Tranny, bell housing, flywheel, shifter, clutch pedal, right front fender, dash, gauges, seats, most interior parts, grill, front bumper, power brake booster, spare tire, fan shroud, and other parts.” You can see the missing right front fender in this picture.

As the seller tells us, there are some rust issues. Specifically, they state “…major rust issues, including the front frame rails, the troughs, floor, trunk, rockers, etc.” They did, however, drive it home in 2014 after purchase and report being surprised at how well it drove. They are also including some of the necessary parts for rust repair cut from a better bodied AMX–along with a lot of other parts.

Here are just some of the parts that come with the car. Many of these are duplicates; I think the seller has finished their car and are selling off everything that they have accumulated while putting that one together. There are even two sets of wheels and tires; one is the set of Torq-Thrust types seen in the first picture with a set of tires that have only seen 500 miles, and the other set is made up of AMC rallye wheels that also look nice.

Of course, what would a project be without an engine–or two–or three? In addition to the 343 in the car that supposedly ran great and is the original engine, there’s also a 290 V8 that is said to have 5,000 miles on it and another 343 short block. Both of the other engines are free turning, although the seller hasn’t had either running. It seems to me that the parts alone might be worth close to the asking price, never mind the AMX. But I hope someone with a long-term point of view that does their own cutting and welding ends up with this car–and I get the feeling the seller feels the same way. Let us know if it’s you!



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  1. Oil Slick

    Needs to many parts. I’d say $1500 but with that rust that’s even questionable.

  2. Shayne

    Sucks about the rust. That is an awesome color to wheel combo.

  3. Oily Dick

    I’d do it.

  4. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I am sure an AMC enthusiast can justify a major restoration AMX project such as this.

  5. erikj

    orig.343!! I thought amx,s where 390,s. Am I wrong? This looks fixable,i hope its saved.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      AMX could be had with 290, 343, and 390, and in 1970 the 360 was made available.

      Like 1
  6. erikj

    my bad,just seen another 68 amx. all orig. low miles and a 343!! Atleast I will never claim to know everything. lol 37k for the one I just seen.

  7. Howard A Member

    Great project for someone. Apparently, the 343 was an option in ’68, as well as the 290 and 390. I’m not sure this car had the “Go Package”,( 343 and 390 only) as they had front disc brakes, this looks like it has drum. From what I read, the 3 engines shared a common block, but were very different motors, and the 390 is the one to have. Cool find, lot of work, but can’t go wrong here. maybe make a RARE ’68 AMX “Rent-a-racer”.


    My brother bought a new 69 AMX when he came home from Viet Nam. His was labeled a 290, but many folks thought it was mislabeled/badged at the factory, because his was quicker than most all AMX’s He raced often at Orange County, and Lions back in the day. I was only 14, but oh how I loved that beautiful car.
    The 68 – 70 AMX’s were 96″ wheelbase. Same as a Vega. So, if somebody happened to have a race Vega, with a bit of work, it could become a street AMX with the purchase of this car… ahhh dreamin

  9. Graywolf

    Street Beast! Big engine and blower popin’ thru the hood! Not many out there!🇺🇸

  10. AMCFAN

    If you read the ad an AMC enthusiast already has the car…….and he didn’t fix it. He robbed it but did add the new wheels (for curb appeal) and spare parts from the one he is building. Nice. $3000. sounds cheap enough but it is a Michigan car and that = worse then an Ohio car for rust. Rust and has been parted out is a double whammy. Very sad as only 415 343 4spd. cars were made.

    The AMX and Javelins are vin specific. Adding a 390 it will always be a 343. Nothing wrong with 290/343 cars. The cost of restoration would be the same. The 390 is more desirable. But there are always those who have different ideas.

    Maybe 71gremlin if he sells his car for $32K would be interested in a bread and butter AMX! He could certainly turn this around.

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