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Parts Or Project? 1974 MGB V6


The one thing that makes this MGB listed on eBay worth considering is the price of $1,500. The body looks straight. Perhaps it’s not rusty. The previous owner had installed a Ford V6. The current owner swapped it out for a Chevy drivetrain, a 4.3 with a 5 speed tranny and Chevy rear end. The engine installation looks sketchy to these old eyes. There are lots of new parts included but they are for this project. Thanks to Peter R for the find.


It will be interesting to hear what readers think of this engine installation. A couple of questions come to mind. Will the steering really work with the angle of that last joint? I wonder how it’s connected to the steering column. Where or how will the exhaust headers fit? And for those who know these cars, can you really mount the engine to the crossmember? Those are just 2 little shock mounts. I wonder how long they’d last.


What could one do with this? Could the engine installation be redone so it would work? Perhaps one could take a typically rusty MGB and build a nice car. It has the right bumpers and a nice top for a start. Or maybe this is just a parts car. Do you see any potential here?


  1. 68 custom

    the angle of that joint is not to severe but the joint closer to the firewall that you cannot see worries me. also the way the motor is mounted looks skecthy and your concern about the exhaust is valid as well since this is a unit body and you cannot get crazy with a cutting torch. the 4.3 is an easy fit, might as well swap in a 350 or an LS since you have all that room. would make a fun fast cruiser if you can sort out the issues and the body looks good.

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  2. Tony Goodner

    The 4.3 is a very versatile engine, he most likely grabbed the drive train out of an S10. I’d beef up the shock towers and adjust the steering linkage, but it would be one of the fastest MG’s on the planet

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  3. Bradshaw from Primer

    just about any engine will fit with the exhaust manifolds off or with very custom built headers.
    The Ford was used a lot as WITH exhaust manifolds it was very narrow.
    The mounts going to the frame often broken on the Tiger . Putting mounts on the crossmember does sound like a whole new problem.

    I would use a Nissan Pickup Drivetrain….nice 150hp 4 and 5 speed….Do more Lotus than Corvette.

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  4. Paul

    Sold – guess somebody has a plan, curious to know how they would go forward.

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  5. angliagt

    It’s sold – for $1,500.

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  6. Palandi

    odd choice for a swap (I’d put a 215 or an Aurora SBC in it) but it may work, too.

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  7. MH

    4.3 is a great motor. Steering looks like trouble. The motor seems to be mounted a little low.

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  8. sparkster

    Buick aluminum 215 cu. in. V-8

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    • Wm Lawrence

      MG actually built a few of these with Rover V8s at 3.5 liters. Land Rover has developed that engine up to 4.6 liters an d there are some running at 5 liters. These will easily double or triple the four cylinder’s output and it is lighter too.

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  9. Bryan Cohn

    Those u-joints are super heavy duty units that will stand the angle without issue. The real question is the upper one located at the forward exhaust cylinder port. Anyone recall the Miller/Ford driven by Ted Horn at Indy in 1946? Used the Flat Head Ford and the u-joint for the steering was placed next to the forward exhaust port and a support brace was hung off the exhaust manifold! After about half distance the grease boiled out and the steering froze, resulting in crashes for all three team cars.

    I imagine that is the least of this projects worries though…..that engine mounting looks sketchy as hell and I bet it all goes pear shaped from there.

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  10. Anthony

    Is the srering hook up however I like this idea V-6 in a MGB it does look sharp !

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  11. jim

    Ford V8 is a better swap with HP being your choice. The V6 is find but V8 gives double the HP for the same amount of work. Also there are several U.S. companies that provide engine swap kits that take all the guess work out of it.
    also, there are suspension up grades that will enhance any engine swap bring your British car into the 21 century!

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  12. johnj

    The early chevy v8’s were mounted this way in the front, you can look at any tri-5 chevy and see this. They did however also have a mount on each side of the bell housing. As said above, the 4.3 is a good engine. Had a tr7 v8 back in the day, used a hopped up buick 215 and ford top loader trans. It was a fun car but not nearly as fast as expected. I think a 4.3 would out run it. I would go over whats been done and complete the swap. Finish the headers, add a 4 barrel carb and run it. Somebody got a good deal.

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  13. Blinkster

    I’m looking at a Ford Crate engine 2 litre 4 cyl. it puts out 175 HP which can be perked to 250HP. My version of a sleeper if anyone has a peek under the bonnet.The engine weight is very close to the 1.8 litre in the car but will require suspension and additional strength help.
    The MGC is a 6 cylinder vehicle and the name has been purchased and over 10,000 have been built.

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