Parts Palooza! 1964 Pontiac LeMans Drop-Top

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I chose this 1964 Pontiac LeMans convertible as a review subject for several reasons. It’s not a GTO, we cover enough of those, it’s a convertible, and it’s a first-year representative of GM’s uber-popular A-body. It has also been tagged with the same tired suggestions that the non-muscle car versions of these GM intermediates always seem to attract – stay tuned and I’ll explain. The Woodlands, Texas is home to this forlorn-looking Tin Indian and it’s available, here on craigslist for $8,500.

One of this car’s most obvious facets is rust. GM A-bodies are known for it and convertibles seem to be more severely afflicted – especially the trunk floor and lower quarters which is exactly what the seller states. He does mention, however, that the frame is solid. The folding top frame is operable and a panoply of parts is included in the sale. Curiously, the seller tells us, “Rare Sunfire Red paint code” – at this point,  I don’t think it matters. The seller’s number one tired suggestion is, “Good candidate for (a) GTO clone“.

The engine is out of this LeMans and the seller makes no mention of it though I imagine it’s a 326 CI V8, attached to a Super Turbine 300 (two-speed) automatic. Of note, there are added disc brakes up front and a Chevrolet twelve-bolt differential out back. The number two tired suggestion is, “Good candidate for LS swap” (oh brother!).

There really is no interior to speak of. It’s gutted with just a dash and a non-original four-spoke steering wheel. And cruising through the listing images, there are no interior parts revealed. The bare rear seat frame is present but that’s about it. The interiors and wiring for this car are being reproduced but the entire environment, even in this era, was composed of many small, and sometimes obscure parts. At least all of the glass is present and claimed to be “excellent”.

“Let LeMans be LeMans” I say. Why does every old car have to be cloned, copied, tributed, etc. into a muscle version? As for the LS suggestion, I’d much rather have a Pontiac V8 in a Pontiac (Yeah I know all about the LS’ capabilities). All of this said, however, I’m not sure this LeMans convertible is the car that I’d pick for a restoration project – it’s gonna be a tough row to hoe, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. HoA HoAMember

    The author is usually spot on, and no exception here. I know I paint a dismal scene for the car hobby, but people still do restore cars, and this car has an excellent chance, because it’s NOT a GTO. I think, or hope, at least, we see a shift from the mainstream classics, like a GTO, to cars that look similar without the glitz.
    Yeah, well, welcome to the real world today , and you know as well as I do, it’s got GTO clone all over it, why? Really? MONEY,,,GREED, and all that. GTOs, especially original ragtop ones, go for BIG bucks, why would you “settle” for a paltry LeMans? That little moniker badge adds a lot, and the real joke is, it’s the same car. Fascinating, Captain,,,

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  2. J

    Please stop! We do not need another clown car, the tempest and lemans are perfectly good by themselves. We don’t need another stalled project sitting in pieces on your garage floor. I would have grabbed this up if it were sitting there complete, who knows what parts would be forgotten about when it comes time to ship it. Please just go and spend the extra money and get yourself a car already done and enjoy it.

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  3. Eddie Pennsylvania

    $8500?! With no interior, rust all over, bluetooth engine/transmission in unknown shape? MAYBE $2k if he can find a buyer with imagination… oh yeah, and money and time to burn. I’ll also chime in with the chorus here: anyone who is not a flipper looking to rip off someone with more money than sense is going to wanna keep this original

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    • 19sixty5Member

      Maybe $2k? Good luck with that. The 12 bolt rear axle is worth $2k, ever try to find a good 64 trunk lid? A solid convertible frame? Convertible rear seat frame? The asking price is more than reasonable, especially with the additional parts shown. More than likely whomever buys this already has a stash of parts.

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  4. Marshall

    Darn j take you a Valium an chill out dude. Lol

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  5. Norman McGill

    This car is certainly restorable but the price is way too much for a basket case.

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  6. Davey Boy

    Could be wrong but just today I’ve seen a few cars worth less asking more. A green Challenger painted plum crazy purple. Almost eaten away by rust. Yes this would cost more than you’d get back but it sure would be nice to keep.

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  7. DrD

    Here’s a novel idea, instead of an LS swap why not have the 326 set up with the LS factors (pointless ign, throttle body, etc). Keep it a LeMans, with all the cloning that’s happening a true LeMans will be worth its weight in gold.

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