Past Restoring: 1962 Austin Healey 3000

This 1962 Austin Healey 3000 may have once been a particularly desirable car, but in the case of what looks like a long-forgotten example, its future as a parts rig may be sealed. Located somewhere in a New Jersey field and looking like a cast-off from a time when these cars were considered far more expendable than they are today, the seller notes it’s largely rotten and best used for parts. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $2K and no reserve.

It’s hard to not see potential in a car like this, even one so far gone. If you’ve ever been around a Healey of this era, they are beautiful cars that make wonderful noises. They command a fair price when restored, too, which may make some enthusiasts consider the get-in-as-cheap-as-possible and restore route with a candidate like this. The seller doesn’t explain how rotten it is, but it’s safe the assume the pan is gone.

The Healey does come with the valuable hard top, and it’s done some good for protecting the seats and carpet – which look better than I’d expect. Door panels are long gone and surface rust is everywhere. You never can tell from these listings whether a car has been ravaged for parts, but it looks mostly complete from this vantage point. The gauges, steering wheel, and gear stick all look factory correct.

The head is still on the engine and the carbs look un-messed with. Those two points alone seem to indicate this Healey was abandoned, but not for reasons of becoming a stripped-out parts car. There are loads of good bits still present, and anyone who knows these cars would have pillaged far more than what’s still visible here. Is this Healey too rusty to even consider restoring, or does it have a chance at rebirth?


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  1. sir mike

    long past rebuilding….why wire wheels on front and not on rear??? I would be afraid to try and move her….so sad

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  2. Dan

    The listing is light on pictures, but it’s apparent from the driver’s side that this car has some bad rust issues. Unless you’re Daddy Warbucks, restoring this one is probably not a wise financial decision. A shame it was allowed to waste away like this.

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  3. Brian

    That is an aftermarket hardtop. You can’t give those away. If it were a factory hardtop it would be worth something.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Poor grammar and not much description. plus only one feedback. Smells fishy. sad to see a cool little sports car like this sunk in the ground. Somebody thinks its got some parts value. I’m sure the underbelly is non existant. Buyer beware.
    Good luck hunting.

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  5. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Like me….hopefully there will be some useable parts I can pass on…..I carry a donor card in my wallet.

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  6. tompepper

    Maybe the ole it aient fer sale I’m gonna fix er up some

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  7. Philip

    The carbs are off a 64 on Bj8 this is a Bt7. Perhaps the engine is also from a later car (and transmission?)

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  8. rpol35

    Well it sold for $3,117 so I guess someone saw value in the parts and that’s a good outcome.

    I’ll never understand the tendency to just abandon an unwanted car out in the woods. You could do an entire website on just “Woods Finds”, they’re everywhere and usually useless other than scrap value or parts.

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  9. Jim Z

    I never understood the allure of a Healey. I worked at a foreign car repair shop that specialized in them, and occasionally had to test drive one. Give me an MG or Triumph any day!

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  10. Del

    Quit fishing and part it out ?

    Too lazy ?

    Wreckers will take it.

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  11. Terry Furness

    In Mt Maunganui New Zealand we have two brothers who make a living out of restoring Austin Healeys ONLY. They have been doing that for over 25 years now. They would consider this “A great find and condition and at $3,000 “

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  12. Paul

    Marked sold on ebay

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  13. Del

    On its way to New Zealand 😆🤣

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  14. Donald

    The chassis is finished rusted through the boot and bonnet plus all panels are shot.

    If you could pull it out it would fall apart.

    The Healey’s have dropped considerably unfortunately and I know because I listed one for four months and could hardy give it away and have put it into long term storage hoping it’ll come back.
    Good luck to the buyer with very deep pockets, and that’s before he drags half of it home.

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