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Patina Pickup: 1964 Chevrolet C10

All you fans of totally stock vehicles — this isn’t your post to read. And you lovers of perfect restorations — not yours either. On the other hand, if you enjoy patina and a little bit of restomodding, this could be your truck! This 1964 Chevrolet C-10 short bed fleetside is being sold here on eBay, where bidding is already over $15,000 and the reserve isn’t met yet! The truck is located in Whiteland, Indiana.

It’s obvious from these pictures that this truck is sitting on a different suspension system than when it left the GM factory. In fact, a solid South Carolina truck was modified by Street Machinery in Euclid, Ohio to achieve this stance. There’s a complete list of the modifications here and they are quite extensive, going well beyond the suspension system.

As you can see from this 1964 Chevy truck brochure cover, a different purpose was envisioned by GM for their trucks. Love those whitewalls! While production figures prior to the 1965 model year are not to be relied upon, over 100,000 1965 C-10s were produced, so it’s safe to assume there are plenty of 1964s as well. In other words, this is not a particularly rare truck that someone chose to modify.

When lowered on its air springs, this truck wouldn’t pass over any speed bumps in my town! Honestly, I’d like to see a shot with it “up” as well to get an idea of what the realistic driving ground clearance is. Yes, I’d drive it!

This is a 350 cubic inch “crate motor” that looks right at home. Surprisingly, it is attached to a manual transmission. I do appreciate the new brakes complete with a proportioning valve. I think the only thing I’d change under here is to add air conditioning.

Perhaps surprisingly, the interior looks almost completely stock. New carpet and upholstery were kept quite understated, while the addition of two gauges to the dash enables you to keep an eye on things. No power windows here!

The underside of the truck looks quite solid as well, with only surface rust showing. I know all of you don’t like the patina look, but this truck build has been executed well in my opinion. What do you think? What do you think it will end up going for?


  1. MH

    I love the look of this truck. I would have defiantly went with a big block though.

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    I am really done with the lowered patina look. Having a built a few of these junkyard/field finds myself was really cool ten years ago. Pretty ho hum now.

    No matter how it’s done the formula is always the same. Weather beaten used up truck. Add rebuilt small block. Lower suspension plus wheels. Optional covered seat and your choice of made up funny names airbrushed on the door. Your done.

    What started as a cool move by a group of guys thumbing their noses to the typical car show scene by creating the anti show car culture has created a monster.Everyone is rusting everything or half finishing something and asking more than if it was restored.

    The truth is these need to be in a garage just like your pampered vehicle. Leave it out at night the morning dew will alter the look. Nothing like clear painted on rust either.

    Not a hater of rusto mods or honest patina. Cool truck but this at any show nothing separates it from anything else and will blend in with all of the other rusty trucks. The builder hasn’t done anything new here that 100’s haven’t done already.

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    • shan_paramus

      so in reality, the ant- show car culture intent became a car show thing… quite ironic, unless that was the intention all along…

      could take it or leave it, myself… and if i never hear the word “patina” again, it will be too soon

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    • Dougie

      Human nature. Come up with a cool, somewhat original idea. All others with not much creative foresight copy. Saturation. Repeat. That’s life, my friend.

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  3. mainlymuscle

    Subtlety is the key to so many things in life.Automotive design ,and customizing is no exception.This truck lacks it in spades.I’m not a big patina guy,but it suits this era of truck.That said,this passed Patina and went to
    “Paint the *#^%ing thing ” a long time ago.Likewise ,it sits too low !
    At $15k with 3 hours to go ,there is still enough meat on the bone to make the required improvements .

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  4. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    This is junk, it’s ruined by someone trying unsuccessfully to create their idea of something cool. Buy a good truck and then build your own something special.
    God bless America

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  5. deak E Stevens Member

    Can’t stand the patina look,especially when they sray clear over rust,makes no sense to me.$15,000 for a rust bucket.i guess some people have money to throw away.if it had a decent paint job he might get 15 goodluck.

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  6. dougie

    Well, I guess the interest in rusty patina hasn’t wained yet. 29 bidders, $18,600 plus fees. I’m thrilled since I have a twin, except mine DOES have a 454! lol

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  7. sir_mike

    It’s not ”patina” it’s surface ”rust”………please paint her.

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  8. Dan B

    Patina is latin for “don’t wanna pay for paint work, just wanna make a buck”

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  9. Howard A Member

    But Jamie, if we don’t comment on how unacceptable this is, how will people ever know? This is and always has been, a fad for those that never dealt with rusty vehicles, such as Cal. Decades of pristine vehicles has probably worn thin, and this is something different. Don’t worry, like my mom always said, “this too shall pass”. In the meantime, I bet most here would love the truck in the ad, not this abomination. For the market these Hoosiers are going for, they did a nice job. $15g’s? Hmm, maybe I should do this to the ol’ squarebody?

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Howard…I don’t like the patinated look myself. But there are lots of folks that do. Thanks for commenting:-)

    • Gary

      Yes Howard, I would love the truck in the ad. Other than the color, It looks as good as my Dads C10 Custom when I was a kid. I would love to have the money to put one together as close as I can remember.

  10. bobhess bobhess Member

    If the slammed look isn’t your thing do notice they raised the truck to take the underside shot. Air air ride units can be set anywhere you want and provide a very good and stable ride on the road. Paint on this truck would make a great looking rig out of it. By the way, wasn’t Patina a pig…?

  11. Big Art

    The Patina look is ok but the Rest of the Truck is supposed to be Restored…I noticed they did not show inside the Bed . Personally I like Paint…

  12. dougie

    I thought that was strange that there was no photos of the bed. With a patina look, how the wood bed was handled is critical to the look.
    Art I like your approach, in regards to what you PERSONALLY like.
    It’s ridiculous how people love to hate on the patina issue. The deal breaker is that it has to be a legit patina. But otherwise, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the patina haters also think Covid 19 is a hoax.

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  13. Beel

    I had a 64 C20 with a crate 350 and a granny four-speed. You don’t need air conditioning. It has wide floor vents, wing vents for the windows, and a large open cab.

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