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Patina Plus: 1926 Ford Model T Pickup

This T was driven into a barn the year I was born. While I’ve had a busy and adventurous 69 years this Model T has sat in a barn working on its patina. It’s listed on eBay in Carmel, Indiana. Bidding is just over $4,000 with no reserve and a couple of days to go. Ford built Roadster pickups from 1925 to 1927 and many Roasters were converted to pickups. This appears to be a roadster pickup and not a converted roadster. The stake pockets were moved to the rear of the bed in 1926 so you can use them with the top down. The 1926 Model T’s were almost the end of the line for the model. After 1926 Model Ts were built for only another 6 months into 1927. Every other car company had moved far beyond the early technology of the Model T.

It looks like the rodents ran out of nesting material. The vertical wood pieces appear to be rotted near the bottom, so likely there are problems elsewhere in the wooden body frame.

The head was removed for inspection and the engine is said to appear in good condition.

The seller says this just needs a hose and a head gasket and you could drive it like it is. I suspect it needs a bit more, like tires, interior and, well, just about everything. I’m glad there is active bidding but I really hope this pickup is saved in its original form. It would also make a great display for a museum the way it is. A lot of these Model T pickups are roadsters that had the turtledeck removed and replaced with a pickup box, but this is a Ford built pickup.


  1. Lee

    this old girl had a pretty rough life for the 20 years it was out of the barn*

  2. Adam T45 Staff

    There are a significant number of good, clear photos in the advertisement. My one big question is: If the cylinder head is off and the engine is in good condition, why mot provide one photo without the rag on top of the engine so that we can see this?

    There’s definitely potential in this one, but I’d be torn between a full resto vs a hotrod!

  3. CaymanDave

    I used to drag these old gals off the Idaho desert full of bullet holes.

  4. Bob S

    Just leave a seat for Elly May.

  5. Speedy D

    Ford actually produced Roadster Pickups through to the end of 1934

  6. GaryC GaryC

    It is a shame that if you did a full restoration to original specs. it would still be barely worth $20,000.00.
    It is too complete to ruin for a hot rod. I say lube it down and put it back in the barn and let someone a couple generations from now build and enjoy it.
    I clicked on this car mainly to look at the Cadillac’s in the background. Then I was reminded of the time and cost to preserve such a neat piece of automotive history and how sad it is that so many were destroyed, butchered, or just plain rotted away in a field. I hope this goes to someone who is more in love with an original old truck then their money.

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I came very close to buying one similar to this at a swap meet a few years back. It didn’t sell the first time it was there and showed up a year later. I vowed to buy it the next year but they had sold it and now offered a Model A. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t jump at the Model T; it was probably the only opportunity I had to do so. I’ve met some enthusiasts in my travels and they’ve sure had a good time with their Flivvers….

  8. Pharmag8r

    I saw the coolest 1920 Dodge Bros truck in Colorado last year. It still had gold mine logo and some hardware on it. Tried to talk the guy out of it because he wanted to move to Florida but he was saving as a display for a biker bar. Hopefully I can remember where it was to give another shot at it this summer.

    • Dickie F

      Sure Pharmag8r.
      I can just imagine you going from bar to bar in Florida, asking if anyone has seen a Dodge Brother’s truck.
      And the barman looks at you and says
      “I think you’ve had to much to drink mate”.

  9. waynard

    Here’s an Australian import I appraised last year. Right hand drive. English engine. Took one hour to get this running and purchaser drove it 6 blocks to his shop. He paid more than the appraisal. This car now appearing in movies and television productions, as is. Great car, as is today’s on BF.

    • waynard

      Well, the site is not letting me upload that pic. Sorry.

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