Paxton Powered 1968 Shelby GT350 Convertible


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When we asked if anyone could think of anything better than a nicely preserved GT350, someone said a nicely preserved GT350S. We would have to agree, but with only 11 ever produced, it is unlikely we will stumble across one soon. Luckily, we just found the next best thing on eBay


After creating the GT350, Shelby decided it might be fun to add a little more power to his street racer, so he stuck a Paxton supercharger on one and the GT350S prototype was born. Force-feeding the 289 supposedly increased horsepower from 271 to 395! That is impressive. Unfortunately, Shelby decided to not put the S model into production. Eleven cars did leave his shop with the Paxton fitted though and Shelby also ordered a bunch of blowers so customers could install them themselves…


The first owner of this 1968 Shelby GT350 Convertible enjoyed the car, but decided to have this Paxton supercharger fitted by the dealer around 1974. We are sure it breathed some new life into his prized Pony.


This car may not be a barn find, but that is only because the previous owner loved it too much. They owned it up until 2005 and there are plenty of photos and documentation to prove it.


The red paint has been touched up, but is claimed to be mostly original. The interior is also original and that is an amazing statement when you see how good it looks.


We would love to have this car parked in our garage. The only thing that would make this the perfect Mustang in our eyes is the addition of a four-speed transmission. We can’t help but wonder if the supercharger was added to make up for the fact that the automatic did not provide enough fun. We are sure we could overlook the shifting situation once we put the top down and got out on the open road. How about you?

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  1. Cameron

    I have to say that “Big Red” is a brilliant example of a 350s and I would have her any day, Sally was a lucky lady to have owned such a shining example, it is my dream car in that respect but I could never afford such a car, my best chance is to buy an ordinary Mustang and tune it to the power.

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  2. Ron Bajorek

    They Put automatics in the Supercharged cars because the blowers shredded the manual transmissions

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    • Cameron

      So you couldn’t retro fit a more modern manual?

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  3. Rancho Bella

    These were slow. And they don’t handle very well, to heavy. Paxton’s were not put on these cars from the factory……never. A top loader can handle the H.P.

    Paxton’s were an over the counter item from various sources. You can still buy them in the same configuration.

    Yes, you retro fit a modern manual but it would be a ton o’ work.

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    • Chris H.

      Actually that’s not exactly true. There are several companies (Keisler, American Powertrain, Hurst Drivelines, etc) around that offer complete 5-speed swaps (pedals, and all) for around $5k with minimal modifications. The top-loader is a great trans and could more than handle what this car is putting down, so I don’t agree with them shredding. My dad and I built a 67 Mustang with a 351 Cleveland that had 425 hp to the wheels an it was running a toploader, granted it eventually broke…

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  4. stigshift

    It would be easier to believe that the manual transmissions might have been more apt to wreak havoc on the supercharger’s drive belt than vice-versa.

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  5. Hotrodelectric

    I dunno about the automatic. The shift lever gives a certain amount of class. It looks like that was lifted from an Iso. :)

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    Nice car for sure but even if anyone could afford it how could anyone enjoy owning it? The cost and value far out weighs having fun.Take it out and someone dings/dents or scratches it and it is no longer original. Bragging maybe but to drive it? This is only a full size model car. A museum piece. You would have almost the same feeling with a standard Ford Mustang convertible in how it drives and handles for a few $100K less. Grab a repro Mustang catalog and order the Shelby clone hood and rims and buy the Cougar tail lights again you would have the same thing. A better deal is a two seat AMX for $20K (or less ) W/390 AMC power who needs a Paxton?

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  7. FRED


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