Peachy Keen Survivor: 1958 Dodge C100

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

The classic looks and utility of an old truck can often be hard to pass up like this Dodge. Extremely solid with a factory V8 and radio makes this classic pick up a great driver with its weathered appearance. Having recently received a fair amount of maintenance and needing very little, this truck is currently bid up to $4,800 with the reserve not met. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Springfield, Nebraska. Thanks are in order to Barn Finds reader Peter Rettig for this peachy submission. Thanks Peter!

Under the hood of this peachy truck lays the 315 cubic inch “Red Ram” V8 engine with a 4 on the floor. In good health and ready to drive anywhere, this truck recently had the brake system completely rebuilt, new tires, a tune up, and the radiator received a new core. The engine bay is quite acceptable with plenty of original paint, and little corrosion to be seen. The seller mentions that the truck is in need of a new exhaust system, and could stand to have an alignment.

Symmetrical and simple, the interior of this Dodge is in nice shape but does show minor some signs of wear. One very cool feature about this truck is that it has a factory installed radio that is roof mounted, which in a way is a genius spot to place the radio. As far as condition goes, there is some paint chipping on the steering wheel spokes, and the door panel area on the doors look to suffer from some chipping and boot scuffs from age and use. Really there is little to quibble over, as this interior is nice enough to preserve as is.

Peachy inside and out, rust and other signs of damage are nearly nonexistent with this truck. There appears to be no rot whatsoever, but there is some minor surface rust on the floors in the cab. A little paint could neutralize the surface rust on the floors and it could remain hidden. The exterior paint is well worn, but the appearance of this truck is rather charming. There is no heavy surface rust present, and the body is quite straight including the tailgate and bed. Would you bring home this peachy Dodge?

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  1. John M.

    My kind of vintage pickup truck. A solid body and bed, nice patina, new tires, a few mechanical repairs already made and all she needs is the fore mentioned exhaust system and alignment and she’ll be road worthy again to enjoy.

  2. JW

    Very Cool Truck !!!

  3. Sam Sharp

    Holy Timmy and Lassie Batman! Timmy’s dad always had stripped-down-but-new farm pickup. All had 6 cylinder engines. I can’t remember the exact year of Dodge they were using, maybe 1960, but it looked similar.

    Where else to advertise your new automotive products than on a tv series? Not today. Gee, I wonder what a ‘Black Oval’ on a Ford Escape means? On Sky King, everyone drove a new Chrysler product, including the bad guys. And yes, when I started flying 310 Cessnas I drove a 1955 Plymouth. The owner had a Corvette… Such a sacrelige..

    • Peter Rettig

      Penny’s PU

  4. Sam Sharp

    Sorry gang. Thatz ‘sacrilege.’ Had to look it up.

  5. Gary

    Nice find. I really like this one. Too bad there is no room in my garage…..

  6. Milt

    Wow, what a basic dashboard. Right up there with an early 50’s VW bus and Morris Mini.

  7. Howard A Member

    Here we go again,, what do you do with it? It’s so nice, even weathered ( notice I said “weathered”) and it does have a V8. But,,,,it’s still a 1958 Dodge. The 4 speed is a “granny” low, so really a 3 speed ( 3rd 1:1) and if it still has “Nebraska” gears, these came with 5:57 ratios, 55 or 60 is about tops, and that ol’ poly will be a screamin’. And alignment, all you can do with a straight axle is toe in or out. To adjust camber/caster, you have to heat and bend the axle. Good luck with that. It’s really too nice to cannibalize into a modern pickup. Different gears to drop the r’s, modern front suspension, maybe and be happy at 55. Just love the style.
    BTW, I see ebay calls this a “G80” as well.

    • Pa Tina

      Buy it. Drive it. Let your survivors worry about it. I too, love that truck.

    • Chebby

      The build sheet looks like it has a synchronized 4-speed, LSD, and perhaps 3.70 axle.

    • glen

      I guess lots of old vehicles aren’t really practical, but ya gotta love them!

  8. 86 Vette Convertible

    Neighbor had a 58 in red when I was young. Good solid truck.

  9. Mike Williams

    Great truck to take to coffee and donuts.

  10. Bob c.

    Rarely see this vintage Dodge truck around anymore, where Chevys and Fords seem more plentiful.

    • Kevin W

      That’s because late 50s Dodge pickups unfortunately sold extremely poorly, even International surpassed them. Kind of a pity, they were actually pretty good looking, but not a common sight these days.

  11. Sam Sharp

    These poly engines can be modified to 400 hp. Many books on the subject. Of course the 4bbl and headers would give it away. See Egge for internals.

  12. Bruce Fischer

    I always like Timmys dads truck, when I saw it on T.V. Bruce.

    • Steve

      Bruce: its not a wagon but this might tickle your fancy if you can sell the Chrysler.

  13. TR

    This is the perfect truck to leave as is. Stay in town, run to the lumber yard, pick up garage art at sales, and drive to the liquor store to pick up your garage fridge PBR keg. Need more garage space.

  14. Ken Carney

    If I had the cash, this truck would be in my driveway! This thing is screaming
    “Put me to work!” Could’ve used it the other dsy hauling a new water heater home from Lowe’s. Had to use Mom’s
    Hyundai Santa Fe instead. I was sweating bullets as to whether or not
    we’d break something on it when my
    BIL shoved a 40 gallon water heater into
    the cargo compartment. After all, that’s what a good pickup truck is for!

  15. RicK

    My recollection of Timmy’s dad’s Dodge p/u is that it was a one ton. Anyhow, I like this one, esp the color, although I’d lose the aftermarket rear bumper.

  16. Forward Look Frank

    Anyone have one of those radios laying around? Trying to repair the one in my 57. Roof antenna socket was badly damaged and the volume control shaft was broken off by the previous owner. Thanks!

  17. Wayne

    I always remembered Mr. Martin (Timmy’s dad) driving a 1 ton also.
    I love the old Dodges and this truck. But I am in the middle of 2 trucks right now


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