Pembina Poncho: 1954 Pontiac Sedan Delivery

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Pembina, North Dakota is almost as far north as you can get in the US before hitting the wall on the Canadian border. Wait, they haven’t built that wall, yet. This rare Pontiac, for sale here on eBay, is according to the seller, “one of 1,425 sedan delivery models made by GM in 1954.” There is no buy-it-now price listed, but there is still over a week left on the auction and the bids haven’t gone too much over $900 so far.

1954 Pontiac Delivery

This would be a great vehicle for a delivery business, and, speaking of that, apparently these were often used for ambulance and hearse duties; not the kind of delivery that I was thinking of. There sure is a lot of room in the back, though, and it looks like it would be a nice space with some new upholstery back there.

030316 Barn Finds - 1954 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 5

Actually, the whole interior could use some work as you can imagine for a car filled with as many bullet holes as this one has in it. I’m not sure what that’s about, a few tries at running the border, maybe? It comes with a clear title and province of Manitoba registration, so it should be legal to take across the border.

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1954 was the year that Pontiac started to offer power brakes, power front windows, a power front seat, and also something that had to be fairly rare in those days: air-conditioning! This 75,328-mile Pontiac doesn’t have working brakes, power anything, or AC, and a few of the manual windows have bullet holes in them; but it does come with a flathead 6-cylinder engine that runs – see it in action here on YouTube – a manual transmission with column shifter, and the doors open and close nicely. It sounds like a pretty solid car: but is the amount of work that’s needed here worth it or would you run for the border?


  1. redwagon

    not bullet holes. those are stone chips. north dakota is a tough place.

  2. Glen

    I wonder if he’ll want our fine Canadian lumber to build his wall?
    That’s a great back door for loading up at the lumber yard, or grocery store. I wouldn’t mind taking this thing camping, better than a tent.

    • Ed P

      Forget Mexico, I want a wall across Canada to block the cold air!

      I went camping with a guy that had a Chevy panel truck of this vintage. It worked nicely.

      • George

        Keep that polar vortex where it belongs! This is a very cool truck.

      • Jim

        Polar vortex? You’ve lost me now.

  3. RON

    cool find. Amazing up graded interior over the Chevrolet of the day. He does mention it was a service car which may have been an Ambulance or flower car or the like. Not likely there would be te car meet!!!

  4. Rick

    Looks suspiciously like one of those chevy bodied canadian pontiacs to me!

  5. Vince Habel

    I google it and comes up as a Canadian on this one.

  6. snerd

    This looks to be a hearse, it’s not a mystery, coffins/flowers were carried and seen through the rear windows. Just saying

  7. Howard A Member

    Well, I don’t think it is a “sedan delivery” or was an ambulance/hearse. I think it was just a 2 door wagon. Ambulances, generally were longer and had rear doors, and a sedan delivery, I feel, by definition has no back widows at all. ( although, that roof seems higher than most wagons, so I suppose it’s possible) Regardless, a pretty rare find, not many wagons were sold. Great find, but sadly, will probably become a resto-mod with some fire-breathing motor and 18″ wheels. Oh well.

    • Jim

      Howard, the 2 + 4 door passenger wagons all came with a lower tailgate and the upper half(window frame and glass) opened up. The delivery, ambulance and hearse versions had the raised roof and one piece rear door. I’d be one of the guys putting modern running gear, disc brakes and a/c in it and traveling. In a hundred years there will be plenty of cars in museums, I want to enjoy mine and put a lot of miles on it. We all have our own thoughts.

    • Vince Habel

      I thought SW too till I saw the door on the. back

  8. Jim

    As much as I like mid 50’s Chevy and Ford 2door wagons in the different versions I like different, and this Pontiac screams I’m not another Ranch wagon, Chevy Sedan Delivery or Nomad. This wasn’t for sale in the US from what I can find, Canada built, and its definitely a re-trimmed Chevy but it looks good. 54 was the last year for the raised roof sedan delivery from GM unless you specifically ordered it as an ambulance, hearse or some special govt use and gm farmed them out. Its cool

  9. Jim

    I’d like to ask everyone a question, obviously everyone has there own ideas but I’m curious why a lot of guys are if the thinking to leave thr older cars the way they were built? It’s almost a sacrilege to modify anything for them. I have a friend who rants anytime we talk about what were doing to our cars, he has a few toys and I think Henry Ford himself would be impressed how perfect they look, they are beautiful but slow, don’t stop for crap and I’ve seen him get out of the car dripping wet on a hot day going to a show. I have no problem modifying a car, I like to leave it looking original but I want comfort, I want to be able to drive a hundred miles safely. Anyone? I’m curious, I’m not throwing stones.

    • gunningbar

      I prefer original… just as I prefer chocolate ice cream… personal choice… in cars it leaves no unanswered qs…. what did the original engine look like etc? Same for trans? Also I thinks old cars with new interiors look really nasty .. an old woman in Hot Pants…just Wrong…. an old original car Always looks right…. to Everyone….
      I dont mind understated inprovements…… power brakes… suspensions in cars that are driven….. another rolled and pleated naugy interior? Really? No thanks

      Like 1
    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jim, I sort of agree with your thinking. I don’t have a problem “modernizing” an older car, because you are right, there are safer ways to equip a car, but my problem, is putting some fire-breathing 700hp motor,( strictly for bragging rights, I’m sure) or corny over-sized wheels, or paint jobs that would buy a small house and alter the original appearance so much, it’s not even the same vehicle. A fuel efficient motor, better brakes, etc. are fine, but I’d rather have it look original. Such cool styling on these cars.

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      • Jim

        IThat’s it, no 22″ wheels! 300hp, overdrive, comfortable, reliable and safe is fine. The appeal of the old cars is they are a part of history and mostly they look cool. I’m not a fan of some of the color schemes back then but they did have some very cool colors also. One memory I have that I enjoy still is my mom had a ’53 Cadillac then a ’55 Chevy, sitting in the cars was like sitting on your couch, plenty of legroom and I remember the Cadillac was silent inside once you closed the door. My last Monte Carlo driver ’71 I lined the floor, doors, quarters and firewall with Dynamat(was fairly new product), the silence was great, I’d never build or have another driver without it, made the car remind me of mom’s Cadillac.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    It seems to me that Pontiac wagons weren’t as plentiful as those from Chevy, Ford or Plymouth in that era. At least in my home town. I remember a ’54 Pontiac wagon pulling up to the school and (2) girls got out. Then a ’54 Pontiac 4-door pulled up and (6) kids got out. There were more kids still inside the car when it pulled away. The second family ended up with 12 kids and never had a wagon; sometimes they drove up in the ’59 Chevy pickup. The first family had the two girls drove a station wagon and lived in a big house.

  11. charlie Member

    since much of the body, including the tail lights, are ’54 Chevy, it ought to be restorable, and quite attractive. All that is wrong is that Pontiac 3 speed transmission, if that is what is there, it has a terrible whine in 1s and 2nd.

  12. gunningbar

    Thanks for the Dynamat feedback
    Ive never used it but will

  13. Jim

    No problem, I think they were the first company to put it on the market, a lot of companies sell it now. If you look at different products they make specialized versions also but I’ve only used Dynamat and the one Eastwood sells, they have good sales sometimes. Good luck, I don’t think you can go wrong.

  14. Ryan

    I have the 1950 version of this, both mine and this one are Canadian Pontiac sedan deliveries that have been stretched, though mine has doors added as well.

    Mine and I bet this one too is an Ambulance.

    Mine is a former Navy Ambulance.

  15. Jim

    That looks very cool especially with the suicide doors. I didn’t know they were stretched. I’ll have to read more about them, I thought they were standard station wagon chassis only body difference. Any plans for yours?

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