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Perfect For Masochists? 1984 Aston Martin Lagonda


Fellow Barn Finds writer Jeff L. sent me this find with the question Does the British car masochist inside of you ever want to bring one of these home? I think Jeff knows me pretty well, and yes, I have. I actually prefer the Series 4 variant where the styling was rounded off a bit, but this 1984 Series II Aston Martin Lagonda would do just fine, thank you! It certainly has some challenges at the moment, though! It’s located in Salem, Oregon and is up for auction here on eBay with bidding currently below $4,000, but of course there’s a reserve.


Ok, take your eyes off that AC Ace in the background! The story behind the Lagonda is that it was stripped of trim and interior for painting and then sat outside the body shop for a while. In the meantime, water puddled on the driver’s side floor and there’s now a 2″ rust hole. There’s also some surface rust underneath and some on the trunk. Even I have to admit that a Series 2 Lagonda isn’t a thing of beauty, especially with it’s headlights up.


The clean rear end may be the best angle for a Lagonda. It’s styling was shocking at its debut in 1976, but when this car was built it was eight years later and the shock value wasn’t quite so much. The model never took off as much as Aston Martin thought it would (645 total sold), and the troublesome first ever digital dash didn’t add to the car’s reputation. According to the seller, the dash on this one works, which would surprise me a great deal, especially considering the moisture in the car.


And here’s that famous dashboard. Those are touch sensitive switches on the left, which when the car was introduced were quite something! Based on the pictures included in the listing, the interior must have been stored inside; the leather looks nice. I admit, though, to be dismayed that the stalk switch on the left here is the same one that’s in my Spitfire 1500, with the same lousy plastic piece (the white arc right at the inside end of the stalk where the bare metal is showing) that always breaks and allows the stalk to flop forwards and backwards between high and low beam. I would have thought that Aston would use better parts-bin components! At least it means I have a spare whenever I get brave and buy one, right?


Here’s the reason a lot of Lagondas have found their way to the scrapyards. The engine is the heart of any Aston, and this 5.3 liter DOHC unit was very similar if not identical to the one used in the DBSV8 and its successors. Often a running Lagonda could be bought for less than the cost of a professional rebuild of the original engine in a V8 coupe. This one is said to run well and even comes with the rare service manuals, which will be crucial to get it back together. While it’s tempting, this one isn’t the right one for me. Any other British car masochists out there want to give it a try?


  1. Jeff Staff

    God almighty, this would keep me up at night if it were in my garage. Still, what a wonderfully weird machine.

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  2. Dolphin Member

    It’s interesting to compare this ’80s Lagonda with its Barn Finds stablemate, the ’80s Honda CRX Si from an hour earlier.

    The Honda isn’t necessarily a simple car under the skin, but its reputation for reliability is way ahead of the Lagonda, which has a reputation as one of the most complex and difficult to repair cars made, especially where the electronics are concerned.

    The Lagonda seems to suffer in comparison to its much sportier Aston Martin stablemate, while the CRX Si stands out as one of the sportiest Hondas of its time.

    I have always liked Astons, but in this comparison of extremes I would say: advantage Honda, even if it does have 220K on the ODO.

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  3. van

    While taking about Masochist maybe I could put all that neat stuff in a stag
    It weighs less than 3,000 lbs.

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  4. Joe Nose

    Fifty shades of run for your life…

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  5. jim s

    this is the same seller that has the other lagonda, that was posted to the site on 2/18, which is still for sale.

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  6. Coldgin

    I’m starting to think this website should be called ebay finds or craiglist finds, not barn finds.

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  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Stop it – or, go make your own web site – better still restart the languishing carsinbarns – see how creative you are

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  8. Coldgin

    Stop what Luke? Stating the obvious? What……you don’t agree that this site has become nothing more than an advertisement for cars on ebay or Craigslist?

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  9. Bill

    Coldgin Unless you’re willing to trudge through barn after barn with a camera, Ebay and Craigslist are at the top of where to find cars for sale. Some interesting, others not. This is a free site where many, including myself, like to look at cars that don’t ordinarily come up for sale in other than restored, pristine condition. Don’t like it, don’t click on it. Problem solved.

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  10. Coldgin

    Hey Bill. I don’t mind looking at the cars too. All I’m saying is maybe it’s time to rename the site something other than cars in barns. That’s all……

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  11. grenade

    I don’t care if this site was called “Cool shit to look at on the internet” I would still like it. It’s the fast way to find interesting vehicles without combing the web for hours yourself. The term “Barn Finds” has become a euphemism for “odd or rare or especially interesting car found” It’s cool, call it bubblegum gearheads for all I care, I’m still going to check it out. :)

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  12. Luke Fitzgerald

    Now now – sorry I ruffled you – no offence – but this site is cool – l withdraw my offer re carsinbarns – I just found out the ole boy running it died – I also think you have a valid point – but you have to admit the boys are having a go here – and they have also found cars that in no way on earth I would go looking for – but are interesting all the same – these people are not on my favs for nothing – seat of the pants, hip shooting scribes – helping us see stuff that is disappearing quickly like tobacco smoke.

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    • Horse Radish

      You nailed it Luke.
      And you have my permission, not that it counts for anything, to ruffle anybody’s feathers and then some….

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  13. George

    Gee kids, it must be a slow news day. Cool cars we can all dream about, cars we’ve owned and cars we’d never own all on one site. I love it and look forward to seeing the daily postings.
    As for the Aston listed above, there is one just down the road from me. Take two and make one? Doubtful, but I’ve already forwarded this to my neighbor.

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  14. johnforsman

    Hardly car related, but I worked across the street from the LA Convention Center in the late 70s. I went to a car show there after work once and there were only 2 still memorable things, the Aston Martin Lagonda and another companies greeter, Sugar Ray Leonard. Up to that time Sugar Ray’s handshake was the wimpiest I had ever had. His gave me 2 fingers and a thumb to shake. Later I met another world champion and told him about the unmanly Leonard handshake. He told me it was so no one would hurt his hand trying to prove how manly they were. The Lagonda was a BIG sporting saloon. Never saw one on the street, even though I lived near Beverly Hills.

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  15. Peter R

    I saw one in very good condition at the Boca Raton Britsh Car Show this past week-end. They just don’t look like an Aston Martin – at least not to me. Not something I would want in my garage –

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  16. Dan h

    Uh, the eBay add says mint interior? Mint? Uh, no.

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    • johnforsman

      Seller is colorblind, he couldn’t be commenting on the interior condition.

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  17. taxijohn

    Fantastic car, but a nightmare to run.

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  18. Jubjub

    For everyone squabbling about the name of the sight, I’ve just bought this and the I’m about to delegate tasks. Just kidding.

    I really prefer the earliest of these with more bright work and the disc wheels. Picturing it in a burnished bronze or slate blue.

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    • taxijohn

      Excellent, keep us informed how you get on, the best of luck from the uk.

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  19. Jerry

    I want it… I want it… I want it… But not today.

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  20. Slickimp

    Not for me too ugly or werid looking

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