Perfect Patina? 1967 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon

OK, just to set the story straight, I’m not hogging up all of the Chevrolet station wagons on Barn Finds. I have a strong memory for this vintage and a lot of experience with them, such as this ’68 Impala wagon from Monday, so I’ve been avidly covering them. I will relinquish control…but until then, let’s examine this 1967 Impala wagon, located in Largo, Florida, and available here on eBay for a current bid of $9,299, reserve not yet met.

The ’67 Impala was really just a precursor to the ’68, the differences are minor and include, a 283 CI V8 standard engine instead of a ’68s 307, a circular speedometer instead of a horizontal gauge, no side-marker lights, different taillights, different headlights/grille. Some of the sheet metal is actually interchangeable between the two years, and again, the primary difference between the Caprice and Impala station wagon is the Caprice’s fake wood grain side-panels.

This Impala wagon is a claimed 55K mile Florida original example and the body and underside are in solid condition – no sign of rot or crash damage. The Maderia Maroon finish is described by the seller as such, “Paint job is Patina to look old”. Actually, it’s a typical GM dark red lacquer that is known for oxidizing, it probably started long ago and the Florida sun hasn’t done it any favors. Some consider the “burned” look to be a popular, current trend, others not so much so. That said, the exterior is really very presentable with good chrome and intact trim. Of note, the ’67 Bel Air was the only version of that trim level to employee three taillights on either side of the tail panel/bumper, a styling cue that had been Impala-only territory for years. In ’68, all was well with the world as the Bel Air was demoted back to two taillights only, adorning either rear side.

There are no images of the engine but it is Chevrolet’s old reliable, a 195 gross HP, 283 CI, V8 engine, coupled to a Powerglide, two-speed automatic transmission. By ’67, the 283 was in its eleventh and final year of production; it would be an interesting statistic to know how many 283/’glide combinations were produced over the years. I had an acquaintance in high school that swore there were more 283’s in existence than there were people! The seller doesn’t state how this venerable combination runs, the listing just mentions that “everything is in excellent condition”; there is a new dual exhaust system in place which is a nice upgrade. Assuming correct maintenance and a lack of abuse, a 283 will pretty much run forever. One valuable option, especially for a Florida car, is the inclusion of factory A/C.

This Impala’s black vinyl interior is in excellent shape. While the sub-tropical sun may have worked its best on the paint, the interior appears to have escaped its ravages. The dash pad is not revealing any splits, the same thing with the seats. Both the carpet and the way-back cargo area are not showing signs of wear or age either. As mentioned earlier, Chevrolet “B” bodies favored wide, horizontal speedometers for years, at least dating back to 1958. A circular instrument was swapped into place for ’67 and then it was back to the horizontal speedo in ’68 and for years to come. The instrument panel in this Impala is in nice original shape, no sign of dusty or clouded gauges even though only three were utilized, the speedometer, a fuel gauge, and a clock. The original style Delco AM radio is still in place.

This is a really nice example of Chevrolet’s late ’60s family hauler. While the 283 engine is less of a draw than either a 396 or 427 big-block, it is a much more typical find and as durable as the day is long.  This example is doing well in the bidding, the reserve is probably at least $10K or more and this Impala will probably earn it. If it were mine, I’d probably leave it as is, even though the burned paint isn’t my favorite look. It’s just too original to do otherwise. How about you, what would you do?


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    The underside of this car looks great, as Florida cars tend to be. They will rust from the top down, but this one looks OK. I’d paint the car and take it out on 528 and run 85 all the way to Cocoa Beach.

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    • bry593

      I don’t think this is original paint, and the seller is correct saying that it is made to look old. Appears to have been wet sanded in certain areas to reveal the primer underneath. No accounting for taste….

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  2. Big_Fun Member

    The Superintendent of the school had one of these wagons in this color with a 396. His had white walls and standard Impala hubcaps. That would change the look of this wagon immensely. Maybe the owner is trying to replicate the A13 Super Bee look here.
    First impressions make this car out to be in worse shape than it really is, look close and it is decent. The overspray on the chassis can be fixed, change to whatever you want for a wheel and tire, and you’re good to go. Or leave it as is. On 67 SS427 cars, there was an option called sports stripes, RPO D96. They followed the fender and quarter “coves”. The missing paint in those areas remind me of the option, and just how the 67’s have those crisp lines…

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  3. karl

    No such thing as perfect patina ; patina is a worn out finish

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  4. TimM

    Nothing like a rust free project to start working on!! I think a four speed and a big block would make this car much more fun!!!

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    • Steve R

      The high bid was $15,225, what’s even more shocking, it didn’t meet reserve.

      That’s way more than I’d pay for a wagon project.

      Steve R

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  5. F Again

    Perfect- scuzzy on the outside, good runner and a nice interior.
    More or less the same car that nails Chigurh in the last act of No Country For Old Men.

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  6. David Ulrey

    Maybe aside from Vietnam in 1968 I guess the world was perfect. Nice wagon. Not a patina fan but could live with it – for awhile.

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  7. Maestro1 Member

    I don’t want black interiors here because of Summer heat; other wise, an attractive wagon that is probably underpowered, and needs power windows and A/C. If it’s everything the Seller says it is and you go and put your hands on it, the reserve is right. One of the few times it is. It’s a handsome wagon.

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  8. Kenneth Carney

    My parents had one before they got that
    God awful ’73 Caprice. Ours had a 327
    Powerglide setup that would do what you asked of it and more. Yeah, the 327 was
    a gas hog, but it’d run all day long at 75-80 MPH without complaint. As for this car, a total repaint and some 15X8 rally
    rims wrapped in whitewall tires would be in order. Those tires and rims would really stand out with that dark red paint.
    If I wasn’t a responsible man, this car
    would be coming home with me.

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  9. Geoff

    I am so ready for this whole “patina” silliness to be over especially when it covered with clear coat. Its just oxidation and rust plain and simple

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  10. Bob C.

    Growing up, at least 3 families in my neighborhood had 1967 Chevys, 2 being wagons. I always preferred the look of the 67 over the 68. BTW my dad had a 68 four door hardtop.

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  11. Tony Primo

    Aren’t all of the other BarnFinds writers getting upset with you Jim for hogging all of the full size Chevrolet wagon write ups?

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  12. 1-MAC

    Best car I ever owned was a 67 Impala 2 door hardtop. 283 powerglide, dual exhaust I paid 100.00 for it. Was not beati
    ful, but dependable as a concrete block. Comfortable, easy and cheap to fix. A friend has a 63 Impala conv’t with 150k. great fun car.

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  13. martinsane

    That is a nice car. Sure i do like the wagons, but what a clean and unmolested rig. Bidding is at 14k with the reserve yet to be met. Wonder what the reserve may be and what this will sell for. That 283 is a great motor. You can chirp the tires and sound just as mean as any big block and still get double digit numbers in the fuel economy department. If i had 20k add buy this in a nano second and roll it daily.

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  14. John S Dressler

    First muscle car I bought after I got my first job after high school was a black 1967 Impala factory order special that I bought from the original owner in 1971. 396 Super Sport 375 horse with air, power windows and GM’s own radio “multiplexer” which gave the radio the sound of stereo before there actually was such a thing in a car radio. Car ran like a scalded dog. Only problem, which I was later told was an innate design flaw, is that the rear suspension tended to crow hop off the line if you stomped on it too hard. If you ran me rolling, I could run side by side with just about anything on the street at that time. Great fun – great car!

  15. Stevieg

    I would remove the tint on the windows, at least on the front doors, find a set of steelie rims & factory wheel covers, throw some white walls on it & cruise it around like the old man I am turning into lol.

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