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Perfect Pony: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 327 RS

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Rs Front Corner

At first glance this Camaro 327 Ralley Sport looks just like any other restored Camaro, but according to the seller this car is completely original. If this 1968 Camaro Ralley Sport is truly all original, it would definitely be worth picking up. This pony car is located in Lynnwood Washington and can be found on eBay with a current bid of $8,750, reserve unmet.

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Rs Side

This car is in amazing shape if it’s really a survivor. The paint isn’t perfect, with a few chips and bad spots, but it looks bright. We would bet that this car was re-sprayed at some point. For this car to be all original it would have had to been stored in a climate controlled environment and driven very little.

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Rs Interior

The previous owner claims this car only has 99k original miles on it. If that’s really the case then it was meticulously maintained and cared for. The interior looks like it’s right from the factory, with almost no wear, which seems amazing for a car with close to 100k on it.

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Rs Engine

The 327 V8 is the right engine and looks like it’s original. We aren’t sure if the engine bays came painted black, or if this was something done later. In the close up shots of the engine bay there are factory chalk marks visible on the firewall, so either this engine bay was painted black from the factory or someone replicated the marks after a re-spray. The 327 isn’t the biggest of the optional Camaro engines, but it does produce a respectable 210 hp and we are sure it sounds great.

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Rs Rear Corner

We aren’t completely sold on the seller’s claim of complete originality, but we hope we’re wrong and it is. Either way this car looks great and is ready to be driven and enjoyed. Just be sure to do a thorough inspection before bidding too crazy.




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  2. Chris H.

    Very nice! I work in the restoration hobby and never realized how many of these are tucked away. We get 15-20 requests for 5 speed conversions on first-gen F-bodies a week.

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  3. troy curtsinger

    All the early (67 68 69 ) came black under the hood. It looks org to me.

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  4. Steve H.

    I thinks its been redone. I have a 68 Camaro that looks almost identical to this one. Mine is painted back to original color which is Island Teal Blue. Color looks like this one. Looking at the dash gauge bezel it looks like its been painted same color as car. All dash gauge bezels I have ever seen has been black from factory not painted same color as car. That tells me at some point some restoration has been done. Correct me if I am wrong.

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  5. troy curtsinger

    On closer look the seats look really good for 99,000 miles of getting in and out. There is no wear at all on the seat. Who ever did it did a good job.

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  6. Jeff Van Dorp

    I had a 68 Camaro Ralley Sport back in 1971 and it was almost Identical to this one,except mine had more chrome around wheel cutouts, handles and ect . The color was a cream color, with a black vinyl top, and the standard black stripet around the front end. The grill was a silver/ gray plastic, and back then I took off and repainted it a semi gloss black and it really made it sharp. The engine bay was painted a flat black from the factory and everything else was the standard GM painted or natural alloy metals. Engine was a 327 four bbl around 250hp, automatic 3 speed tranny, painted orange / black. I painted it flat black underneath and shot black under coating, to protect key areas. I ran Castrol or Valvoline in it . Didn’t have much air pollution junk in it yet because it was actually built in late 67and I was the 2nd owner of it at the age of 18 in Ohio.
    The interior was gold color ,no special gauges in it , but I changed shocks to Gabriel air shocks and TRW springs with Goodyear F 70s on the front and G 60s raised white letters on the rear. I did also change the interior carpet to a golden shag , cause that seemed to be the style back then. Had the standard AM/FM radio, but I also changed speakers to a set of Jensens and a 8- track tape deck LOL. The car had 32k on it when I purchased it in 71 and 67k on it when I sold it March of 1975 before I left for the military. I wish I could have kept it , bought it for 1800.00 and sold it for 2200.00 back then . Hopefully I can find some of the photos of it. Lost a mess then in a tornadic storm in 1999. Sad but I remember and admire what you all do and your skills. I’m 65 and health issues have set in .

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