Period Correct: 1970 Datsun 2000 Roadster

There’s few things we love more than cars that seemed trapped in the period in which they were last seen on the roads with some regularity. This preserved Datsun 2000 roadster (also known as a Fairlady) looks period-perfect with those big driving lamps and lovely patina’d paint. The seller claims the reserve is set low for a quick sale, and you’ll find it here on eBay with bidding still under $1K.

The seller provided a refreshingly candid overview of why the Datsun appears to be living in one of two barns featured in photos. It belonged to one individual, a machinist who was apparently quite meticulous in his care. He left it in his will to a friend of the seller, who is in his 70s and not internet-savvy. The seller has been storing it on his property and wants it gone, and based on photos, he has a few projects of his own. The interior looks decent despite the many years off the road.

The seller adds he is not a Datsun guy, but claims the motor still turns freely by hand. No keys come with the vehicle, and the seller adds that the trunk remains locked – so perhaps there’s a treasure trove of OEM parts inside, but the next owner will have the pleasure of that surprise if so. No attempt was made to start the Datsun, so finding out whether it runs is also up to the next owner. There’s nothing in this engine bay shot that worries me too much, as it looks largely complete.

The seller notes the rust on the hood is surface-only, and that the chassis is solid. He points out a few tiny pinhole rust spots, but doesn’t believe any more serious rot exists. While I do love the way this Datsun looks parked out on the back 40, its history sounds like it belonged to someone who loved it too much to see it parked. The Datsun is located in Camden, North Carolina, and we hope it stays somewhere with a similar climate to keep that bodywork preserved.


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  1. Dolphin Member

    Up to $3,300 now and will climb further I’m sure, reflecting the growing appeal of old Japanese sportscars and the fact that this 2000 model is the desirable big engine model compared to the 1600.

    Decent early 240Zs used to sell under $10K. Now you are lucky to find one for under $20K, and some of the best No American market ones have sold recently for more than $50K. The JDM Fairladys are all $100K and up if in decent or better condition.

    My guess is that these affordable Datsun roadsters are going the way of the 240Zs, and good ones will be bringing better money as Japanese sportscars appeal to more and more people, especially since the German and British cars have become so expensive.

    This car will need some metalwork, but less than many of the neglected cars that are coming out of the woodwork as their owners drag them out of their resting places.

  2. Vegaman Dan

    Parts would be the hardest aspect of this as there isn’t as much aftermarket support, but to be honest, there isn’t a lot of parts on this car to start with, so it’s very doable.

  3. Craig U

    In college, a buddy had a similar red Datsun 2000 roadster. It was a real rocket. This car should be a lot fun when it is running.

    • boxdin

      I had a buddy who bought one new. That thing got scratch in 3rd gear !!

  4. Greg Member

    I love the ad! Belonged to a friend of a friend of a friend. Says it just has very minor surface rust. This friend of a friend of a whatever was a meticulous mechanic (of course). And it doesn’t come with keys or (I’m presuming) a title because they didn’t want to bug the little old lady that may have them. Every sucker story all rolled into one ad!

  5. Roger

    A buddy let me drive his back in the 70’s. It was a blast to drive; however, the 70’s were the worst years for tin weevils. They seem to be attracted to everything on four wheels.

  6. Wagon master Member

    Hey Greg, you’re right! Everybody likes a story and at places like BJ, they tell the best fish stories because people buy the stories (car comes with it). They live vicariously through the experiences of others and want to be a part of something including history … even if it’s made up ;)

  7. Mountainwoodie

    On the other hand…someone in NC could go look at it and report back the facts………

    • jamie

      it does have the ring of all the good used car salesman stick but I’ve had three of these a1600 and a 2 litre and now a 67 with a ca18 engine they are a great summer fun car but they do suffer from the attack of the rust monster in certain
      structural locations so if they say small rust spots look carefully at the rear frame arch and the front frame under the battery box and the firewall at the brake master location but there is a few companies doing repo parts and as someone said there isn’t lots to them i have noticed there is no fan belt and some hot spots on the top of the rad that make me wonder if the water pump is gone you don’t want to know the price of a good rebuild short block if you can find it and the head gaskets always need replacement so you’ll need to be committed to tackle this

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