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Period Custom? 1953 Mercury Convertible

1953 Mercury Convertible Custom

Here’s a cool old hot rod that was supposedly built 40-50 years ago. Someone has obviously made some “upgrades” more recently, but this could be an interesting one to have if the providence can be proven. Either way, it does have a cool look which would be hard to replicate for less. There’s a 472 V8 under the hood so I bet it scoots along pretty well too. You used to see lot of these Merc customs cruising around, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one on the street. Find it here on craigslist where it’s listed for $12,000.


  1. Avatar photo JayGryph

    That is a rather neat ride, questionable pinstriping and interior parts aside. Not a fan of that style front end treatment myself but a lot of guys are. I’d drive it just about like this (though that steering wheel would have to go).

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  2. Avatar photo Tim

    I need that air cleaner for my caddy 331 lol

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  3. Avatar photo OhU8one2

    Paint it a green candy apple,with white tuck n roll, and get rid of that steering wheel. Finally,set up the exhaust so that flames shoot out. Man I’m all in.

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  4. Avatar photo Rich

    Nice price!! I wouldn’t change a thing but that steering wheel doesn’t look practical.

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  5. Avatar photo Rob

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that steering wheel on a car and thought “man, that looks good!”… 😜

    Love the car though. Aren’t the headlights Buick? And a Corvette grille, yes?

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  6. Avatar photo Glen

    Pinstriping over the primer?, I guess they never planned on painting.

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  7. Avatar photo JW454

    Put me down for throwing the steering wheel as far as I could. Otherwise, I like what’s been done up to this point. A lot of colors would be good but it has to have a white tuck and roll interior.

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  8. Avatar photo Jose

    Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder.

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  9. Avatar photo OGWagon

    Looks like you could loose a finger on that steering wheel.
    Cool ride otherwise.

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  10. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    How do you “loose” a finger?

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  11. Avatar photo Joe Gotts

    Kewl as Hell minus the Wheel.

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  12. Avatar photo jeff6599

    That “providence” is really provenance.

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  13. Avatar photo crazydave

    I’ve never liked those Byoo-ick headlites – even on the orginal By-oo-ick!
    The steering wheel is for car shows only – if you try to drive with it, you’ll be sorry!
    Pinstriped primer is getting just WAY too common, but still seems to be in as much demand as the very best color and polish finish

    A LOT of Caddy in it – from the “fail-lights” (in this case – they don’t suit it) to the engine room

    Quite well executed, should bring a pretty good level of $$$$

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  14. Avatar photo Rob

    I love these 52 to 54 Mercs. I had a full custom 53 as well. I do agree on the steering wheel. It would look much better with a nice dealer installed aftermarket one.

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    • Avatar photo Metalted

      Dealer installed steering wheel???
      Really??? What???
      If you personally haven’t installed the simplist thing like a steering wheel on a car? Please???
      I’m Sorry, but please just go purchase a new hybrid. Please.

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      • Avatar photo Rob

        Your comment is pretty rude, but I will chalk it up to ignorance. From 49 to 55, Mercury dealers installed aftermarket steering wheels that were considered by some to be works of art. Today they sell for around $2000.00 for a restored one. I have several in various stages of restoration. You shouldn’t comment about what you have no knowledge of.

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  15. Avatar photo Metalted

    I’m sorry if I’m over speaking. Or being to much. I really do enjoy everyone that has an idea. Even if I don’t understand.

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  16. Avatar photo Metalted

    A lot of work done to this old merc .
    ALOT !! I like it

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  17. Avatar photo Metalted

    Last year for 472 caddy , was 74
    75 & 76 , was 500. Cid.
    Then done.
    Great motors!!

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  18. Avatar photo Truman L

    This car looks like one I seen in a Daryl Starbird Custom Car show in Oklahoma City, OK in the early to mid 60’s. It would be a fun project.

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  19. Avatar photo Jim

    Cool baby!

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  20. Avatar photo Joeinthousandoaks

    Awesome. Through the steering wheel in the nearest garbage can, change the rear position of the top and the stance and it would be cool

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  21. Avatar photo Steven

    Is this crazy hot rod still available?

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