Period Drag Racer: 1931 Ford Model A

Model A racer

This Model A is claimed to have been raced throughout the 50s and 60s before being parked in a climate controlled garage where it then sat for 49 years! It ran in A/Gas class around the New York area and was owned by Michael Crugnale. The body appears to be very solid and the story seems plausible. There are tons of trick modifications under the skin including a 327 V8, roll bar, gasser tank, and custom interior. The engine turns over, but someone will need to go through everything before it is going to make any quarter mile passes. Hopefully the next owner will be able to get this piece of history running again and will take it to their local drag strip on a regular basis so it can be enjoyed by all. Find it here on the H.A.M.B where the seller is asking $27,500!


  1. Cassidy

    Too many car sellers dreaming that every car they touch is worth a fortune. Yes, it has history, but sounds pretty small time to me. Has anyone heard of Crugnale? To get this kind of coin, it would take a driver that is a household name. He put a lot of work into this car, but since its over 50 years ago, it will need to be sorted out before it would be allowed on the track for safety reasons alone. $27K? Not a chance

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  2. Joey G

    If the headers are any indication of past performance or safety for that matter the car is a rolling disaster.

    Someone smoked to much pot, just saying.


  3. TBall

    Cassidy – Well, after all, he did repeatedly say “I do not really want to sell is car”… At$27k+, I’d say he’s standing behind that statement. Nice vehicle, great find but Crugnale who? Would love to play with a project like that, but not at that bank.

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  4. Mark E

    I have to agree. To be worth $27k in this kind of condition it would have to be raced by someone famous at famous tracks even. And even THEN they’d better throw in an autographed helmet! ^_^

    With that said, it was fun looking at the photos. Reminded me of the ’60s car magazines I’d spend hours reading in my youth. And though the engine is a small block look at that intake – two quadrajets! I bet that thing flies! Or used to anyway. Also I was hoping for a Moon gasser tank but no such luck. The cars I used to follow in the mags had beautiful chrome Moon tanks slung proudly out front!

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    • Mark E

      Okay, I looked through the first ten pages of the CARS FOR SALE forum and despite the sellers claim they have other cars for sale, none appear to be listed.

      Oh and I also played the “What could I buy if I had $27.5k” game while cruising the forum and found a ’31 nailhead Highboy Coupe for $15k and a VERY nice ’29 coupe on deuce rails with a very chromey 324 olds engine with a polished chrome intake and six 94 carbs, all for $19.5k. You could drive either home, the last one for certain! So is this sad hulk with unauthenticated history worth $27k? My vote is NO.

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  5. Texas Tea

    Surely no one raced this heep without a firewall. Would you like a little butter to go with that toast?

  6. JW454

    I remember my grandmother had a couple of those chairs in her sitting room back in the early 60’s. She didn’t cut the legs off hers though. However, she did store the latest issues of “Look” and “Saturday Evening Post” on the wire frame underneath.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Chair is right…
      If “Crugnale” quarter mile ran that car as it is now, he had some serious size stones, and maybe not much sense.
      I’m surprised that even a small track would have let the car run like that, in the 60’s or any other decade since WWII.

  7. jim s

    that is not even going on the track to do a drive by at slow speed without a complete rebuild/update. might be better to start with a good frame and build your own.

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  8. Texas Tea

    Excuse me sir! Would you like your roasted nuts salted or unsalted?

  9. novadude

    Not only overpriced and unauthenticated, the seller says
    ” This is a piece of drag racing history and I expect the buyer to keep it that way,,”
    He must think it is museum quality as it sits,
    Seriously ,, looks kinda RaT-TY to me

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  10. RB

    Posted today, price drop and ah I have too many cars but…

    TTT Price Drop. $26,000
    May consider trades for running/driving 32 ford coupe

  11. gunningbar

    No thanks.

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