Period Mods: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

1968 Chevrolet Corvette

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People customized everything in the seventies. Vans, lowriders, and yes, even Corvettes. The ones we have found with period usually sport side pipes, shiny rims, and velvet interiors. This custom Corvette is no different, but the thing that does make this one stand out is that the seller claims that it is an original 427/4-speed car. That number combination equates to a whole lotta fun! The previous owner pulled the 427 out though and stuck a 350 in its place. The big block is included in the sale though so that could be made right. The next owner will just have to decide if they want to keep the period mods or not. Take a look here on eBay and let us know which route you’d take.

350 V8

There’s the 350 still in place. The seller doesn’t mention if it runs or not, but it might be a good idea to get it going before messing with the other engine.

427 V8

Here’s the 427. The seller mentions that it was pulled apart and cleaned in anticipation of a restoration that was never completed. The Mickey Thompson valve covers are a nice period touch.

Velvet Seats

Finally, we have the interior. If you look closely at the seats you will notice the nicely done button tuft job. It may have been popular back in the day, but it looks a little too coffin for me today. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older? Anyway, period modifications can be cool, but I’m not sure the next owner of this Corvette will appreciate the work done here. What do you think?

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  1. RayT

    For me, this one would need a full restoration, so that would be the ideal time to go back to 100% stock. I find the upholstery tasteless, so even if it was done a week after the car was first sold, it would have to go.

    And the 427 needs to go back in, ASAP. I’m frankly amazed that a numbers-matching 427/four-speed is (at the moment) so cheap. I would expect big numbers! And if I could, I’d pay a big number for this car, unless there’s something horrible and terminal lurking out of camera range….

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  2. Van

    If the price was right this would be a great start for the first timer.
    Clean it, make it work and restore as funds allow. Every part is available and there’s no rule that says it’s all or nothing.
    List the best C3s, 1969-427, 1970-454, 1968-427. That’s how I see it.

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    • Jakob Shay

      I thought the same thing. Clean it up get it running, work on the big engine till it is complete. Redo the seats. Be a nice little toy.

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  3. erikj

    just sold my 68 vette orig 327/4sp, but years ago it received a ls6 454 with a b/m supercharger never ran right so in went a rebuilt 350.body needed loots of work and the day a guy come to buy the 454 stuff he says he wont leave with my vette. I said no but he offered 15,000 so I said yes . trans and rear # match 4:11 posi roasdster I guess I did ok. Miss it though

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  4. TomMember

    Must restore this one AND restore to stock, that is where the money is. Sorry to disagree with you Van but this car deserves a REAL body off concours restoration. 427 convertible 4 spd very desirable, especially if the original color is black. Black with a red interior if the right codes = money. I prefer coupes myself but you know the saying, “IF the top goes down, the price goes up!” The 70 350 is worth money, pull it and sell it. The only thing that would make this car immensely better is if it were a 69. 68’s were brutal in that there were, if I am correct…which I think I am, over 100 changes in the 69 from the 68. Doing a total resto would probably give the right opportunity to make many of the changes made to the 69 at this time to make it a better car like the 69 was. parts and labor=easily a $50K resto plus the 20K to buy the car but if you do it right, you will still make money. I would be sure to FIND OUT THE ORIGINAL COLOR. Black, Red and Blue 69’s are the most sought after. any #’s matching 427 4 spd is money. ****ONLY WILD CARD is the rear frame section….if it is rotted out like so many are…. = big problem. BUYER = check the frame out, find out the original color (exterior and interior).

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    This car is worth the 20k all day long. I don’t think it would take 50k to restore, get her running with the 427 and enjoy it while you fix it.
    Total steal at bin price, if the frames not rusted.

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  6. Doug Towsley

    At this point in my life a full body off resto on a car of this caliber looks like a lot of work to me. But i gotta agree, this is A) ONE SWEET CAR B) Smart money would be a full resto. Even if had the money to pay someon I Just dont get too excited about trying to find a shop to do all the work, too many will screw it up or rip you off sadly, and few people can afford the few shops who can do it right. However, If legit, This is an amazing car and an excellent blue chip/5 star investment that will out perform any 401k,IRA, or other investment. Plus a whole lot more fun.

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  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    First year, 427 monster with 4 speed. This must be saved. And I bet it could be picked up for small (relatively) money

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  8. Van

    Ok Tom I agree with the stock thing but?
    This guy wants 20 grand.
    Is the engine still good.
    How much for a professional restoration?
    If you want to spend this kind of money why not buy one finished. Check all the corvette specialty stores an auto traders and you can find plenty of c3 big blocks.
    I would like to see a guy with limited funds live his dreams with a project like this. Not just the guys who have to have ten add one more.

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  9. Doug Towsley

    Correction: The BIN is $19,999 that does NOT mean that is what the reserve is. Can and sometimes is 2 different things. eBay is not always what it seems either. I know of people who list stuff at high prices and reserves but an in person cash price is much much lower. Thats why, theres often the coded “For Sale elsewhere, reserve the right to end this auction at any time” And why you see auctions cancelled mid stream.
    Then, with a FPI there might be issues on site, or there could be shill bids and this comes up over and over again. (I have had many car buyers back out of deals)
    So it MIGHT be what it seems and might not.

    But the other point i would like to make is the whole paying for a pro restoration thing. I suppose there is a whole industry out there depending on it, and I used to work in the business. But what annoys the hell out of me is the —ALL-or-NOTHING– approach.

    You have the bumper polishers and detailers and that is the extent of their skills, and then you have the “I gotta take it to Chip Foose” and get out my checkbook crowd.

    What is sadly lacking these days is the middle of the road folks. Those who have the skills and tools, and enjoy taking on a project like this in their spare time. They do a project a year, or every 2- 3 years and do it well. I got into wrenching myself because I could not afford to pay someone else. Then, I started getting pretty good at it. I started taking on side jobs and projects for people who knew me. Eventually I did it full time as a business. No one has to start their own business, but whats sadly lacking is those who are in that middle of the road category.

    THIS THIS THIS is the kind of person i want to see take on this kind of car and project and I believe this car is suited to that kind of guy. IMHO,,,,,, of course.

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  10. milo1303s

    send it to the crusher!!!

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    • Van

      Send milo 1303s to the crusher.
      He’s a witch burn him, he turned me into a newt.

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  11. Coventry Cat

    Looks like every car model I built in the 1970’s.

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  12. Chris A.

    I shared an apartment with a bank manager whose hobby job was rebuilding blown 427 engines. When I walked into the kitchen first time, he had 6 blocks sitting on end in the corner. Turns out he was a former successful drag racer whose parents funded his building and driving. He asked if the blocks were a problem “Not for me”. The blocks were from NYS Thruway cruisers that had the oil passage to the #1 main bearing only partially drilled through. #1 bearing shot and the cranks all scored. $600 for all six engines. New bearing set, with oversize #1, rebuilt cranks, there was a waiting list from guys who wanted them. Paid for his first Vette.

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    • Doug Towsley

      I bookmarked this auction and for reasons unknown (and escape me) it DID NOT sell on FeeBay. Seller lowered reserve and still failed to sell. Bet a person could go in and make a cash offer, (Would pay to do a FPI as well) Stacks of cash on site though can be persuasive.

      I LIKE the bank mgr story. I am betting long term that guy has done well for himself. Its that kind of fwd thinkers who see opportunity where others do not and thats something i appreciate.

      As to working on the kitchen, that reminds me of my friend Gary. My wife & toured his place years back, Retired fishing boat capt. Does what he wants when he wants on his own terms. When we were there the 1st time He was restoring a 1966 Triumph in his kitchen. On a dolly and pushed it out of the way to cook. He also had a Matchless G50 racing motor in his living room on the end table, Fully rebuilt, he fashioned a light and lamp shade above it because “It was too beautiful to leave it sitting in the shop”.

      I often teased my wife about this. Years later a cougar snatched him up. Nice lady, we like her. So i asked her one day, and she said YES, she forced him to stop building bikes in the house. So we asked about the G50 mtr, And why we think she is a keeper…She said. “Its too beautiful to have sitting in the shop, we enjoy looking at it where it is”

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  13. Clint

    The real question is: is that a “Corvette motor”? (the 350)

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