Period Mods: 1971 Datsun 510

1971 Datsun 510

Datsun 510s are still popular with the tuning crowd today, but nothing beats modifications that were done back in the day. This 1971 Datsun 510 is supposedly wearing a BRE Phase III Mulholland suspension kit that was installed back in the 70’s. It consisted of new springs, Koni shocks, and upgraded sway bars. They also mounted some four spoke Libres to let everyone know they meant business. The seller claims that the subtle changes were made by the previous owner in order to participate in SCCA events once a month until they parked it in the 80s when the starter died. The floors are rusted out and the interior has baked in the Arizona sun, but the seller does have hope that someone could fix those problems without having to repaint the whole car. I like the way he thinks! If you do too, then be sure to take a look here on eBay. Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip!


  1. Mark E

    Unless it was modified in Hawaii, I’d bet that it has Koni shocks… ^_^

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Good catch Mark! It’s all fixed. Thanks.

  2. Frank

    No outside mirror? Am I missing something?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      A lot of cars never came with a mirror on the passenger side, but most had one for the driver. Could it be that Datsun was so cheap that the driver side mirror was an option?

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Wait! If you look closely at the photos in the eBay listing, there are two sets of holes for the mirror on the door. From what I have read, the 510 was actually very well optioned for a “cheap” car.

  3. DT

    The seller likes it sooo much, maybe he should just keep it.

  4. shiro1303 Member

    That amount of rust isn’t from moisture stuck under floor mats (Arizona is a dry enough climate for anything caught under the mats to dry out before it rots). Original color maybe but not original paint maybe an older re spray as someone else noted no outside mirrors or holes from them so it was probably smoothed over at one time. Performance suspension doesn’t matter with the condition the running gear is in rubber bushings all look perished and the ball joints look like they’ve sat under water for a while.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      As I mentioned above, there are a set of holes for the mirror on the driver side door. That doesn’t prove that the paint is original or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. As for the suspension, you are probably right. It will most likely need to all be replaced anyway, but the thought was nice. I suppose the upgraded sway bars could still be used.

  5. Rich

    I absolutely LOVE this car. The stance, paint, everything. If I didn’t have the Beemer I would seriously jump on this.

  6. danfiveten

    Seriously, dont be stupid and drink the kool-aid. This 510 is not worth 3k, let alone the 9k he drove the price up to on his last ebay ad, then said the seller backed out (because he had his friend jack the price up), and now trying to sell it again. There are MUCH NICER 510’s for sale out there at this price, that have way more done and no freddy flinstone floorboards. Im sorry you dont get just that kind of floorboard rust and not have rust hidden in other places.

  7. sparkster

    Looks like it might have had Air Conditioning at some point n time ? Nice double overhead cams picture enclosed .

  8. Bobsmyuncle


    “possibly the most rust free Datsun 510 up for sale” That’s a hell of sliding scale the seller is using!

    Flippers are possibly the scummiest of capitalists.

  9. Graham Line

    Looks like it sat on the ground for quite a while. Curious that the floor pans are gone (making it rust-free!) and the suspension is trashed, while the trunk floor is good and the sills appear to be straight and intact. The disconnected A/C is a dealer add-on unit. The unit in my ’68 was only useful in long straight cruises but was very effective at scraping shins.

    Could be the original paint; in some cases it seemed thicker than the sheet metal.

    My ’68 four-door was similarly equipped and also took part in SCCA events, most of them parking lot autocrosses.

  10. danfiveten

    Heres my stock all original not restored 510.

    • danfiveten

      since my pic got deleted.

      • andy

        do you know of the “paint code” for the factory blue on your car? I like it!

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