Personal Touches: 1959 Ford Thunderbird


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This 1959 Thunderbird is described as “ready to drive” by it’s owner/seller. It’s located in Brentwood, New York and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is just over $4,000 with no reserve.


The Thunderbird was marketed as a “personal car” when it was new; this one definitely fits that description! If you look closely at these first two pictures, you’ll find a few “personalized touches” that may not be to everyone’s taste, although they don’t bother me. You can see both some white and teal pinstriping that looks to be the real thing and late model Thunderbird wire wheel covers. However, the car really looks nice in the two-tone teal and white. I suspect the 23,789 miles are the second trip around, but you never know.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen pinstriping on a door edge before. But look at the great interior! And if I’m not mistaken, that rubber weatherstripping looks to be either new or in really nice shape.


Although I admire the safety attitude of someone that would fit brand new seat belts, I think I would look for some more period looking fitments in teal like this set. And yes, the console is supposed to be teal as well, but I’m guessing the owner substituted a better condition black one for the original teal. I do see some nice clean detailing and good rubber here as well.


Unfortunately, the seller didn’t include any under hood or under car pictures. I hope they look as nice as the exterior and interior do. The seller does mention that the brakes, exhaust, spark plugs and wires are brand new, and it does mention air conditioning in the listing, although nothing else is clear. Perhaps a pre-purchase inspection is in order? This looks like a pretty good car, but I’d want to know more before bidding. How about you? If it’s as nice underneath as on the outside, would you be interested?

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  1. mark

    Am curious to know which engine it has. Probably the 352 however there were a few of these that came with the 430 Lincoln motor.

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    • Bob

      The 430 motor was not available as an option until 1960.

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      • rebecca morris

        incorrect. it was an option in the 59. google it.

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  2. TomMember

    Honestly, this is “potentially” the opposite of we normally see on barn finds when some one says 23K miles the only question is, is it actually 123K or 223K miles from the cut of most of the junk we see? I would say this IS a 23K mile car and unless photos are deceiving, or there are some horrors hiding underbody or under hood, tons of bondo….then I may well be wrong. Great car for someone, not me…… not a fan of the make, model, year or color. Seemingly a real nice ride. I hope the seller gets the right money. I’m out.

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  3. Nessy

    Maybe it’s just me but I always like this body style T Bird. The color combo is just right.

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  4. Rick

    Knew a guy back in the early 70s that had a 60 T-Bird that came from the factory with a 430 and 3 speed manual w/ overdrive. Pretty sure it had a factory sunroof also. But I’m amazed at how cheap decent 58-60 T-Birds go for. Last summer I looked at and test drove a ’59 T-Bird that was mostly original and very presentable, I mean you could have taken it to a cars how with no regrets, and it was only $7,000! Just think if this was a ’57 the bidding would be 5 times what it is. About 25 years ago I had a ’57 with factory 3 speed manual, got it cheap and turned it to make some easy money. The 55-57 have no leg room especially for a tall guy like me, so wouldnta kept it too long anyway. But I still think a ’57 T-Bird is the best looking car Ford ever built

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  5. Jason Houston

    The 1959 was the handsomest Thunderbird ever designed post-1957 I’d lose those silly pinstripes, dizzy hub caps, finish the console and put the factory skirts back on. Good color, too – Indian Turquoise with Colonial White.

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  6. RayT

    I used to dislike the “Squarebirds.” After the 55-57, they seemed ugly, overblown and basically worthless to me.

    Now, however, I love ’em, and wouldn’t mind having one. And this one looks to be a good candidate. I think the center console should have been teal, but can forgive that. I’d redo the seatbelts, too. And do away with the pinstripes.

    With the cosmetics seeming in fine shape, I’m less worried about the drivetrain. I can service that; I can turn wrenches, but can’t do nice paint/bodywork.

    I must be getting old: this has more appeal than a BMW M1 with a dodgy history and no way of knowing what condition it’s in.

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  7. Vince Habel

    Have a friend that has one of these with a 3 speed o/d trans.

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  8. rancho bella

    Square Birds are so stinkin’ nice. I’d rather have one of these than the small ones. These ride well, plenty of leg room (in front). I can just see Dino with Ray Bans and one of those small brimmed straw hats the hipsters used to wear. And most if not all part are available.

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  9. John H.

    Jamie, ehat is the source of those cool seatbelts in your pic?

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  10. piper62j

    IMHO Ford was beginning to get it together with this body style.. Nice squared off lines and it actually looked lighter… T-Birds should have remained two seaters.. Forever..

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  11. alfred

    what a beautiful car

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  12. David G

    I thought only the 60 Thunderbird had this one’s distinctive grill ‘crossbar’ treatment and if so, he must have added that ‘beautification feature’ to this 59? Nicely presented and undervalued in general, this will be a good get for someone, that is if the auction’s ever relisted and sold for anywhere under say, $7k…

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    i had a 1958 red and white t-bird around 1965. the one i had at that time almost was 1 foot away from the scrape yard. i was just a kid infatuated with it on the car lot and really did,nt check out the mechanicals on it. i should have kept the 1958 ford fairlane 500 with the 352 c i interceptor special engine in it. oh well, live and learn. i do think the square birds are nice looking. i just happenned to get a junker.

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  14. ben

    I have one which I bought on here I really like the squire birds I also have a 64 ben in fl

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