Shots Fired! Crazy Copart Corvette

Remember all those comments you Barn Finds readers have made about once you own a car, you can do what you want with it? Remember that as you look over what was once a stock 1969 Chevrolet Corvette, available here from Copart. This (struggling for words I am) unique (that’s it!) find was sent to us by Shane R. The car is located in Columbia, South Carolina, has a North Carolina title, and can be yours for a buy it now price of $5,900 plus the various Copart fees. Or you can take your chances that someone will outbid you and bid in the auction, where the high bid is $425, but naturally hasn’t met the reserve.

I have my own theory as to how the bullet holes ended up in the rear panel (yes, I realize those are actually decals) having to do with a group of inebriated body shop technicians, a language translation issue, the phase of the moon, a jilted wife and mistress, various chemical substances, and “here, hold my beer,” but I’ll challenge you to come up with your story about how they got there and post it in the comments. While the fiberglass looks a little wavy in the lower rear, at least most of the custom work seems to be physically blended well. Note I did not say the design itself was blended well.

I’ve never seen rally wheel center caps painted along with the trim rings. There are many firsts on this car. All kidding aside, someone spent a lot of time and effort on this car, and I do really respect them for that. It’s obvious they had and executed a vision–I’m actually surprised the car is being sold after it has been completed.

Based on the orange appearance of the paint on the front pillar towards the upper right of this picture, I think this one just got caught in the wrong light and it’s actually red and black, not orange and black. But you never know. They look like nice seats, and I like the wooden steering wheel. I’m not sure if the vertical part of the center console was finished or if it was intended to be another color.

Here’s the V8 engine, which I suspect will turn out to be a 350, but we don’t know for sure. The car has covered 777.4 miles since it’s original speedometer was replaced with an aftermarket one, and I’m truly hoping the person who planned the modifications got to enjoy them for those miles before selling. I’m looking forward to your answers to my question in the second paragraph, and whether any of you see a diamond in the rough here?


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  1. PaulG

    Just think of the $ they’d have saved…and the value of the car would be intact if they would have just left it alone!
    “My goodness, aren’t we a creative bunch” must’ve been the mantra that week…

    • AER

      The front would have to be redone so it won’t overheat!

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  2. Jeff

    PaulG – was just thinking the same thing… an unfortunate series of eternally poor decision-making…

    I’m guessing there were no business majors involved…

    It looks like the Corvette Summer reject car… they should have posted it on Parts Finds and not Barn Finds…

  3. DAN

    his car
    his choice,lol
    bet it’s some kid that say to many transformers cartoons,he he

  4. Doug

    Why? Why? WHY!?

    Excuse me, I need a moment of silence and a beer.

  5. Bill

    Jail time would be in order.

  6. hhaleblian

    I’ll take the Mustang

  7. Sam

    I would add some knobby tires with black baja style rims, a big LED light bar on the roof, brush guard on the front and maybe a snorkel. This could be a fun goof for $2,500….drive it to Bloomington Gold. Think Ted Nugent meets Daktari….wango tango!

  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Not that I would want to, but we need bumpers here in Wisconsin to be street driven. Love the mirror. I almost bought a 1973 with the same taillights as these years ago, a mild custom. Glad I was sober and passed.


    Didn’t the circus just close?

  10. KO

    Wow. Quite a bit of…um…creativity. The builder would be a hoot to party with.

  11. benjy

    Peel that nose off replace the hood. Repaint the car and make some money.

  12. gbvette62

    I wonder if it floats? From the shape of the nose, and the lights on top of the fenders, it looks like the builder intended it to be amphibious!

    Years ago, my 62 Corvette was rear ended by a guy who claimed to build fiberglass boats. He tried to convince me to let him fix the damage he’d done. Fortunately I told him to drop dead, or my 62 might look like that poor Corvette now.

  13. 8banger Dave Member

    Sick Bro!
    Now seriously, poor car, it’s groaning under a mantle of shame…

  14. Jeff

    Think of the possibilities! At this point you could do almost anything, you are not going to mess it up, only change it! I do applaud the builder, this is someone’s vision realized, walk proudly.

  15. waldon herdman

    The bullet holes came from someone trying to put it out of it’s misery…

  16. J Paul Member

    With those lights on the top of the fenders, this kind of looks like Jar Jar Binks.

    (And is as ill-conceived)

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      My wife said the same thing as I was writing the post…since I love and respect her a lot, please take that as a compliment :-)

    • 4-Doors-for-my-Tuba

      You beat me to it…

  17. JBones

    If the side pipes are original that’s the only thing of real value on this hacked corvette!

  18. JW

    Being a modifier myself he probably drove it 777 miles then realized everyone was laughing not applauding his creativity so he decided to sell his clown car.

  19. rustylink

    Looks like someone built it for a cheap B movie flick…

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  20. rbtempe

    If you can get it cheap enough could be a project to hone your fiberglass skills on.

  21. 86 Vette Convertible

    Someone get me some Pepto-Bismol please!!!!

  22. SSPBill

    Hey, those bullet hole decals are for sheet metal not fiberglass. What the heck! Poorly thought out.

  23. ags290

    This is the poster child for: ” Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

  24. Rob Rose

    Mystery men prop.

  25. Rex Kahrs Member

    Shots came from someone who likes Corvettes.

    • SSPBill

      Didn’t check his six…

  26. IanW

    As the owner of an unmolested 69 Vette, this is just SO wrong in so many ways.

  27. Mlaw

    Madder Max movie car?

  28. Mlaw

    The interior IS orange and black.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      I was really hoping that it wasn’t. Oh well…

  29. RCC

    When I go to car shows, there is always an interesting person next to me, good for conversation. If this car were next to me, it would be a very quiet day for me.

  30. Chris

    I live near Columbia and I have owned four Corvettes, awful cars and I admit that I hated three of them. But if someone wants me to look at this glued-together conglomeration of parts, I am embarrassed to say I would love to do it. I assume it’s down on Copart on 321.
    This is a car, the likes of which the producers of “Corvette Summer” shipped back to the studio and some Mad Max wannabe modified into a car that probably ended up in a “Z” horror movie.
    The car is breathtaking, take that statement as you may.

  31. RJ

    Great googley moogley!

  32. ACZ

    A true boat anchor. YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. LAB3

    Oh man, Zoro Horcus Bumkoff is flapping around in his grave like the broken driveshaft of a Dodge Hellcat about now. It’s like going into sixteen chapels and using a sharpie to put a mustache on Mother Mary herself. Whoever desicrated this temple to those with inadequate manhood needs to be drawn, quartered and buried on separate continents so he may never rise again!

  34. alan

    is that legally allowed on the road in the usa? here in new Zealand we would have trouble importing that, thankfully

  35. Doug Towsley

    This would be worth purchasing to take to very serious concours events,, Dress up as a modern Rodney Dangerfield, My Cousin Vinny or Borat or meld them all into one in a truly obnoxious leisure suit or rapper outfit, Get some really obnoxious white rapper music going (Eninem Shake that Ass for me) and some hootchy cootchie girls and stir the Sh** up.
    Park next to those guys who take themselves too seriously. Put the speakers on the roof, break out the cough syrup and vodka concoctions (Siiizuurp) and P-A-R-T-Y

  36. Vettish

    Oh, i don’t know. In stock trim the C3 Stingray has some pretty outrageous lines. This one could be a beauty with different paint, think black monocolor, big (big) tires with polished wheels, dump the junk lights and vents in the front and fire those red seats. I could drive it.

  37. Rob

    This definitely qualifies as a major Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

  38. Wrong Way

    I hate the corvette overall! Looks great now! LOL

  39. Jubjub

    Wow, this is weird and awful.

    Being an optimist, I’d start by shaving off the Jarjar Binks lights. Next, I’d find a sugar scoop headlamp kit. While waiting for that, I’d devise a somewhat tasteful grill opening loosing the lower bug eyes while I’m there. Then I’d lower the front end, find a set of Moon discs and hot rod black the whole thing. I guess it’d still have an ugly looking butt and interior though.

  40. Pete

    Nope every alla ya’ll completely missed what happened to this car. The gentleman from Columbia is the most surprising one of all. For those of you not in our part of the world I will elucidate on the matter. Columbia is home of the Carolina Gamecocks. School colors are Red, Black and White. Clemson is home of the Tigers. Colors are Orange, Black and White. The rivalry between schools is historic. So if your from SC your either a Gamecock or Tiger fan. It is the law down there. God help you if you have two kids going each one of them schools and your a graduate from one of them. That would be like trading in your Rebel flag for a yankee flag. Just not done ya see. So now you should be getting an Idea of what has happened to this car. It’s first modification was done in Clemson Orange, Black and White motif to be driven to games and tailgate parties as evidenced by the interior. At some point during a Gamecock and Tiger game to much beer was drank and the right two guys ran into each other started talking smack about each others teams. Now the other fella must have had a nicely painted up Corvette in Gamecock colors and offered up his car title and the gentleman from Clemson accepted. Clearly Clemson lost the game and so the gentleman handed over the keys and car title and cried all the way home. The winner of the bet promptly repainted the car in the winning teams colors and drove it to a few games just to rub it in the clemson fans faces that were privy to the bet. Because I assure you many many people would have heard about it. Then at some point the car was probably put in the auction so the proceeds of the sale will go to the Gamecock football booster fund. That gentleman is my theory and I stand by it. Cause I know these crazy folks I live around. LMAO

    • KO

      We have a winner.

    • Chris

      Pete, my hat is off to you for recognizing the explanation obvious to anyone from South Carolina. In my own defense, I have only lived here a dozen years.
      This kind of stuff makes perfect sense if you live here.

  41. MikeK

    Copart: “Est Retail Value $19,767.00” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!

  42. JimmyJ

    I agree mike hilarious!!!

  43. richierich

    Some things you just can’t unsee…

  44. JACKinNWPA Jack in NW PA Member

    They should have used real bullets. but for $1,976.00 it could be worth it for parts. that WAS $1,976.00 correct?

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