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Pick One: Five FoMoCo Woodgrains!

Not one, not two, not three, not even four, but five wood-grained 1964 to 1990 Ford and Mercury wagons are being sold by the same self-professed station wagon fan in Bangor, Pennsylvania. They are listed here on craigslist for various prices ranging from $2,600 to $6,900. Thanks to reader FordGuy72 for submitting these cool wagons! As soon as I saw the listing I wanted to know more as someday I really want to own one of these icons of my youth. We may have been the only family that didn’t have one amongst my friends (I was lucky, my parents were the cool ones, first with a ’67 and ’69 Mustang, later on with MGs and Triumphs).

These wonderful wagons are special enough to me that I’ll go through them one at a time. The oldest is a 1964 Ford Country Squire which has apparently been stored inside. It’s painted black and comes with it’s original 352 cubic inch V8 although it’s currently out of the car, presumably to be rebuilt. It’s the 8 passenger model and is equipped with an automatic. The seller describes it as being “pretty solid” and is looking for $3,200.

The bright red interior really would look good to me against the black paint and woodgrain.

There are two 1969 Ford Country Squires included in the sale. This dark blue one is the most expensive of all five cars at $6,900 and is described as an 8-passenger model and that the 390 V8 is running. It has been stored since the late 1980s and only has 69,000 miles showing.

The maroon one is also an 8-passenger model although it looks a little rougher than the blue one. It’s been stored in a barn since 1985 and we are told the 390 V8 runs when you put gas in the carburetor. The seller is only looking for $2,900 for this car.

The light blue 1970 Ford Country Squire appears to have been stored in the same location as the 1964 car. Not surprisingly it is also an 8-passenger model equipped with a 390 V8, but this one doesn’t run. The seller mentions low miles but doesn’t tell us what that means. $4,500 will secure this faded beauty. Just for fun, I looked up to see if you can get the original DyNoc “teak” vinyl, and while I couldn’t find that, I did find this reproduction material that would work quite nicely to replace the woodgrain sides.

The lone Mercury in this group is a 1990 Colony Park wagon that I find really appealing. It also is an 8-passenger model with new tires and is described as a solid car that runs great, There’s a small dent in the tailgate but the seller is only looking for $2,600 for this 302 V8-equipped model.

The near immaculate interior, running status, and inexpensive price have made the Mercury my choice of the five–but I could make a case for preferring any of them. What’s your favorite and why? Do any of you remember seat time in the rear of one of these cool old wagons?


  1. Howard A Member

    The one I like is in poorest condition, hands down, the ’64. I remember when I was a kid, Country Squires were pretty rare. The lowly Ranch Wagon was what most people bought. Fancy station wagons had no place in the city, where they led a rough life. Maybe out in the country at some squires mansion, but for the city stoplight Grand Prix, basic was the rule. ’64 my favorite year and a Country Squire seals the deal. Now, to find the parts someone isn’t asking Ft. Knox for.

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    • Howard Kerr

      My parents owned a 64 Country Squire, it was white with a red interior, had a 289 with “3 on the tree” and overdrive, and little “dog dish” hubcaps in the middle of white wheels.
      Ours was also the 9 passenger, though the last seat was really 2 thick pads.
      No matter the year, you need a minimum of a 352 cubic inch engine as the 289 runs out of steam at about 70-75 mph.
      Of these 5, I guess I would want the 64 Ford or the Mercury, tho I am not crazy about the speedometer in the Mercury. Yet I seem to remember that the 64 also has a silver colored strip speedo.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I’d be pretty keen on the blue ’69 wagon. Of course, I’d like a lot more pictures of it and a detailed description from the seller. How much rust it has, if any, would be the key determining factor for me. I’m partial to vintage Ford wagons, I’d love to have one but no room for it right now. Maybe when I sell my ’97 Ford Ranger (the youngest vehicle I own) in the Spring I’ll look for one.

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  3. DanaPointJohn

    Other than the 1964 Country Squire, pulling into a Woody show here in So Cal with one of the others will not gain you any friends.

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    • Michael Leyshon Member

      Say it ain’t so… Not being accepted by the SoCal Woody Club must be considered prior to purchase.

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    • Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

      I would like to know about the ’57 Cadillac that the ’64 Squire is snugged up against the rear bumper.

  4. local_sheriff

    The ’64 Country Squire is definately my favourite and it’s a great early 60s rocketship. I always found it somewhat sad GM didn’t get onto the faux wood bandwagon until ’66.
    While wooden wallpaper isn’t necessarily regarded as good taste, it really adds a kitschy, homely period look to any wagon that’s so typical Suburbia

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  5. glen

    Mom and Dad had a 1970 Country Squire. It had the seats way back, great for those with motion sickness! Rust was the biggest problem. The 351 was pretty good , if I remember correctly, even with a 2 barrel, it could move the beast quite nicely.

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  6. Bob C.

    The 64 is my favorite as well, although the 90 Mercury is a huge steal.

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  7. CanuckCarGuy

    Buy them all, daily drive the ’90 and refresh/restore the rest of the herd…for the price of a used SUV or minivan, you’d be the envy of the neighbourhood.

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Interesting cars. A decade ago they probably wouldn’t have warranted a second glance, today they have interest and value.

    From the pics it looks like this guy has quite a collection including many other cars. Maybe one of those guys who collected a bunch of cars with plans for each which never materialize.

    Sometimes I wonder what is the best way to market a bunch of cars. One basic craigslist ad for five cars is a simple way, but is it the best route?

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    • glen

      You’re right, these weren’t something that attracted any attention, which makes me wonder, what’s next? What isn’t desirable now, but could be in the future?

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  9. Ian C

    1990 Mercury, 5.0 Coyote, 6spd manual, and thrash mightily!

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  10. Rex Kahrs Member

    Does that ’70 model have a “Bunkie beak”? I like it. Personally I’d go for a ’65-’67 Squire, but of this lot I’d take the ’70.

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  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    Bunkie beak.

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    • 8banger dave Member

      Ah, Pan Am, they met a fateful demise…

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  12. TimM

    I like the 64 the best too!! Three crumby pictures surrounded by a bunch of other cars so you can’t see it and the motor is out!!

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  13. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    The Mercury is a deal at that price. Looks like a beauty and would work well for my needs. We had an 88 Grand Marq growing up and it was a beautiful car. It replaced an 81 Sedan Deville and I felt it was a nicer car with a better ride.

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  14. Glenn Merithew

    My dad was a Ford guy bless his heart, in the early eightys he bought a 1979 LTD 2 country squire in brown on brown interior wire wheels it had the 351 cleavland and automatic it had every option you could want and my dad loved it. It could pass anything except a gas station I to this day don’t know why he bought it, mabey he had visions of taking the family across country but never did, still I have fond memories of that car and of my parents

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  15. Jay E.

    I’ve got large rolls of NOS woodgrain, trying to figure out how to get them to someone that can use them for restorations.

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    • Dale Davis Member

      I redo woodgrain on wagons from time to time. How old is the vinyl?

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    • chrlsful

      whats the width?
      Are they ford?
      What era?
      (just put the aol to my ‘name’ above…

      There! That’s 2 of us…

  16. sg

    Here’s a fun game when watching old movies an TV. See how many times you can spot a Ford wood sided wagon in the background of a scene. During the 70’s there’s at least one in every movie. They’re the 70’s equivalent of the tan Toyota Camry.

  17. Little_Cars

    I just can’t get excited AT ALL by that 1990 Mercury. No styling whatsoever, just a long roof box on top of another box. Can you say “boxy???!” Not to mention, where I live families are still driving these 30 year old barges before they rot away or get used on the dirt tracks and for demo derbies. No kitschy value at all. I wish the 1964 was rolled out for a photo session. Too many CL ads show lazy people with no urgent intention to sell things like a true capitalist. In my youth, it seems the DyNoc sides and tailgates always faded at different rates and never really withstood the effects of weather even a few years after the car rolled off the assembly line. The blue 69 looks like it could be the exception.

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  18. Maestro1

    I have a weakness for Maroon cars, so that would be my choice. Also the Mercury, which is the intelligent buy.

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  19. jerry z

    Two 69’s and a 70, which one to pick. I’ll take them all!

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  20. bone

    The first car I ever ran in a demo derby was a 70 County Squire , back in 1981 . Only 11 years old and the wood grain was faded to white, the rear quarters were rusted out , but it ran like a bear . Paid $50.00 bucks for it and beat it until she couldn’t move anymore. New England isn’t kind to cars and ten years was about the best you could hope for back then for a car!

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  21. Frank Lacina

    I had an 89 Colony Park Wagon, beige/cream, when the kids were little. I loved that car, like driving on clouds. The wife hated it, said it was just to big to park. I actually got it for her to drive while I drove my truck. Only had it a little over a year. Would love to have the extra cash to pick this one up.

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  22. Dale Watson

    I had a new 1990 squire Wagon , white with red interior, 390 engine , it was sharp and a great wagon , I have always had Wagons , restoring a 1934 now

  23. chrlsful

    shucks, missed ‘mine’ (yup, still lookin) the foxbodied LTD/Marquis ’83/6.
    Just add the aol to my name.

  24. DWIGHT

    I would like to go and see the blue 69 ford with 69000 miles is it possable who do I call. I would like to bye it.

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