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Pile-O-Parts: 1929 Ford Model A Sport Coupe


If you look very closely, you can make out the silhouette of a 1929 Model A in what looks like a pile of debris. We are not sure about the seller’s “time capsule” and “barn find” claims, but it is an interesting discovery nonetheless. Supposedly, the car was purchased from the first owner in 1956 and then disassembled sometime after only to be left to sit for many years. This ambitious project is located in Sierra Madre, California and is listed for sale here on eBay with a starting bid of $2,500.


Here is a better shot of that Sport Coupe body. Unfortunately, it looks like it has sat outside for a while. There is rust, but it doesn’t look too bad considering the age of this vehicle. For some strange reason, a few of the parts and even a license plate were stored in boxes inside the garage. Too bad they hadn’t pushed the rest of the car in there.


This project is not for the beginner. It is going to take a lot of work to figure out what all is missing. Even so, there appears to be a few spares and the parts alone are probably worth the starting bid. The next owner will just have to decide which way to go. Restore to original or rod it? Normally we prefer original cars, but since this one is already in pieces, we wouldn’t feel too bad about making a few personal touches…


  1. justin

    Nice find. WOW those fenders are toast but a Sport Coupe is a pretty desirable body style. seems worth the asking price. I wonder how the metal under all that debris looks though?

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  2. Will m

    Its a great rat rod candidate.

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  3. Bryan Cohn

    The rattiest of Rat Rods!

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  4. paul

    No doubt you’ll be chasing the rat population from this rat rod. Wow a pile of parts for sure,….. lawn art!

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  5. shawnmcgill

    I know guys that started with a lot less than this… Isn’t just about every Model A part reproduced now?

    If this thing wasn’t on the other side of the country, I think I’d give it a shot.

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  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    There’s a guy in our car club that built a ’31 pickup starting with a cab, a rad shell and a frame. It took a while but he hunted down what he needed. Powertrain components were fairly easy to come by as there were lots of complete rolling chassis for sale, courtesy the hot rod groups. He’s done a good job and takes the pickup everywhere.

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  7. Mark E

    I’ve seen cars from the ’20s and ’30s that were restored from less than this and Model A parts are simple to come by. I’d say restore it!

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    • Mark E

      Sorry I posted before reading your post shawnmcgill. I guess great minds DO think alike!!

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      • shawnmcgill

        LOL! I’m reminded of what Mike on American Pickers always says when he comes across an oddball motorcycle part – “There are guys who build a whole vintage bike from an oil stain!”

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  8. Mark E

    Now everyone can see what my house would look like if I hadn’t gotten married!

    Love the V8 hubcap on the rear wheel. Maybe the seller was thinking of rodding it with a flathead?

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    • shawnmcgill

      We really DO think alike…

      My first thought was building it as an early 50’s tribute hot rod, with a flathead V8, with all the 50-era flathead performance bits and pieces.

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  9. Lemble

    This is a car that someone has been collecting parts for. If you notice it has commercial grill shell and lights.There are parts for a coupe that are cut up in the pile. Also it is riding on a couple 16 ” wires with the model A wheels leaning by the front. Still this would be a very good car to save any way you want to spend your money on it.

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  10. Doug M.

    I can’t believe it!! I just read through a dozen posts about a pile of old rusty parts and not one person called it a pile of junk that is nothing more than a money pit..and throw it all in the recycle bin! This is the “Barn Finds” I enjoy reading… a bunch of guys that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and go to work on a project that may or may not pencil out… just for the fun of it, or the appreciation of what you have when you are done! Great Barn find!

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    • shawnmcgill

      Hey, you can’t do this for the money – I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a car in my life that was worth as much to anybody else as it was to me.

      Once the money comes in, the love of the hobby goes out.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Absolutely, Shawn! It’s the passion of the hobby that keeps us going. Every time I look at a pile of parts I try to imagine what it would look like back together and running. I never think about what it would cost, or what I could get by flipping it.

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  11. Horse Radish

    I would cut out the whole scene the way it is out of that backyard and just transfer it to the Petersen Auto museum some 30 miles away.
    You couldn’t stage this ‘train wreck’ any better !
    Also, It would be great to see it revived with a photo documentation every step of the way.

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  12. Brent

    Presentation is everything.
    I suppose this vendor didn’t get that memo.

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  13. Big D

    For all those that think this is scrap metal, head over to the H.A.M.B and feast your eyes on what some of those people do with another man’s rusty junk.

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