Pining for Restoration! 1957 Chevy “Post”

Calling out from a piney grave in Hensonville, New York, this 1957 Chevrolet two-door sedan or “post” car seeks a new owner with a listing here on eBay. Optimistically listed as a “restoration project,” only extraction from the forest floor and assessment of its lower regions could truly inform a decision based on good financial sense. However, someone with unlimited free time and abundant skills can restore nearly any car. If your plans include a modernized ’57 on an Art Morrison chassis, this Chevy *might* fit the bill. The $6000 Buy It Now button is accompanied by a Make Offer option.

To borrow a recent reader comment, the interior picture suggests this ’57 is a rare “Chicken Coupe” model. Ha! Sorry; I couldn’t resist. While missing trim suggests a factory body color of pink or salmon, the original-looking blue and white interior hardly matches pink. Luckily it needs everything, so the buyer can establish a new color palette of their choice. Though listed as a Bel Air, the lack of gold trim and missing aluminum panels in the rear fender trim suggest it’s a mid-level “210” model. With so many Bel Airs around, I would restore this one as a true 210

Thanks to for some details. Both the 210 and the Bel Air could be ordered as a Sport Coupe (aka “hardtop” as in no “B” pillar) or Two-door Sedan body styles.

A new dashboard design for ’57 distinguishes it from the ’55 and ’56 design. Heavy sheet metal on these cars makes them less susceptible to rust-through than later cars, but decades of neglect take their toll on any forgotten vehicle. The best time to have saved this car has come and gone some time ago. Is the second best time today?


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  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    The second best time to buy it would be now if someone really loved and absolutely HAD to have a fixer-upper, at which time they’d have to raid their chicken coop stash of money-and it’d better be a TWO story chicken coop!!! Just looking closely at the left side only photos, anyone can see it’s a solid rust bucket underneath-and why no pix of the passenger side!?!??
    You’re absolutely right, Todd, this is befitting of the “Chicken Coupe model” moniker, and pretty gutsy to ask $6000 as the BIN price..I’d say $60 if they included the red one behind it, the car hauler next to it and kept all the trash they’ve stored in it-unless the lawn chair in the back seat was meant to be a part of the replacement interior…

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      BTW, Todd, thank you for your research RE: the changes from the previous year and the differentiations of the body! New info is always good.

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      • Todd Fitch Staff

        You are welcome! I hope everyone knows the little bold dark red words are links — often to a wealth of information that’s too much to include in the blog post. Thanks to the Internet and our awesome readers I have learned a truckload of vehicular information during my tenure at

  2. canadainmarkseh Member

    Under the pine needle there will be no metal. It still might be restorable but it will be a big undertaking. To bad these post cars are the option left to the guys that can’t afford the hard tops and convertibles.

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    • al8apex

      and then there are those of us that prefer the post sedan over the hardtops …

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      • PatrickM

        …and convertibles weighed 600 lbs more than the posts. The posts were actually lighter and more structurely sound.

  3. 1980flh1200

    you can clear the trash out of the car by pushing it out the gaping holes in the floor

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  4. Mike

    This is really a Craig’s List ad. No attempt to clean it, one sentence description, and 12 pictures with 3 of then the same picture. Ugh….

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  5. Camaro Joe

    I bought a 4 door hardtop in slightly better shape than this one for $10 in 1985. It had the original 283 4Bbl in it and that’s been missing from the one that’s been in my family since 1963. Unfortunately the transmission had been changed from a Turbo-Glide to a PowerGlade and the engine code wasn’t correct. I eventually found a correct “FC” code motor for my car, pulled from a
    running car.

    I spent another $10 in gas and hauled the car away with Dad’s C-60 Chevron tilt bed. The original owner’s son in law later came up with the original 4Bbl. air cleaner, that cost me another $10.

    Adjusted for inflation, I don’t think $6,000 is much of a deal unless you’re looking for a title and VIN plate to put on a Dynacorn body, which isn’t legal anyway. As far as I can see, the ad doesn’t say if it has a drive train in it.

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  6. Chris M.

    Parts car only. $2000.

    • PatrickM

      You got one too many zeros in there.

  7. Del

    Write up should read ;

    1957 Chevy POS

    The T should be silent

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  8. Jack Quantrill

    $6000! Madness! Anyone out there willing to pay this? If so, see my therapist.

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  9. TimM

    A New York rust bucket for $6000!!! No rims or tires rusted out, no interior!!! Real deal steal will sell a complete body for about $4000 more!! Then you don’t need to do rust repair that will easily exceed $4000!!!!

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    • PatrickM

      BTW, is there an engine and tranny in it? Couldn’t prove it by me.

  10. al leonard

    Whats a TON of pine needles worth today?????

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  11. Steve H.

    “Luckily, it needs everything.”

    Todd was right. LOL

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  12. r s

    What a shame. Leaving a car parked on dirt is just a death sentence to the underside. Complete ignorance.

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