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Plastics, This Isn’t: 1983 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

'83 Alfa

If you don’t own one or aren’t a member of an Alfa or an Italian sports car club, when was the last time you saw an Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce? Listed here on craigslist Columbus, Georgia and parked in Hamilton is this 1983 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce for $750.

'83 Alfa engine

What we have here is another ad with limited information. The engine did run a few years ago. As per the seller, there is an issue with the fuel pump relay and the car will not start. We would like to know if the engine spins. If the engine isn’t locked up, then this Alfa appears to be a great deal.

'83 Alfa dash

There are 112,980 miles reported with the ad. This is the only image of the interior provided. There are some components missing, including the radio and a gauge or two.

'83 Alfa right side

From the images provided the car does appear to be in order. The panels, top and wheels do look in good nick. It’s only $75o for an Alfa. It is reported that from ’83-’90 44,242 of these were produced. If this example isn’t full of rust and the engine does turn, this could be a fun ride to have and maybe sorted out for under $2K or less? Please contact the owner with any questions you may have concerning this Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. If you happen to pick this Alfa up please let us know and have as much fun as with it as you can.



  1. Avatar photo Dan h

    Looks like the left motor mount is sagging from the looks of the “taped” air inlet tube. Never seen these in two tone paint. Would be a great deal if the motor is good.

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  2. Avatar photo Wayne Thomas

    This is the ideal CL car. Less than $1000 and its going to need work with the buyer knowing this going in. I cannot see CL as a viable alternative for a newer car, but for a barn find project car….less than $1000….then so long as there is a title and minimul rust – can’t really go wrong.

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  3. Avatar photo randy

    I remember seeing these on the showroom floor, I drooled all over them.

    is that a double overhead cam on that 2.0? That car is easily worth the asking price. A good opportunity for a flipper.

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  4. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    This is a first year of Series 3 Spiders, the least expensive of the four 105/115 Series. In decent condition, an average Series 3 is a sub-$5k and if you look hard enough one can be found for closer to $3k. Theses are equipped with 115 hp twin cam 2.0L (one of the best engineered and best sounding engines)and Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection. Not an expensive car to keep on the road. Missing gauges appear to be fuel and temperature. These are about $30 ea for used OE units. Overall parts are plentiful and inexpensive (just check eBay). AlfaBB.com is a great source for helping a novice to bring their Alfa up to a good running condition. BTW, even if the engine is seized the head, block, crank shaft and othe internals can re-used. The cylinders are “floating” type that are relatively easy to replace with the head off. As such, the Nord motor is almost infinitely rebuildable.

    Alfas are pretty darn solid cars mechanically but it’s the rust that is the enemy here. Rockers are the worst offenders but the spare tire well and floors are usual suspects as well. If this is not a flinstone mobile (rotted through floor boards) and one can get this car roadworthy while keeping the total cost to $1500 including the purchase price, then it’s worth the effort.

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  5. Avatar photo Mr. Bond

    Seller has upped his price to $1000.

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  6. Avatar photo Kevin Harper

    I wrote the seller in an attempt to buy it. Didn’t get a response but the price went up by 250.00
    Still worth it for parts, but wondering if he is fishing or really selling.
    Car is about 5 hours away so another 250 jump and I’m out.

    BIF motors

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  7. Avatar photo JackT

    This smells “Phishy.” Beware.

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