Playboy Pink! 1969 American Motors AMX 390 Color Code 00

Is pink your color? This car comes with an interesting back-story involving its color and Playboy magazine. Even if you’re not a fan of pink, this 1969 American Motors Corporation AMX for sale here on eBay has much to offer the new owner. It can be found in Venice, Florida.

The color might remind you of a Barbie toy, but AMC wasn’t playing when they put together the Javelin-based AMX. The AMX design began as a show car on the 1966 Auto Show circuit, and production models debuted in 1968. This car got the top-of-the-line big block 390 cid V8 rated at 340 HP, though it may have produced as much as 420 HP (gross).

Never afraid to push the envelope of “interesting” cars, American Motors built something truly unique with the AMX (American Motors eXperimental), the first new American two-seater since the 1957 Thunderbird.

Thankfully the interior was spared the Pepto Bismol treatment, and looks clean, tidy, and complete. So what about the story of the pink paint job? A 1968 car wearing this color and paint code “00” was awarded to the Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Year, and an admiring customer in Missouri was able to order the same color on this 1969 car. The eBay classified listing story about the paint job seems to be supported on Wikipedia, along with many other interesting facts about the AMX. Any buyer should execute their due diligence in validating the provenance of a car when its history or options contribute to its future value. Though its current state is barely described in the listing, it appears to be thoroughly restored, at least cosmetically. The ideal buyer might be the collector who “has everything,” or a female AMC enthusiast, or the wife of one. It’s offered at a very precise $54,983. What do you think it’s worth?

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  1. Rabbit

    If memory serves, 00 simply meant ‘special color’. It could have been anything from Playboy Pink to Red White & Blue.

    • Kenneth Paul

      I have personal knowledge of this car and I know for a fact that it was special ordered from Sparks Rambler in Potosi, Mo. and was painted pink at the factory.

      • Kenneth Paul

        I also saw it when it was brand spanking new. It looks much better with the magnum 500’s it was born with. A friend of mines cousin ordered this car new. I probably know more about the history of this car better than any one still living and if I had $55,000 to spare I would buy it in a heartbeat. Even the Hemmings Motor News article on this car has a lot of inaccurate information in it.

  2. normadesmond

    It’s quite pretty, but hardly $54,983.00 pretty.

    Like 1
  3. Vegas Vic

    Kudos! What a great barn find!
    I enjoyed the story and the AMC.
    Impressive Pink, certainly don’t see that color in your Neighborhood Buick or Lincoln dealer.

  4. Ikey Heyman

    Love the car, hate the color. Yeah it can be repainted, but the ask is a non-starter.

    • Terry C.

      Not a fan of the colour either but in my opinion it cannot be repainted. Just my thoughts on the matter. 🍻

  5. irocrob

    When I was a young lad of 9 or so I use to spot a red AMX when I was out driving with my parents. I have always had a sweet spot for them. But not pink

  6. Joe

    LOL Just last night I was clicking through Jay Leno’s Garage vids on youtube and watched the original pink Playmate AMX fresh from a full rotisserie resto.

    • Miguel

      Is this the same car as the one on Jay Leno’s Garage?

      • mankosan

        Apparently, this is not the actual playmate’s car. Just one painted the same color. Check out the Jay Leno video and you will see. Also, that playmate happens to be serving time in the big house. Her car was in dire need of a restoration when it was found.

      • Oingo

        The original was a 290.

  7. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Like the AMX…..would rather have the playmate in this case…….

  8. Mike H. Mike H

    340 is the wrong number. The only AMC 390 to make 340 hp stock was in the 1970 Rebel Machine. The standard 390 in the AMX made 315.

  9. sir mike

    The red line tyres clash with the pink paint.Nice though.

  10. Rustytech Member

    Looks like a very large bottle of Pepto! I have always thought the Javlins were better looking cars from a proportion stand point. This color makes this almost comical. Not my cup of tea, especially at this price.

  11. Dolphin Member

    The $54,983 asking is probably just intended to sound like a very precise and meaningful valuation, when it’s actually just too much money.

  12. angliagt

    I think that these look best in Black,with White stripes.

    • kman

      A buddy of mine back in the late 70’s had a black one with flames. Couldn’t keep second gear in that thing for nothing.

  13. Big Mike

    Does it come with the Playboy Playmate of the that Year? For that price it should!
    What a price for a PINK car, think I would pass!!!!

  14. Howard A Member

    Code “Oh, Oh” is spot on!

  15. Rex Kahrs Member

    Here’s a photo of a Playmate of the Year and her car. I guess Hef was a fan of all things pink…

  16. Jack

    Save yourself $55k and just plastidip your AMX pink. With all the money saved, you can buy a years subscription to Playboy!

  17. Dan

    Lol! 55k, and the little nylon insert for the passenger armrest trim is missing, and the trim has fallen off.

  18. Mike_B_SVT

    Personally, I’m secure enough in my manhood to drive a pink car. I think it looks awesome!

    Article about the ’68 Playmate AMX, from last year.

    • angliagt

      Yes! – but can you drive a Pink Minivan?

  19. Dt 1

    I was very disappointed when American Motors went out of business in the mid-1980s

  20. Snotty

    Pink is the #1 color for traffic tickets. Who Knew!

  21. Joe

    What a pair of Head Light’s on that car !!!

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